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  1. I think he is holiday abroad and woods signed a new contract with queens
  2. Scoring five in a friendly means nothing remember Paddy Deane.....
  3. Surely the board have to take the flack for making him manager when it went pear shaped last season when he has some input into the management of the squad...
  4. Well you are playing down robertsons hat trick because it's only a friendly yet you are playing up Hester scoring 4 which were also in a series of friendly matches.. You have had a history of calling Robertson shite etc...
  5. Scored 4 in pre season which were all friendly matches.......
  6. May go with a 5 man midfield but give linn licence to push up front more...
  7. I have also heard this that Forfar will look at signing him on a pre contract in January
  8. I remember they used to do a voucher scheme at the schools in the mid 90's which I thought was a good idea, they should consider doing this again to get the local kids involved in their local club. I would also lower the price of the hospitality as I think it's far too high at the moment, they should also ditch the company that runs these events as I'm sure they will take a percentage of the takings.. I would look to see the local businesses for sponsor boards, just look at the cricket club they have loads of different businesses willing to buy space for board..
  9. they were only voted in again because Moore was sacked on the Sunday, I'm sure if he was still in charge at the AGM the chairman would of been under a lot of pressure
  10. What game were you watching he made the block at the end of the first half and cleared off the line for Andrews header when we were 1 up...
  11. Hopefully we can end our poor cup results against Montrose.
  12. Surely someone has to take accountability for this!
  13. Do we even have 4 defenders signed....
  14. Don't know how you have come to that conclusion... It was £12 when we were in the 3rd division the last time. Looking forward to this game as it will be my first match since April.
  15. all three are good prospects especially Chris Scott. Would be good to see them get a run in the team.
  16. i don't think he would be too happy being assistant again.
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