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  1. I'm nowhere near itk, but I did hear a rumour at the start of the week that Snodgrass' name had been heard mentioned around the corridors of the club. Definitely think there's something in it, whether that's been a tentative enquiry or something more concrete, I don't know. Despite his lack of game time recently, I'd be very much in the yes camp. Good pro, good character and, for our level, more than a bit of a pler.
  2. Absolutely no offence to the Livi boys at all, seem like a nice bunch, but f**k the niceties. Home win and clean sheet, please and thanks.* (Won't happen, our defence needs surgery, Nouble looks very handy and will give them a torrid time. BTTS banker and could go either way).
  3. It's cool, I don't think it's Accies defensive stalwarts McLaughlin and Canning they're talking about m9.
  4. Exactly. Cowan is a lazy journalist who just picks easy, nonsense subjects to fill column inches and airtime. How he still gets away with stealing a wage for it, I don't know. Joining the ranks of grown men who do things like suggest him as a serious option, or fawn over Moult and ask him to come back every time he shares or replies to the clubs media stuff is just an extension of that, looking for easy interactions and clicks. Moult seems like a genuinely top drawer guy, but as a footballer, sady, he is very much fucked. Cowan knows that as well as the rest of us. Without any serious or credible input on the game, he needs to grasp for subject matter somewhere, and hence hits out with this type of moronic, easy-click pish.
  5. For The Record, I think you're right, although I'm unaware if he is still The Independent, single man he was or if he has found his own wee Daily Star. Was actually trying to find a suitable dating site name to use for a pun, but other than Match.com for a football reporter, which isn't really funny, there wasn't much there. I did however discover that there is, I shit you not, a herpesfish.com where you can hook up with one of over 650,000 fellow sufferers. Just incase it's of any use to anyone on here.
  6. Disappointed it was only big Sly that got battered about the ring last night then?
  7. Just home from a wee day at the beach, where I'd gone to hide from all things football related as I had feared an absolute pumping today. Very pleased, however, at this turn of events and I'm thoroughly ashamed to have doubted our continued ownership of our friends from the north east. Up the Hammy Army.
  8. On the Oxborough announcement, it is indeed a low key welcome and introduction. I know he's been here a while and i might be reading something into it which isn’t actually there, but the short piece and the wording scream underwhelmed to me from whomever wrote it. Stressing the fact he was brought in by the previous manager, and the fact he only seems to be going straight into the squad because Fox is filling in the interim goalie coach role seems a little, weird for someone youve just given a 2yr deal?
  9. Think Lamie still suspended? Still prefer the idea of a 5 though, and with O'Donnell proving competent enough on the left, maybe put him out there, McGinn on the right, with Bevis on the right of the back 3? Not ideal but with things the way they are, possibly a least worst option?
  10. A back 3 of McGinn, Sol, and Lamie with O'Donnell and Wallace ahead in a 3-5-2? Could do worse. Edit : fwiw, I doubt it'll be him, he'd have told someone by now.
  11. I mean, grassing aside, at 35 and assuming a level of fitness, he'd be a more than decent option even if he was amenable to a deal 'til Christmas then take it from there. An experienced pro who could slot straight in is far from the worst option we could go for tbh.
  12. No idea who it will be, but left back is now obviously high priority. It's the position I'm most intrigued to see filled, by virtue of the man himself being a master of the art and, four years after retiring, still the last competent person we had to fill the berth. If he can pull a signing out the bag of someone with even half his ability, culture of his left peg and delivery, that'll do for me, as none of the imposters who've followed so far have come close to lacing his boots.
  13. No, but it does mark them out as very much OFTW for their poor new neighbours, wherever they rock up next.
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