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  1. In hindsight it's amazing how well Gretna did by buying players from the higher leagues then winning the league they are in, while having a small fan base, a very poor ground, no merchandising or television rights and very few (if any) supporters in the mainstream media. Compare that to another team trying to do the same bottom to top league transition.
  2. For my sins, it was the Daily Record. I appreciate how stupid it is to lift figures from those cockweasels, so it's probably wrong. They did leave creditors with millions of debt though so the whole "it's a fairly tale" is bullshit.
  3. One man's ego trip and determination to cheat by spending beyond the club's means while screwing the fans.
  4. So Gordon Brown, who fooled the idiots into voting No, is quitting because he can't back up his lies.

    1. ForzaDundee


      Gordon Brown-nose the Tories.

    2. Johnny van Axeldongen
    3. DAFC


      Ruined the economy, war criminal, lied to scotland. Will be made a lord.

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  5. Yes, seriously. Even the most stupidest of con men wouldn't kill the golden goose if it kept laying eggs. Considering I received no 'dots' for the posts that makes your comment as daft as the conspiracy that somehow the world is against your team.
  6. It's alright, going by some posters in the Premiership forum, it seems you just pick a random member and I'm their alias. If it helps, I hold both Rangers and Celtic in equal contempt.
  7. I've not commented on this thread before (at least I don't think so, 6000+ pages is a bit much to check) but I just don't understand how Rangers can keep on doing this to themselves. If other teams with far less resources can run on an even keel why are Rangers so spectacularly bad at it?
  8. Did Jai at any point hold up the proceedings so he could "drop the kids of at the pool"? If not, I feel his father's influence is not as strong as it could be.
  9. Perhaps, you know, I'm not actually an alias of anyone on this board. Has that thought occurred to anyone? So many people rushing to accuse when the most obvious conclusion is the one that nobody wants to accept.
  10. Haven't seen this posted... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-29986318 Funnily enough it was posted under the regional news section and not in the football one.
  11. You missing me sweet cheeks? I appreciate the highlight of your life is to spend your time on an Internet forum, it's not the same for everyone.
  12. What's happened to McGinn btw. I've not really followed his career but he seems a shadow of the player he was. Injuries or on decline?
  13. It does seem a little churlish for Celtic not to have poppies. After all it's a Scottish Catholic club and many many Scots and Catholics have lost their lives and would be considered one of the remembered. To me they seem to care more about Irish nationalism than their Scottish identity and that doesn't seem right. However I certainly respect their right not to have poppies on the shirts, it's not like not having them somehow devalues those clubs who do have them. This is the complete opposite of the silence when actively not respecting and in fact disrupting the silence does devalue the actions of those who are.
  14. I can only presume you are another person who simply doesn't understand the situation. It is rather pathetic that you have somehow twisted it to the fault of everyone except those who were showing disrespect.
  15. See the way the Accies squad seems, I reckon if you were to send to the club an autograph book and a stamp attached and pre-addressed envelope for return along with a note explaining you live in England and don't get a chance to visit often and would it be possible to get a few of the player's signatures, I reckon you'd get a pretty favourable response. Bigger clubs might dingy you, but the smaller ones would probably be quite flattered, and if you choose the right person (do some research, maybe a senior player with a family) I think for the price of the initial outlay you could end up a winner. If it never gets returned, what have you lost? A couple of quid? Surely worth the gamble.
  16. That is comforting. However I still do not believe that it's correct to defend people for disrespecting the silence and base that defence on their human rights.
  17. There are very few conflicts the Britain has been involved in that I agree with. I disagree with mawkish sentimentality, or triumphal martyrdom. However, there is a huge difference between agreeing or disagreeing with the political decisions made and the soldiers who died undertaking them. This is, of course, a world apart from simply keeping quiet for 60 seconds. I agree with you that if you don't want to show deference, then fair enough you don't need to. However there is absolutely no need to show disrespect to those who are observing the silence. Something I think we are both in agreement with.
  18. I can only presume you simply don't understand the argument you are trying to put forward here. It would certainly explain the reason you continue with it. This is not about stopping people's rights, the people's rights are NOT being abused or restricted by being asked to remain silent for 60 seconds. This is not a human rights issue. Yet you continue to defend it as if it is. This was a political, churlish, childish and petulant act that was performed by a minority of fans who have publicly shamed your club. You, by implication, should be shamed by using the human rights angle to try and defend their atrocious and pathetic behaviour.
  19. I think the fault really is with Brown (the keeper) while Reynolds let him turn, rushing out and going to ground was the worst thing he could have done other than running in the opposite direction.
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