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  1. If Fauldhouse or anyone else want to sign up, then so be it. The LL/Committee will ultimately determine where they play whether it's East or West.
  2. If Beith and Hurlford express an interest or apply I am sure there will be a rational decision process made to allow them entry. Given the success the EoS made with the influx of teams to the East and conferencing team I'd expect a similar outcome. No clubs will be treated greater than another but there will need to be certain standards and requirements met.
  3. What if the whole of the South decided it wanted to join the new WoSL?
  4. I think that is their aim. Looking at floodlights by all accounts.
  5. SOSFL happy with a West League at T6 EoSFL and SSL don't agree with them at T6 Is that what I'm reading?
  6. Try here for answers @Bluenortherner https://www.facebook.com/groups/tarffroversfc/
  7. You've read wrong. Derogation for current members. No license for new applicants without.
  8. My understanding is that any new applications (in progress or received by 31/12) Will have until the licensing review in 2021 to have lights in place.
  9. Any clubs without can put in a derogation. Emails out this evening.
  10. Funnily enough, there was a discussion on this on Sunday at Hampden post the Child Wellbeing Meeting (Licensing Requirement). It was made abundantly clear by the SFA rep that East Juniors will not be joining at the same level as EoS.
  11. Good luck if going foebthe licensing. Some serious money is going in to it. Floodlights now a mandatory requirement for all new licensing though.
  12. I can also confirm that Burnieman is correct.
  13. Quite a few if rumours are to be believed. Good to hear!
  14. That's disrespectful to Ian to be honest and he shouldn't be mocked.
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