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  1. All just hearsay and conjecture at the minute, obviously, but the majority of social media content i have seen is leaning towards the theory of a passenger with an explosive device destined for the memorial service at the cathedral, when the driver has sussed what was going on and locked them in. Obviously need to wait on the full facts emerging but, if true, that really is the ultimate selfless and heroic act.
  2. Teams on that list like Norwich and Forest with multiple players who earn more in a week than they are offering in these posts for a year. Could they not just knock literally a few quid per week off the obscene salaries of distinctly average players (Scott McKenna reportedly on £15k per week, ffs!!). to cover the cost of offering what would be the going rate for the position in most other walks of life? Doubt it would cause the players any hardship and would attract the clubs the best applicants for the post. I know we operate in a wholly different financial stratosphere from these sides, but even at our level the salary seems derisory for what I imagine the job would entail. Money in football is one fucked up place.
  3. Aye, he seems to struggle to finish 90mins. I don't know if this has been a feature before he joined us, or if he's just had a bit of bad luck since he came. Watching him though, he does win a lot of balls on the stretch/lunging forward low to nick it off forwards toes. Kind of challenges that could lead to wee tweaks or niggles.
  4. It's easy to sit after games and noise up opposition fans about stats etc. , and great fucking fun too. However, it's very difficult to class watching us this season as 'entertainment'. For every game we steal like today, there will be one where we chuck points like vs St Mirren. I will celebrate the victory, but still lament the formation and tactics. To be sitting 5th in the league is some laugh right enough.
  5. Have we been 'robust' today? Yes Are Aberdeen supporters whiny little bitches about it? Undoubtedly. Does mugging them off for 3pts after that horror show of a first half make a lovely Saturday afternoon? Abso-fucking-lutely.
  6. Watching us gets grimmer by the week. This is fucking brutal. Van Veen or Maguire to walk before the end too. Stupid, rash challenges all over the shop.
  7. It is the domain of middle aged, middle class men wandering aimlessly in their Farah trousers knitted jumpers and wax jackets, waiting on their pretentious wife's buying a pile of vastly overpriced shite, just so they can pile it all in the Range Rover and say it's from 'Lewis's'. If the advert was Liz Hurley in a see through Mrs Claus outfit, I still wouldn't go. No amount of advertising would make me want to go there. Their ad's with a 'message' about the spirit of Christmas etc are purely designed to maintain that image of being a bit above and more classy. Not selling, but spreading the joy and meaning of the season. Lot of shite. The ad's you really want are the ones which show which shops actually stock the items you're kids and family are after. f**k John Lewis, and f**k Christmas. Bah humbug, etc. ......
  8. Expecting a defeat here, but at least a change in personnel/formation/tactics to make us even remotely competitive and threatening again would be something. Having a midfield with a bit of fight and protection for the defence would be nice, and a way to get KVV on alongside Watt is a must. Kelly Grimmy Mugabi Sol Carroll Roberts Slattery Donnelly O'Hara Watt KVV As I said previously, I also wouldn't be averse to swapping O'Hara out for Maguire, who at least isn't afraid to put himself about. Oppositions currently stroll through our midfield unchallenged by empty jerseys like O'Hara and Goss, and it badly needs bolstering. It won't happen though, and either one or both of them will spend another 90mins as absolute passengers. 2-0 Aberdeen.
  9. A fully fit and functioning Donnely would make a massive difference to that midfield, f**k even at 70% I'd have him in. Mind-boggling if he's available and can't get close to a game. We need one of Burrows' reply guys to demand answers.
  10. Would love to know what the real script is with Donnelly. Completely out in the wilderness, with no word or sign of any imminent return. Obviously he's had a couple of bad spells with injury, but to go from being a former goalscoring, midfield linchpin and in international squads, to not getting near a start in that utter clusterfuck of a middle 3 when he's apparently fit is quite something. Surely he's not permanently broken? How we could do with him in his prime right now.
  11. Definitely. I'm probably being a bit harsh on SOD, but he's had a torrid few weeks without question. On the opposite side, I'm simply not a fan of McGinley. Carroll is no worse a defender, and offensively offers much more, his delivery is night and day to McGinley's. As has been discussed before though, there obviously must be some trust issue or something going on there, otherwise Carroll would surely have the jersey. Centre of defence and our front line, on their day, are as good as most others, whereas our midfield is amongst the worst. G.A. needs to stop being so blindly stubborn in his approach and find a system and formation that plays to the players strengths, until we can get to the January window and address the midfield deficiencies. Hopefully the young guy we've lined up to come in can help in that department, but another 1 or 2 on top are required. Pinning all your hopes on one youngster coming from the league of Ireland to solve all your midfield/creative problems would be quite the gamble. What we currently have simply won't do, and will see us around the foot of the table come the business end of the season. We've only had one round of fixtures and in terms of points we're sitting not too badly, but the downward trajectory in recent weeks is alarming. Something needs to change, and it needs to start at Pittodrie. No more bullshit post match interviews and deflection. Big week ahead for the manager.
  12. A couple of competent full backs would be nice, but oh, for some fucking midfielders.
  13. I don't know if he just sticks blindly with the formation and complete concession of midfield in every game simply because we do not have a midfield to speak of. It's just Slattery along with another couple of empty jerseys running about aimlessly, making up the numbers. O'Hara has the physical attributes to be able to get stuck in but is soft as shite. Goss ghosts around doing hee haw, Grimshaw is, well, Grimshaw. Your options after that are Crawford, Maguire etc. (whom I would maybe even be inclined to give a run out as at least he is likely to get fucked in unlike sand dancer Goss). Whether we missed a deadline target or not, there is no excuse for that to be the sum of your parts in the middle of the park. One of, if not the worst midfields in the league. To start with the defence was performing well enough to cope with the constant onslaught, but since that's went to shit the whole gameplan is out the window, yet he continues blindly with it. For Aberdeen, it might not be pretty, but if Alexander is insistent on playing the same way, I'd jettison Goss and put Maguire in. Then it's a choice of telling O'Hara to get the finger out or putting Grimmy back in. Not pretty but at least functional and might offer the defence a bit of protection. Either that or just fire big Mich'el right in there for the lol's. After the last few games, what's the worst that could happen?
  14. First Sunday I've had to work in 7 months, so I missed that today. Thank f**k. I want to like Alexander, but by christ it's getting harder to week on week. An absolute shambles thepast few games, and the fixtures ain't getting any easier. Grim.
  15. I get Alexander's gameplan to an extent. Happy enough to concede possession and draw the opposition forward, then limit them to shots from distance and crosses into the box that are nullified by resolute defending and a combative midfield, in turn creating space to break and get our forwards in behind their defence. When your midfielders and wingbacks are dugmeat that plan tends to fall down a little. Substandard midfield constantly overrun with only Slattery being remotely creative, and nothing at all down the lines from SOD or McGinley. Felt quite sorry for Shields, he never had a great deal of impact last night, but that was through no real fault of his own or lack of endeavour. He covered a lot of ground and did a lot of good work in harrying and shutting down defenders, but received no service whatsoever. With 5 points from the last 18, and a tough few games coming up, Alexander needs to find a fix quickly or that wee cushion from the bottom sides will soon be eroded.
  16. We are brutal to watch right now. Our midfield consists solely of Slattery, with a couple of other empty jerseys thrown in to make up the numbers. Grimshaw had a decent spell a couple of years ago and tries hard, but he's simply not good enough by a long shot. Goss, in his appearances so far, isn't the level required either. He ghosts around on the periphery and contributes fk all. At the back, Alexander obviously doesn't trust Carroll due to his fondness for a daft challenge and red card, otherwise he'd be straight back in the side ahead of the hopeless McGinley. I've been impressed by St Mirren in what I've seen of them this season and they were very good in spells last night. Goodwin has them well coached and they play some nice stuff, the exact opposite of Alexander's eye-bleeding approach. A more direct style of football that we can only dream of watching while being force-fed low possession dross every week. We should, however, be seeing out 2-0 leads on our own patch, regardless of who was actually the better team on the night. Madden being utterly shite clearly never helped in that regard, and but for Kelly's late double save all 3pts could easily have been heading down the M8 to Paisley. Sunday is going to be another long afternoon.
  17. Proud of Malpas' abomination of a team and tenure?, absolutely not. Amazed that both St Mirren and Dunfermline could actually be bad enough to finish below the shower of shite we had to endure that year? 100%.
  18. Fùck all, they still finished below one of the worst Motherwell sides in modern history.
  19. As much money as we can afford, Lord Mayor of Motherwell and a penthouse flat in Dalriada Crescent minimum. Got to go all in.
  20. I used to work in a factory on the Strutherhill ind. est. , right across from where the Larkhall one happened. Passed by the site literally a few minutes before it happened on my way into work. I think the reason given at the time was that the explosion happened when the central heating timer clicked on and ignited the leaked gas. Horrific. Best wishes to all involved in Ayr.
  21. I think that wee laddie is being abducted. Used to deliver to Cameron's in my old job. Lovely fella.
  22. I'm fairly handy at diy etc, and this is a regular occurrence in my house too. She'll be sitting nattering away her usual shite on the phone, then you hear "I'll get 'WellDel to help you/do it for you, no honestly he won't mind, it's daft you paying someone when he can do it". Sitting there drawing the eyes of her, seething until she comes off the phone to see if she's roped you into fitting laminate for her maw, installing a telly, assisting with a house move for her pal, or some other ridiculous offer that should never be made without consulting you first. Women really are worst cûnts when it comes to that.
  23. United have been the leagues surprise package so far this season even, I imagine, amongst some of their own support. After being ridiculed for the Courts appointment they have turned in some very impressive performances and results. As for ourselves, our points total and position to this stage is decent enough, but the squad still has its limitations, namely in midfield where we need more help for Slattery in a creative sense. Grimshaw, O'Hara and the likes have plenty endeavour but we need more guile. We've not seen much of Goss so far, but from previous knowledge of him I'm not sure he's the answer, and he was completely anonymous on Saturday, although I suppose he was far from alone in that regard. Tannadice will be another tough test but we really don't want to be losing 3 on the spin. Van Veen back in, Donnelly for Goss, if he's close to 100% fit. A win would be most welcome, but all things considered, I'd be happy with a point here.
  24. Considering he was our cup winning captain, I, along with most 'Well fans I know really detest that p***k. Some level of bawbaggery to be held in such low regard from that position. He should be revered along with the rest of that side and be able to drink for free in the pubs around Fir Park. Instead I doubt he'd last long before being lynched.
  25. Was in the Cooper, and viewing straight down the pitch it was a tremendous strike and a goal from the second it left his boot. Wee p***k lol.
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