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  1. You mean like the soldiers did? You are embarrassing yourself here. This is not a human rights issue, this is a minority of people actively disrupting a silence for political purposes.
  2. Onto the game, it's been OK. A mistake each by either goalkeeper. I started listening to Radio Scotland but Murdo MacLeod did my nut in with his ridiculously biased commentary, moved over to a stream only to have a similar albeit lesser bias from Nicholas (I think it's him anyway). I'm now watching it without sound, it's a lot easier on the ear.
  3. This is truly embarrassing. Why are you defending the actions of a minority of fans who have pointedly and publicly shamed your club? 60 seconds of silence is hardly a difficult thing to do. Even for the most moronic of football fans.
  4. Do either of you actually understand the difference between a manager making implicit and obviously biased statements and an SFA panel composed of several people making a reasoned and objective decision?
  5. So I presume Clark is a Celtic fan as the last time I remember him being in the papers complaining about the SFA was the time that they didn't ban a Rangers player and McCoist after a bad tempered OF game.
  6. "hacked" Fraped maybe, but there is no way his account was "hacked".
  7. He certainly doesn't seem to grasp the gist of the "justice must not just be seen.." quote. Unless of course he believes that there were Aberdeen representatives on the panel that made the decision. He also goes on the say, "but all the SFA website says..", which is an incredibly trite manner to approach the issue as clearly the website is not going to contain a detailed set of minutes. Now, onto McInnes; he's entirely right. Delia was utterly foolish to be so implicit in his defence of Tonev. It's obvious why he said it, but as he was only going on Tonev's word all he should have done was support the player rather than make judgement. McInnes hasn't made any such comments, at least not that I am aware of or at least not until not.
  8. Because there is no comparison between a player trying to elbow someone and another player trying to elbow someone. Just because Paton was bad at it shouldn't count in his favour.
  9. I hope Motherwell and the ref received the memo from Dundee United that any contact will be met by uber seethe by their fans, highlighted using slow motion replayed then reported to the SFA. Unless of course it's from one of their players in which case it should just be disregarded.
  10. So, just to clarify, it's absolutely fine for Paton to attempt to attack someone on the field and to achieve that off the field and nothing should be said about it. However, when one of your players runs into the back of another it's somehow a hanging offence? Dundonians seem to rank up there with Celtic and Rangers when it comes to their fans playing the victim and mock outrage card.
  11. Would be an excellent appointment. His reputation has rocketed over the last couple of years and would have a very good catalogue of cheap foreign players to bring in.
  12. So it's just speculation that he has been arrested for his attack on Zaluska? So the Goodwin situation is implicit, Paton's is not, despite one being arrested and going to court while the other wasn't even spoken to by the referee? And you think that's an entirely acceptable approach to this then?
  13. Er.. Pollok, obviously. News to me. Considering how well they are doing you'd think I'd be all up on their threads if that's the case. I've said on several occasions that if I had to follow a "top" team it would be Partick. They were my nearest team as a boy.
  14. You are right, the painful hypocrisy from the Dundonians is exactly that, woeful.
  15. Do you know the most annoying thing here, it's that someone didn't turn this around and say to Strachan, "How about we just automatically qualify Germany, Poland and Republic of Ireland from the Euros qualification group as they are much higher in the world ranking." I wonder how he would try and wriggle out of that analogy.
  16. Several people claim to have me on ignore yet somehow still read my comments, plus your quote help with that. Anyway, let's get this straight. Goodwin should be dealt with harshly by the authorities because one of your players ran into him, yet we cannot make any comments about Paton who viciously attacked someone in the street?
  17. So rather than actually address your deflection of Paton's actions, while talking up the Goodwin "assault" you'd rather put someone on ignore. That certainly says more about you than me.
  18. Dreadful. Why not just start supporting Celtic as your "nothing to see here" rhetoric would go down well with their Tonev denials.
  19. I like how the video, uploaded from someone watching TV and recording it on their phone, is slowed down to give it more impact (pardon the pun). It's hilarious how the Dundee United fans are up in arms (ooft, the punnery just keeps going) about this so called assault yet are happily supporting their player in regard to an actual assault on the street. Completely hypocritical position, but that's what people have come to expect from the denizens of the squalid east coast midden that is Dundee.
  20. Anyone want to guess on the number of Scottish based players that played in Scotland's last game? I'll give you a clue. It's not more than 1.
  21. You've edited that, you initially only had the Sun quoted. Equally I'll amend my comments to refer to the media in general who would publish a 10 page pullout if they could find two bum fighting in Old Firm tops. Classic sensationalist bullshit. Strachan should really shut the f**k up as he's earned the support of the fans for his work with the national team, but this sort of "big team" rhetoric only makes people think he's a c**t.
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