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  1. Good wins for Gala and Berwick today.
  2. lowenan

    FM 2020

    How far down does the Scottish non league system go?
  3. Conference A always seemed stronger. Time will tell.
  4. Good win today.
  5. Also for every team that goes up, one weaker team will go down (to either EOS or SOS). After 4-5 teams have gone up, even with the current league system, the Lowland League will get very strong.
  6. All the top half teams in action this midweek won.
  7. Yes. I wrote my post after seeing the ht result. Very strong one.
  8. Surprised by how poorly Lothian Thistle have been doing.
  9. True, a unique situation, with both teams coming from above and below being weaker, due to how the league was made this season with the strongest EOS teams, and the bottom teams in the SLFL not being that strong compared to the EOS Premier sides at the moment.
  10. Agreed. Think if you survive in the league this season, you can really build on that for the future, with potentially weaker teams coming up from the EOS first, and you being established in this league. Very important to get something from the Sauchie games.
  11. Interesting match coming up vs Sauchie. Will you beat them?
  12. 2 down, and 1 in a playoff for relegation, would be more than fair.
  13. Gretna has been showing signs of improving as well. Will be a battle down there,
  14. I think Broxburn is a title contender.
  15. Could we be getting a clear top half and a clear bottom half here, or a top half fighting for promotion, and a bottom half fighting against relegation? Still tight, but there does seem to be a divide forming in the middle.
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