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  1. Good win for Edinburgh University tonight. Will be tough for VoL to avoid ending bottom.
  2. The deal here is specifically that they are not part of the promotion/relegation part of the competition.
  3. Congratulations to Kelty. Hard-fought victory.
  4. What will promotion/relegation be like in 2022/23?
  5. Indeed. It would be a real olive branch to the remaining juniors that have joined.
  6. Option one will leave a mess for years to come. Goes against the ideal the original EOS set.
  7. 14-14-14 would be sensible, with no restrictions. Will get a proper setup faster that way.
  8. It is the Lowland League forum, but hopefully we’ll soon have a functioning pyramid going below tier five in the north.
  9. The two topics go hand in hand. Can’t have one without the other.
  10. Don’t see how the playoffs put VoL at risk with the tier 6 situation. Brechin will go to the Highland League if they get relegated. Kelty up, the SLFL is back to 16. If Brora or Brechin win, nothing changes.
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