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  1. The story is entirely as it is reported, both in the thread an in the linked article. You have locked this thread because you don't like it, not because it's erroneous. This is quite a line to cross as a moderator. However, as you are a moderator I am will acquiesce to your will but I certainly don't agree with your reasoning.
  2. I don't think anyone is suggesting they were. Certainly not the first post nor does the article published.
  3. Once more the Dundee fans desperate to shoot the messenger in order to bury the message. No condemnation of their fans' actions, just complaints that the facts mentioned in the thread are the facts. Stay classy Dundee, stay classy.
  4. For reporting the news? You must live in a little bubble of ignorance in order to avoid stories you don't like. Every action, as Newton went on to describe. If the Dundee fans hadn't launched a vile attack then there would be no story here.
  5. Despite their fans attacking players who had just raised thousands of pounds for local charities? Perhaps shame has a different definition in Dundee than it does in the rest of the country. Who is seething? I'm merely reporting the news. If your fans are incapable of restraining their vitriol that is clearly an issue. One that perhaps the police should look into. It's not as if they do not know their way to your ground. You've got my name wrong though. No matter how many times you write it.
  6. Is there a low that Dundee fans will not stoop to? Dundee United players celebrating the all clear being given to a team mate diagnosed with skin cancer had a vile and unprovoked attack launched upon them from Dundee fans. One source described the tirade as "shocking abuse" and all this just hours after raising tens of thousands of pounds for local charities. The modicum expected of Dundee FC would be to come out and condemn the actions of their fans yet it remains silent. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/dundee-united-stars-nadir-ciftci-5007293
  7. Inverness 0 - 0 St Johnstone Celtic 0 - 0 Motherwell Dundee 0 - 6 Kilmarnock Partick 0 - 0 Hamilton St Mirren 0 - 0 Dundee United
  8. Losing a 2 goal lead in the last minutes of the game? That's got to be disappointing.
  9. Banned for just joining a forum, without ever posting? My god, you Dundee boys surely are the most touchy bunch aren't you? And yes, painfully slow, because it is. It's as slow as a week for McGowan in jail.
  10. Tried to? Oh, I did register, but the website is so painfully slow it's not worth my time posting on it.
  11. So, we know you can't back up your comments, yet still you give... Indeed, we do, it's you because you are incapable of backing up your claim. Pretty much to form. As expected. Once unable to back up your claims, you run away.
  12. Imagine that. You can't. Brilliant. I should be flattered that you have invented this massive back story for me. The Internet is clearly very serious business to you.
  13. No I didn't you mentalist. I know this because I don't have one, so why would I say I had? Of course, you could always quote that bit and prove me wrong, but I feel you won't do that. All you'll do is say "I am going to ignore you", because that is what happened the last time you were proven wrong by me.
  14. You Dundee fans are just so fickle. I predict you lose and it's toys out of the pram, I predict you win and it's a tear soaked keyboard. It's almost like you lot are in a state of perma-seethe. I don't tend to reply to the speculation as I think, at a rough count, I have been accused as 8 different posters now.
  15. I fancy Dundee for this one. I think people are unfair in regard to the smaller of the Dundee clubs and talk of their Hibs-esque death spiral is perhaps unfounded. Especially with Thomson and Ferry keeping their fitness, Harkins being an ever present (and in my opinion an early contender for player of the season) and Clarkson on a really hot streak of goals.
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