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  1. Well I have to admit that I had County down for 3 points today, so for Dundee to manage to scramble a draw, against 10 men for almost the entire game and to be facing a keeper who clearly had concussion and to do so while missing two absolute gilt edged chances must be considered a moral victory for the Dense park boys.
  2. An unfit goalkeeper who has had to take injections to play? While a fit keeper, and a keeper Hartley himself brought in, sits on the bench? I like the look of County, I think the 3 points are theirs.
  3. Schenk [ʃenk] verb. A dreadful debut goalkeeping performance.
  4. Previous league winners have gone through the season with more than 4 losses, so the difficulty is not Aberdeen winning without beating Celtic, it's winning without losing to their other nearest rivals. While Celtic might drop points here and there they will tend to win the games that matter. So, for example beating Dundee United or Aberdeen, who in turn will then go on to take points off each other. It's why the duopoly of the so called "old firm" managed to survive for so long. Edit; btw, I've voted that they will come a close second, but that is not mutually exclusive with option #2 of them being able to win the league by retaining form and not beating Celtic.
  5. So here's a fun fact. Due to losing the other day that makes Dundee the worst team in the league based on current form. Played: 6 Won: 0 GD: -5
  6. Clearly when Dundee are relegated, they won't be returning quickly.
  7. If you look at the replies, there is only one who is seething. So much so they can't even comment on this matter in a civil manner.
  8. Diving wasn't punished retrospectively until recently. It's entirely fair to question whether points won due to cheating should also be looked at. Tears everywhere. Now calm down and look at how desperate that sounds. 1) He dived to get the penalty. 2) Were you? Are you basing this on some sort of "cosmic footballing karma"? 3) For posting an entirely fair question you seem to be very upset. Deal with it as an adult and stop making a fool of yourself. Don't get too emotional about it though.
  9. Considering you seem more concerned about discussing the poster rather than the post, it was entirely apt.
  10. It's not over though, Graham will be retrospectively punished. Thus, so should the club as it was his cheating that earned them the points. Irrelevant. Did you post a thread then?
  11. Just got round to watching the recent SPL highlights and Graham's dive against Inverness is blatant. I realise he is being retrospectively punished, but as the game finished 1-0 and his cheating earned the Perth club 2 points more than they should have, it's clear that the club should be docked those points. It's always difficult to determine a final score if you remove one incident from it unless it was the last kick of the game, and with the goal coming at 62 minutes there is an argument that if they hadn't scored then, then perhaps St Johnstone would have gone on to score before the end of the game. That goal clearly changed the game. The argument that "these things even themselves out" is also not applicable as it's Inverness who has lost out, the only way for it to truly "even out" is if an Inverness player was to dive the next game against St Johnstone in order to gain a penalty to win their game 1-0. As the result ended 1-0, and the goal came from a blatant dive, and that the player responsible for that dive is to receive a ban for the dive, it's only right to say that the club should not benefit from his cheating. I am unsure if St Johnstone should get 0 or 1 points from the game (retrospectively) or if Inverness should get 1 or 3 (depending on the St Johnstone points) but it should not be as it is, St Johnstone 3 and Inverness 0.
  12. If posts came with sounds, this one would be accompanied by the little beeping noise a van makes as it tries to reverse out of a position it got itself stuck in.
  13. I have to say it's hilarious watching all the Dundee fans make absolute fools of themselves on this. We have one tear stained resignee, one tear stained white knight and one tear stained dullard. Oh, Dundee... it must be the way you make them.
  14. Oh, I know I do, just that the brown nosing of the white knight seems to completely deny this. You'll forgive me if there are any missing bits, you'll understand I don't follow the pantomime on here, but the crux of the time line is as follows... The lad had been posting under the username Non Deluded Dee (an ironic name if ever there was one) and during that time someone pointed out that he had left the site in a flood of tears after his team lost to Morton claiming it was all too emotional. He then had some run in with someone and got banned but also all his posts were deleted and with it went the tear stained resignation thread. The lad then returns under this new account and someone else outed him as the same poster to which it seems he has accepted. Hope that clears up your concerns. Oh, dear, what a fool you look. I stated he had bailed from the site, he had (as confirmed by the other poster) and he has been posting under a new username after being banned (again confirmed). So.... this whole talking shite thing? It seems to be only you in a desperate attempt to white knight.
  15. Am I? Let's ask everyone else shall we. I think you'll find your desperate white knighting is exactly that, desperate.
  16. I've not read many of your posts, but it seems that most think you are a whiny cretin with a penchant for under age girls. That's got to be a hard tag to shift. I'm sure you'll try though.
  17. Not denying anything I note. All we can do is hope that all this doesn't get too emotional for you.
  18. The OP also has history of bailing from this website when it became too emotional. then reappearing under a new username.
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