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  1. Assuming top tier of 16 & 4 conferences the top 4 of each conference would form the WOSL top flight for season 20/21 If one of the conference winners is promoted then the best placed 5th place team would get a spot as well. there is 67 clubs so who is in what divison of wosfl
  2. so who decides how many and who is in top west of scotland league
  3. all you seem to do is try to shout people down ..i stand by anything i have said
  4. Very bold statement, but done behind a user name.
  5. i think you dont like me . i have no gripe just inquiring about updates on park . and bad mouthing i think not
  6. i have offered a helping hand . never mentioned secrets just no updates
  7. any more info on planning for stands or the huge cabins in carpark
  8. yet again today another spat between management and supporter this time.in font of kids again ... in an ordinary win for buffs.
  9. Don't really know but shouting and pushing and shoving with some players and management staff from both teams and some supporter got involved as well as far as I could see
  10. I hope the debacle that happened on Sat at half time is addressed in house as it was a bad show in front of so many kids at game .should be role models not what .
  11. ok you win you are right and they are wrong.. good job .. well done ....LOL
  12. petty and insulting but expected as i said should all be nice and supportive not nasty and VENOMOUS LOL
  13. nice start to post but again keeping up with small digs at supporters a pity that instead of all under one banner
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