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  1. 1 Watch Motherwell get scudded. 2 Have a crywank. 3 Drink to forget Motherwell getting scudded and the shame of the crywank.
  2. Welcome to your future. Get used to it or get out, as this is your life now. Marriage, why the f**k do we do it? All the best for your big day, by the way !!
  3. Grimshaw is atrocious, full stop. Midfield badly needs addressing in January and hopefully the arrival of Tierney isn't the only business we do in that department. I'm sure we'll still be more than fine over the piece though, despite our Jekyll and Hyde nature. Is Slattery far off a ban? Think his card count is mounting up. Losing him for a game or two would really hurt us before we get reinforcements in.
  4. A good win no doubt, but I think some of us are more amused at the assertions of a few of you guys rather than 'in bits'. You absolutely handed us our arse without question, but if we're an utter gang and worst team you've seen, as described by some... how come we're 8pts and 6 places better off in the league than your good selves? Would you rather be in our position, or the McPake led, play off spot you currently occupy? Are those guys confident that you will pick up the minimum of 3 wins more than us required over the rest of the season to finish above us? I'm fairly confident it won't happen. Enjoy your Saturday, while I console myself with the scant consolation of laughing at our neighbours being punted out the cup by a junior mob.
  5. Decent assessment tbh. We've had some good performances under him, and some utterly dire ones like today in which we really do play schoolboy stuff. After the dire ones he often comes out with the same shite that Robinson before him did. He's had a massive rebuild on his hands, as he came in to a bloated clusterfuck of a squad. This team is half his, so I'll give him the January window to bring a couple more bodies in and judge him then. With the nature of our season so far I'd take mid table mediocrity right now.
  6. Not to end up going down the whole 'sore loser' road all night (which I am tbh, so get it up ye), but it's just simple facts. Feel free to bookmark that post and give me a shout at the end of the season.
  7. 100% agree, purely based on our performances against you we've been fucking dire. We have, however also turned in a few decent showings like last week vs Hearts. With what we've got, and a couple of shrewd additions in January though I'm sure we'll be more than fine.
  8. Congrats again to Dundee on today's win. Shat all over us, but one swallow appears to be making a summer here for a few of you in terms of the two teams standings. Scotland's third longest established top flight team, with 36 years in the bank absolutely bodied on the day by the dictionary definition of non-entity yoyo club. By the seasons end though, we'll finish comfortably above you yet again, and possibly even in a different division. Enjoy your night, you deserve it, but know your place boys.
  9. What do you say after a performance like today? As Jekyll and Hyde a side as you are ever likely to watch. For all the things we did right last week in comfortably dispatching Hearts, we went out today and did the exact opposite. Last week we worked a high press and harried Hearts from the first whistle. Never gave them a second on the ball and dictated the tempo of the game, both through our play and game management (or shithousing if you prefer). Today we were on the back foot right from the off. Slack, weak, passive, all manner of failings, and if it weren't for Kelly it could have been even more embarrassing. It's not the first time in Alexander's tenure that we've picked up a result or two then fallen off a cliff in the next game, but how do you explain it? Is it complacency going into a game against a perceived weaker team after beating a couple of sides above them in the table, or is it simply that despite our current league position, we're just not very good? Only a couple of days to fund some answers before Utd come calling.
  10. Utterly dire. Second best from first whistle to last in a complete horror of a showing. Big wake up call after 2 decent wins. For every couple of decent performances, we follow up with an abomination like that. Fair play to Dundee, they played well and did what they had to do with very little resistance. A real good look at ourselves and big improvements required before the better of the Dundee minks roll into town on Tuesday.
  11. A heady mix of a couple of goals and some mid-afternoon cans? Piss poor day at the office so far, but we'll end up comfortably mid table come the business end of the season. Yourselves on the other hand (despite deservedly whipping our arses so far today).....
  12. It's not your stream, we really are just stuttering all over the fucking place..
  13. That's been coming from the first whistle. We're a mile off it.
  14. Aye, surprised at Goss being out, got to guess it's through injury as he's not even made the bench and had his best game so far last time out against Hearts. Another example of Alexander keeping his cards close to his chest and giving f**k all away in terms of personnel available and how we may set up. Goss' deliveries have been crucial in the last two wins and I can't quite see Grimmy pinging them in in similar fashion, so we'll miss that. Still fancy us to sneak it though, 2-1 'Well with Shields and Watt doing the business.
  15. I have never been on LinkedIn in my puff, and the only snippets of it I see are in this thread, which both humour me and boil my piss in equal measure. There are obviously genuine people, like some of your good selves on there, but I would hate to have to interact with the vast majority of them to get a job or as part of my vocation.. It appears to consist 99% of insufferable fantasists. The type who would indeed drive an F Type, but put their Aldi shopping in the boot in M&S or Sainsburys bags to hide the fact from their neighbours that their whole lifestyle and persona is an utter sham and fabrication, and they are completely penniless purely to maintain the front and illusion of success. Just like the utter, cringey shite and lies they all seem spout online. Does anyone here admit to being a LinkedIn fantasist? Do any of you have a neighbour who drives an F Type but is likely to be a budget supermarket buying/M&S carrier bag using LinkedIn fantasist?
  16. Google - some geezers LinkedIn. Bing - a cinematographer whose credits include such notable classics as School for Sex, Act of Rape, and, er, Grange Hill.
  17. Was quite excited on hearing about McCormacks imminent return. Seeing him shoehorned into an XXXL top tempered that initial enthusiasm somewhat. Major disappointment, but going by his recent past and physical condition, no real surprise.
  18. +1 for this idea. Honking weather forecast. Stream it shall be. (In my own house obvs., just incase you were envisaging some weirdo you've never met turning up on your doorstep with a slab of Tennent's at half one on Saturday).
  19. FAI cup final for the boy this Sunday. I'm not saying we're going to win the Scottish Cup, but when he collects his winners medal in May, will he be joining a list of notable players who have notched this Irish/Scottish double in the past?
  20. 100%. Ojala and KVV likely to be available again and SOD's as captain pushing for contention, but every single one of today's starting 11 deserve to keep the jerseys. A rampaging Mugabi down that right line is a joy to behold.
  21. Just seen the Ojo incident. What an utter bellend the fat Utd fan is. 100 times worse though, is the decision by Madden to give the 2nd yellow and send Ojo off. Doubt many players would have just walked away without basically asking the fat p***k what the f**k he was all about. When will these useless cunto's ever be brought to task? Week in, week out they make ridiculous match changing decisions with literally no accountability and swan off into the sunset with about a grand in their pocket and no fucks given, ready to make an arse of it all over again the following Saturday. Standard is beyond a joke.
  22. Cracking day out, most I've enjoyed a game for a fair while. Always good to put the gas of a large, expectant travelling support at a peep, which we did from fairly early on. High press, with lots of energy and commitment to close Hearts down every time they were in possession was great to watch. Pass marks for every single one of our payers today, even the much maligned McGinley. Lamie came in and was very assured throughout, topping it off with the 2nd goal. I really like Ojala but the Bathgate Maldini will rightly feel aggrieved if he is benched next time out after today's showing. Watt gave everything, Woolery had his best game yet and was a real threat with his direct running. Shields energy levels were exceptional right til the end, seriously rapid when he gets going and I fancy today's goal to be the first of many going forward. As for Hearts, expected a lot, but aside from our excellent work to contain them, they were one of the most meh away teams at Fir Park this season. Early season bubble burst, or temporary blip?
  23. Not as worried about the inclusion of Lamie in Ojala's absence as I would have been a month or two ago. In his last couple of cameo's he's been fairly solid and steady. A lack of creativity in midfield is still my biggest concern, assists at Pittodrie aside, Goss has been fairly anonymous so far and really needs to step it up. Still think it will be a good watch today, and following a few pre-match beers I'm sticking with my prediction of a 2-1 home win. COYW.
  24. Just found out my lieu day application at work for tomorrow has been granted, so delighted with that and looking forward to the game. A big one to be missing key players for, so hopefully Ojala makes it. Van Veen being out is a blow but we've still got enough up top to cause Hearts problems. Shields' workrate and physicality has impressed me enough so far to be fairly content that a likely starting front 3 of him, Watt and Woolery can do some damage, it's getting them service from our often non-existent midfield that will be the problem. Can see a few goals in this one, with 'Well hopefully edging it. 2-1 home win please, thank you.
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