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  1. Will the OP resign, claiming it was all too emotional, when St Mirren finish the season higher than Dundee in the league?
  2. So, just to get this straight. When Connolly ran into the back of Goodwin the United fans were (pardon the pun) up in arms about it, yet when Paton tried to deck Goodwin in the same game it was dismissed by the United fans, and when Tonev abused Logan the United fans were adamant that he should accept the decision of the SFA however when the SFA rules that Paton was guilty then both the fans and the club are apoplectic that there has been a massive miscarriage of justice. Funny that, isn't it?
  3. Well "John", it's interesting the huge amount of condemnation that has come from Tannadice about Jim Goodwin, yet surprisingly little about their boy Paton. The more mischievous amongst us may suggest it borders on the hypocritical.
  4. Complains about me posting a thread about a player... Agrees with everything I said.. #minter
  5. Whether it is on the field; spitting or violent conduct, or off the field; allegedly we need to add of course, it's clear that he is quite simply a horrible little person. It's no surprise that the orange Dundonians will defending him to the hilt though, with his actions it's clear he is "one of them".
  6. Jim Murphy, more reptile than politician.

  7. Well this is a bit embarrassing for some Celtic fans on here. Logan gives his evidence and it ties in with other corroboration and his testimony was believable. Tonev on the other hand was an unbelievable witness and his version of the incident didn't tie in with video of the incident and reports from others. Yet still some Celtic fans will only accept the ruling until Logan is sent a Christmas Card from Tonev which has "Black c**t" written inside it and Tonev's signature.
  8. You see the problem with the OP is the same for the little boy who cried wolf. The more he lies the less people believe him.
  9. Right, so let's put this into perspective. Regan has presided over one of the most turbulent times in Scottish football and has done very poorly. The job was advertised, Regan applied he was not head hunted. The position pays £500,000+ and is for one of the highest profile FA positions in the world which is currently under massive pressure to perform (both domestically and internationally). Add all those things together, and it's pretty obvious Regan will be with us for some time to come.
  10. You mean the same Mark Stewart who had 77 appearances for Falkirk, compared to Telfer's one Rangers appearance?
  11. Right, there is not a snowball's chance in hell Odegaard is coming to Scotland. He looks the sort of player that will move for 10s of millions despite him having so little experience. This is nothing against Celtic and all about the kid's potential.
  12. Surely the problem would be getting him to sign the contract.
  13. I think in this case the value would have been considerably lower than the amount the SPFL have set. All conjecture of course.
  14. You are in the city of Dundee, in Dens and watching Dundee play. Your proclamation of shittiness is justified on so many levels.
  15. It amazes me how bad a job Doncaster has done, he talked down our game when it needed support the most, has consistently failed to get a main sponsor and lied to our faces in regard to league reconstruction. He is a massive disaster. However the people who are to blame for this are the club chairmen, they keep him in his role. What I don't understand is that it's all fine and well having a fall guy in place and taking the heat off them, if you were to get someone who is genuinely good at the job in all the clubs would benefit.
  16. Asking Nicholas for his opinion on anything is like asking a child to work out calculus.
  17. Good to see there is no attempt to dismiss. This is the problem with issues like this. Trying to take the moral high ground is all fine and well if your own fanbase have been angels and I think it's fair to say that hasn't been the case. Stones and glass houses. I have to say I don't care at all about either Hearts or Celtic, both sets of fans seem to have their fair share of idiots.
  18. What's the point, it's clear that there was graffiti, and you are screwing the pooch hard enough for anyone else to comment about it. It's entirely right to question the Sunday Post as the article they have written is clearly aimed at incendiary trolls like yourself. Out of interest, which do you find more objectionable; Smearing shite over toilet doors or graffiti?
  19. People living in poverty, many to a house and a little lad who thinks sitting on a bucket is the height of sophistication... well, that's Dundee for you.
  20. Again, I'm going to discuss the Sunday Post rather than the actual incident to highlight what a shitty rag it really is... 1) Claims explosive images - posts one image, not "explosive" 2) Has comment from Ibrox disaster family memeber - meat for the gallery, this is a rent-a-quote, bad journalism using biased sources to back up the angle of your piece 3) Leaps of conclusion in an attempt to tie the graffiti to Green Brigade - it might very well have been done by someone in it, but "believed to have a membership overlap" is extremely weak, but it 'allows' the journalist to then mention Green Brigade and sectarianism in an context that is not relevant to the story. 4) Quote from someone on follow follow - I don't think I need to say anything about this, it's effectively the same as point (2) 5) Unnamed sources from Hearts and Celtic, yet other sources named - The classic way of journalists making up content. The Sunday Post is just a massive pile of steaming shite.
  21. Posts one image of a door with graffiti. No context or even proof it's Tynecastle. Now don't get me wrong, I do actually believe Celtic fans did graffiti Tynecastle and that this is probably the sort of content on show, but to describe this as "carnage" then claim to have access to many images demonstrating it, but to only post what you would have to consider an extremely mild level of graffiti (in terms of damage) is bordering on hyperbole of the most melodramatic nature in an attempt to pander to most excitable and gullible types. That said should we expect any level of journalistic integrity from the Sunday Post? This is the same "newspaper" that claimed one of the hostages killed by ISIS was as a result of the Independence movement in Scotland. They rank lower than the shitty red tops in terms of credibility and trust. I would believe the Daily Mail before I believe anything written in the Sunday Post.
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