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  1. WTF are Killie doing? Also how long is Sow under contract with us?
  2. Really wanted him to succeed here but he's been utter plop and a waste of a wage. Would not be sad to see him go but I do question why a prem team would want him.
  3. Surprised by it. Looked solid in the other games. Sometimes everything comes up gold for the other team and you just get pumped (ie us vs Falkirk) and that's certainly what's happened tonight.
  4. Scoreline very harsh on Dundee but can enjoy the weekend now. Guess I'm buying the away kit now.
  5. Could have least picked a Scottish Lager. Bring on Sow to try and get him a goal.
  6. Fun as this is really that difficult to find officials who know when you give offside and corners? I'd be raging if the shoe was the other foot right now. On the plus side my dee mate in with the United fans may survive the night.
  7. Pity if we get one considering no one can score them. Deserved equaliser.
  8. Oh god please no. I'd rather win/loose it in Arbroath as at least I could get smokies afterwards.
  9. I imagine it will just be an endless crescendo of. Dundee: "We relegated you at Dens." United: "We won the league at Dens." I hope nothing else is decided at bloody Dens this year.
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