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  1. May 1989 when Kilmarnock were relegated to the lowest league in Scottish professional football. The fact they are perennial battlers with top league relegation shows you how much they are punching above their weight.
  2. Good to see others are finding the love in for the Aberdeen strip misplaced. It's average at best, the logo is rubbish and the sleeved version looks like pyjamas.
  3. Rangers have the squad to win the league, but the problem is they don't have the manager nor a settled club to do it with. Dump McCoist and get the season ticket debacle and in fighting out of the way and they would romp it. As it is now, I can see them struggling to get into 3rd.
  4. Looks a lot nicer without the badge.. As for the top I notice it's got some horizontal banding on that image, is that the same for the Aberdeen official tops?
  5. Hamill isn't as bad a player as some would make out although it could be said he needed a team of kids around him in order to look a standout player. With Boyd you have to look at the clubs that could sign him. None of the bottom 6 due to wages unless Ro$$ County were to splash out using McGregor's ample credit card. Obviously Kilmarnock is the exception there due to history and him being incumbent. Of the top 6, he wouldn't suit the playing styles of St Johnstone, Dundee United or Inverness leaving you with Aberdeen Motherwell and Celtic. We can clearly rule out Celtic. Motherwell are considerable outsiders leaving Aberdeen or Kilmarnock if he was to stay in the Premiership. The only Scottish team outside of there would be Rangers who seem intent on self destructing (again) so a line can be put through them. As for Hibs and Hearts? What would either of them benefit him over staying at Killie other than possibly the money and if he wanted that he could look to a club in the North of England.
  6. Perhaps not "normally", but there is precedent. St Johnstone and St Mirren would be two obvious ones. Ross County and Hamilton to an extent.
  7. Not sure where this "Danny Lennon will work wonders with the youth policy" rubbish. He was forced to play the youngsters he had because his transfer dealings for the older players was so bad. No doubting he's a nice guy, but that isn't going to win you games. Lennon has struggled to make the best of a decent team, I feel he'd do the same for Falkirk.
  8. Just a shame it's such an awful crest. It's like a 5 year old got lose with a box of crayons. It didn't look so diddyish when it had the circles around it but on it's own it's really poor. The town crest is quite nice though, and normally you find clubs will integrate something from their town crest into the football club's one...
  9. Massive bullet dodged by Celtic there. Combative and with a seriously questionable managerial track record you have to say that Keane would only have been good for the media. If Celtic really want to be progressive, they should hire someone like McDermott who has left Leeds and is clearly the thinking man's suggestion.
  10. Kenny Shiels is a stick on for the job, imo. As for Holt, totally think he has done the right thing. Did a decent job but will be massively overshadowed in terms of finance in the league this year. Why waste 2 perhaps 3 years struggling for mid table when he can enjoy a title tilt at the premiership albeit from an assistant point of view.
  11. The badge looks dreadful, like a 1970's clipart and not in a good way. The long sleeve version makes them look like pyjamas the white piping round the top of the shorts makes it look stupid when the shirts are tucked in. On the plus side the logo looks quite neat on it. Out of interest is it just the photo or is that red brighter than the standard Aberdeen red? Shouldn't it be a darker shade?
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