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  1. Thank f**k big Dec is back . How Hartley still manages to feature is beyond me , been absolutely hopeless for weeks now . Although he never covered himself in glory on Tuesday either , I would rather have seen Grimmy rb and Tait lb in a back 4 , or given Maguire the nod alongside Gallagher. Robinson talked about guys he'd been loyal to not performing,and it seemed pretty obvious Hartley was one of them , why he's stuck with him again , f**k knows . Interested to see how Watt and Long work together . Another absolute shitfest is likely on the cards , but I'm going to be optimistic and , even accounting for Calamity Pete , go for a 'Well win . 2-0 to halt the complete derailment of our season.
  2. Grew into the game in the first half after losing the early goal. Played some decent stuff and the work rate and application was top notch. A wee bit of composure in front of goal could have seen us go in level at half time. 2nd half Celtic upped it and the gulf between honest pro's and international level players started to show. They moved the ball well and forced a lot of errors in our ranks. Their pace sweeping back to front had us all at sea. Couple of top drawer goals too tbf. Always sore to lose by a few, but no complaints. Onto Saturday and what should be a cracking cup tie.
  3. Working til around 10pm . The mrs is going to the in-laws for the bells and a couple of drinks , so I will go there to pick her up on the way home and see the bells on with them . Drink free , home for 1ish and not at all bothered , the bells are pish . Day out to Musselburgh races tomorrow with around a dozen of us which will be good crack , so looking much more forward to that .
  4. Although we only scored the one goal, the first half was as comfortable as you will see, but from the first whistle of the second half, f**k me gently, a bigger shitshow you will struggle to witness. Credit to Hamilton, they pressed and harried, and won every second ball. We couldn't string two passes together and it really was pub team standard fare from us. A chance missed to edge a wee bit in front of Aberdeen, and a disappointing end to the year after the good work of the last few weeks.
  5. Nads doesn't fit the system, the system fits Nads. Bring him home.
  6. The wife got me one of those beers of the world advent calendars. Tonights offering of Portuguese Super Bock is decent enough, but the main event will be making a dent in the 10 pack of T that's in the fridge.
  7. Another absolutely meh performance against this lot at home. Although Rangers had several players not at it ( Kent, Kamara to name 2), we managed to be absolutely shite and fail to take advantage. When Mcgregor clawed out the point blank header from Long you just knew it wasn't going to happen. Even with all our attacking options on the park against 10 men we were utterly toothless. In midfield we were scrappy and lost almost every second ball, and if it weren't for a few good stops by Gillespie it could have been more. Disappointing but not unexpected result. Hopefully back to some semblance of our previous form for the kiddy-on Lanarkshire derby. I really wish Airdrie would get their shit together a wee bit to give us back a rivalry that we used to get worked up about, instead of the far less inspiring tussle with the shitey South Lanarkshire gang.
  8. We really do need some semblance of a natural finisher, as yet again yesterday we had large swathes of the play with no end product. All our forward options are young, relatively inexperienced guys who could do with someone who has been over the course in the league to help them through games. It's the main area of the team where I think Robinson didn't get it quite tight in the summer. There is not one among them that seems a 15-16 goals a season player. I can see this being another case of high possession stats with little to show for it in the end. 1-1. Gallagher for us from a set piece.
  9. Always been a bit of an insomniac , and has never really affected me work-wise etc . 5-6 hrs would normally be a good night , waking a couple of times during that period . Started a new job as a train driver at start of year and back onto shifts for the first time in 10 years . They are really big on you having the appropriate rest , which is fair enough I suppose if you're doing 90mph with 400 passengers on board . Earliest start times are around 4am , so to get the preferred minimum sleep means bed at around 7pm for a 3am rise . Very hard to do , especially in the light summer months but adapting as time goes on . Have found reading for a bit helps me unwind and drift off more easily , it's still the staying asleep part that's the problem . Regularly wake a few times during the night , but find I drift back off more easily than I used to . Shifts are generally 9-10 hrs and can be quite intense with concentration levels required , so job is far more mentally than physically exhausting , so think this is what obviously makes me more tired and has resulted in the slightly improved sleeping . Normally have a lie in on one of my rest days . Don't generally sleep longer , but just read and relax a bit to recharge a little .
  10. Three entries for wee North Lanarkshire in a relatively short list to select the worst town in the entire nation is a decent achievement . Even if none of them win the title in the poll , is the district basically thought of as the biggest overall shithouse in the entire U.K. ? Proud .
  11. First game of the season , and first of many routine victories as the Claret and Amber juggernaut begins to power it's classy , swashbuckling path to a cup win and top 6 finish , with our unbreakable defence recording yet another clean sheet . 0-3 . Either that or another scrappy shitfest on the plastic park .
  12. Aldred is typical of the journeyman defender , will bounce from club to club depending on the highest bidder . It's a short career , and sticking around at a club for which you have no great affiliation when you can double or treble your earnings elsewhere , is never on the agenda . He's been fantastic for us over the piece , but the only reason he rocked back up at Fir Park this season is that he had no chance of a game at Bury , and he could come here and put himself in the window , whilst still receiving a good wage . Good luck to him.If the Australia move comes off , fantastic lifestyle and money . Will always be grateful for his contribution , especially the two goals and full-time bounce at Hamilton .
  13. Being totally pedantic , travelling by train you would technically be going Down to London , but you would , indeed , be doing so on the Up line . Enjoy your journey down/up , and your return up/down .
  14. We've come on leaps and bounds in the last month , but playing Celtic on their own patch is a different kettle of fish altogether . Don't get me wrong , they're far from invincible , but the difference in resources is huge . What is in our favour is the fact that it's pretty much a free hit for us . A defeat is expected in almost all quarters , so #youngwell can go there without fear and play their own game . If they do and we get pumped them meh , f**k it . If , however , we go there and are still in it after an hour , you just never know . Just look at the last game at Fir Park when DJ stole us a point when Celtic failed to close the game out . We live in hope , and in that vein , I've got a fiver on Hastie any time and Motherwell win @ 40/1 . Intae them Motherwell !!
  15. Good result again for us , and great that it was two of our own youth products getting the goals . What a hit from Hastie . Who would 've thought that only a couple of weeks after that shambolic Scottish Cup exit , we would be on a five match winning streak in the league , 18 clear of the play-off place and sitting seventh , only 4 off St Johnstone ? . Some turnaround for us , but sorry to say that the old relegation express looks to be heading in the direction of St James station if the Buddies can't get a few points on the board very soon . Shame , as I like a quick train jaunt down for this fixture , via a few boozers near Central on the way .
  16. How we contrived to lose in the last meeting was unbelievable . St Mirren that day were quite comfortably the worst top flight side I'd seen in the last few years , and I include our McGhee side featuring Chalmers , Jules et al in that . We have obviously changed things up a bit style and formation wise , as well as a fair shift in our regular starters , while Saints have gone wholesale change during January , so hard to draw comparisons between then and now . Going on the assumption that we will start with the same 11 we have done for the last few games , and Saints new boys will still be in the process of gelling , I will go for a 2-0 'Well victory with Gboly getting off the mark and Main extending his red hot scoring streak to , eh , 2 .
  17. Survey complete . Unsure whether my comments about sectarian fuckwittery and The Rangers and Celtic getting in the fucking sea are suitable for use in a disserthingy at such a prestigious place of education , but batter in if so . Hope it helps , and good luck ( you'll need it if you're relying on the input from this place ) .
  18. Started greying when I was 19 , very much hereditary . My dad went grey fairly young , and my grandfather was totally white since I could ever remember . My brother also very similar to me , both now mid-forties and almost totally grey . Never , ever bothered me though , in fact , while I was still single and in my early 20's , it seemed to help tap into the market of pumping 30 something divorcees and single mothers you met at the dancin' . Think it had the effect of making you look a bit more mature or sensible than some of your other steaming , dark haired mates . I'm all for that tbh . Mon the grey guys .
  19. Robinson had basically written this game off in his pre-match presser , when he stated we had 4 games remaining in December , 3 of which were winnable . His team selection confirmed his priorities , with the league's most toothless duo up front and the Spanish pool boy in the middle . Just glad to get tonight by with , without another mauling like Ibrox a few weeks back . Never like losing , but St Mirren on Sat is much more important . 7 points from the next 9 available would be good and make tonight's result easily forgettable .
  20. 30 ft up in the air is the only safe place for us to put the ball these days. If it's on the ground it's more often than not going to end up in our net.
  21. Love that pic, one of the best lolz goals of all time. Cammy Bell !!! I stand corrected, in their short history we have regularly bodied them all over the place.
  22. Absolutely glorious to get an equaliser with the last kick of the ball after Rangers had time wasted almost the entire second half. Can't remember being so dominant against them for an entire 45 mins. Adds to the lol's that it had to be big Pete who rocked up with it too after the midweek furore. Ironic that their fans got so wound up over a comment about a burst nose and a bit of blood , then 5000 of them turn up today and sing songs about being up to their knees in the stuff. Happy Sunday 'Well fans.
  23. This is the point I made after the game on Saturday. If you can't set up with creative players and utilise them properly in your starting 11 at home to the other teams currently down and around the bottom end - Hamilton , Dundee , St Mirren , in the first round of fixtures, and on one of the best surfaces in the league, when can you ? Getting drawn into a hoofball shitfest from the first whistle always has the chance of ending like it did at the weekend, with the opposition's first real chance resulting in the only goal of the game. If Robinson gave the team licence to go out and try to play actual football without having to fucking 'earn the right' there's a better than fair chance our season would be up and running already . Bigi and Gorrin are the type to put their foot on the ball, pick a pass and try to dictate play from the central area. Why not let them, you know, give it a go ? You never know, this passing the ball to each other, instead of launching 40 yard diagonals all day might actually be a decent idea. Hopefully a lesson learned for when we next face our peers, although with the manager's unwavering love of bypassing the midfield area as much as possible, I sadly doubt it.
  24. Naw mate. In all seriousness, if you can't set up to play football at home to a bottom end side, your manager needs a right good look at himself. Fucking dreadful.
  25. Dear oh fucking dear. Hamilton are abysmal and came looking for a point from the off. We were chronically bad and let them waltz off with all three. So if Accies are abysmal, what does that say about us ? We amassed the bulk of our points early last season with our 'robust' style and by bodying teams all over the place. As the season went on, everyone else sussed us out pretty easily and the cup runs covered what was in fact an absolutely dire points return in the league from December on. Fast forward to now and Robinson has just tried to assemble another squad of exactly the same type of personnel, but without a little bit of class a la Moult to bail us out in shitfests like today. Danny Johnson did more in the last 20 mins against Hibs last week than Main and Sammon had done in the entire match, yet found himself back on the bench today. Speaks volumes of the managers bland hoofball shite. He keeps coming out with this 'Earn the right to play football' bollocks. - If you can't set up to be positive at home against a bottom 3-4 side at the very start of the season, when can you.? An awful lot of deficiencies to be remedied before last seasons good will quickly runs out for Mr Robinson.
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