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  1. Jim Murphy, more reptile than politician.

  2. So Gordon Brown, who fooled the idiots into voting No, is quitting because he can't back up his lies.

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    2. ForzaDundee


      Gordon Brown-nose the Tories.

    3. Johnny van Axeldongen
    4. DAFC


      Ruined the economy, war criminal, lied to scotland. Will be made a lord.

  3. Thanks No voters, we can all look forward to a tory/ukip run Scotland due to your treachery

  4. No voters will be wanking themselves into a frenzy with the UKIP gains...

  5. No voters looking forward to another bloody Middle East war.

  6. As expected, statistics show No voters are more likely to hold racist views.

  7. No voters are cowards and traitors

    1. Bigmouth Strikes Again

      Bigmouth Strikes Again

      I like that, I'm going to use it.

  8. Anyone stupid enough to fall for Westminster lies deserves Westminster rule

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