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  1. Well it’s up to us to boo, jeer and whistle. It is a load of total shite!!!
  2. For some reason my match ticket for tonight has disappeared from email inbox and nowhere to be found. I have sent an email to [email protected] I have also been on the phone but the two numbers I have just ring out. Had scone else had similar issues or any idea how to resolve this query? Any help would be appreciated
  3. My worry about tonight is do we have the balls for the battle We’ve done well over the past 6 weeks or so but some of our wins have been unconvincing and unfortunately lost ground at Alloa. Huge game in terms importance and media spotlight and I think this will give us all a good insight for the end of season play offs if we fail to catch Dunfermline. Everything crossed for tonight but watching Falkirk for many years, big matches, big expectation, huge financial incentive and failure to turn up at some of the games has been evident with the exception of the Hibs semi play off 2016 I think? Interesting night ahead. We need to believe we will do this and start showing the resilience and mentality needed to get where we need to get to.
  4. He’s yesterdays news. Let’s just move on!!!
  5. Tried it, never really worked apart for a good start…Get it in the bin!!
  6. If you’re thinking Charleston? It’s not him I don’t think
  7. So did Maloney…obviously talking baloney!!!
  8. I live 5 miles east of Alloa and the frost has disappeared off the cars etc. unfortunately the ground is still brick hard so who knows
  9. 3 points is all you can say about today and the only really important take. By God, e we sure make it difficult for ourselves between passing up great chances and gifting silly goals. Goal difference could be crucial and we seem to do our best to stop opening any real gap on the Fifers. TBH I’m starting to struggle to see where they are losing 7 points, they just seem to roll on and do the necessary. Much will depend on the 2/3 new players coming in BUT we need to stop offering encouragement to our opponents.
  10. Talk about getting rid of Morrison at this stage is crazy stuff. We need to go up this year, selling your top scorer for peanuts? Come on. What we need is to get someone to play along side him and go two up top and give the guy a bit of support. End of season if failure to achieve promotion then fair enough. There’s a lot more need to go before Callumn Morrison I’m afraid!
  11. Couldn’t agree more and thought that when I read it initially. Most of us listen to McGlynn’s interview on Friday night on FTV and he tries to keep his ‘cards closed to his chest’ regarding team selection and injuries etc. I really can’t understand what planet some of our fans are on that allows them to pass “privileged” information like that on? it beggars belief, some time it’s better to say nothing rather than coming across like a “billy bigbaws” trying to impress and show how much they are in the know. It’s just plain ridiculous. I thought the leaks had stopped???
  12. Surely, the best way to rid this out would be for the club supporters signing these offensive songs is for decent fans to call it out and boo, jeer, whistle. I think it could be self policed but it has to start from the supporters from both clubs singling out their own fans and make sure the perpetrators are aware that it’s not acceptable and not to be tolerated. From a Falkirk prospective. I think we need some new songs for fans to sign, maybe then it wouldn’t have been so quiet on Saturday[emoji23][emoji23]
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