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  1. Can't believe how badly we have missed him. Hopefully not to long till he's available again.
  2. Neilson forget you can use more than one sub in a game?? Shocking performance.
  3. Panic mode on lack of strikers well and truly activated if this is true. Time to pull a Hibs and get in an emergency loan or two.
  4. Not one of the cool kids if you haven't survived an admin anyway..
  5. Master plan clearly promotion and then sell Shankland. Risky.
  6. WTF are Killie doing? Also how long is Sow under contract with us?
  7. Really wanted him to succeed here but he's been utter plop and a waste of a wage. Would not be sad to see him go but I do question why a prem team would want him.
  8. Surprised by it. Looked solid in the other games. Sometimes everything comes up gold for the other team and you just get pumped (ie us vs Falkirk) and that's certainly what's happened tonight.
  9. Scoreline very harsh on Dundee but can enjoy the weekend now. Guess I'm buying the away kit now.
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