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  1. Still, the previous three teams promoted from the EOS, are among that elite six, and cup results help show that the current top teams hold a similar standard. Clearly the top EOS teams are better than about half the SLFL teams.
  2. Season should be finished no matter what, with relegation and promotion. If it is necessary to pause because of covid, that is fine. But that should not stop the season from eventually being finished, even if it means next season starting late.
  3. Saw this on facebook: Club Update Over the last few weeks, the club have been forced to deal with a very challenging chain of unplanned situations, which potentially could have been catastrophic for the club and these have required us to make some tough decisions to ensure that the club retains it's integrity and the respect of our supporters, the league we play in, our opponents, sponsors, investors, Scottish football and most importantly the community we play in and represent. These decisions have not been taken lightly and are some of the toughest decisions the club have had to make. They have undoubtedly taken their toll on everyone at the club over the last few weeks, but the actions taken were the correct ones to ensure the clubs long term survival was not compromised and our club did not knowingly damage the safety of the local community we play in during these worrying times. The club has worked with wider football partners and have kept the appropriate authorities aware of all developments during this period. We now need to move on and refocus on the football aspect of the club and ensure that the support and focus of everyone at the club is towards matchdays and the remainder of the league campaign and beyond, starting with our trip to Spartans this Saturday.
  4. That’s weird. Correct result on CSS twitter, and on http://slfl.co.uk
  5. Beautiful equaliser for Edinburgh University a few minutes before full time today. Free kick from just outside the box. CSS - Edinburgh University 1-1
  6. Very interesting. Thank you. Top 8 really solid. Vale Of Leithen and Edinburgh University both weakest in 20/21 so far, and historically of the current SLFL teams.
  7. Gala seems really strong this season, and seems to have moved away from Gretna and Dalbeattie in quality in the past couple of seasons. Maybe it helps them that they are The Borders team now. Could also see Caledonian Braves go down, and Cumbernauld haven’t been too impressive this season. I’m sure Berwick will improve as their time in the SLFL grows.
  8. If VoL and Edin Uni go down this season, it might be several years until another team gets relegated to the EOS.
  9. Vale Of Leithen are probably worse than a fair amount of Eos 1st division teams, but still better than the majority of the SOSFL. Weird decision to stop the game today.
  10. Would be interesting to see an updated table here.
  11. 1. Kelty Hearts 2. East Stirlingshire 3. Bonnyrigg Rose 4. East Kilbride 5. Bo’ness United 6. BSC Glasgow 7. The Spartans 8. Civil Service Strollers 9. University Of Stirling 10. Berwick Rangers 11. Cumbernauld Colts 12. Gala Fairydean Rovers 13. Caledonian Braves 14. Dalbeattie Star 15. Gretna 2008 16. Edinburgh University 17. Vale Of Leithen
  12. Predict the final table in this thread. Berwick Rangers, Bonnyrigg Rose, Bo'ness United, BSC Glasgow, Civil Service Strollers, Cumbernauld Colts, Dalbeattie Star, East Kilbride, East Stirlingshire, Edinburgh University, Edusport Academy, Gala Fairydean Rovers, Gretna 2008, Kelty Hearts, The Spartans, University of Stirling and Vale of Leithen FC.
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