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  1. Like most, I'm sure Lamie was brought in as a squad player, and only our chronic bad luck with injuries has seen him as a regular starter, but these absolute howlers he's guaranteed to have in every game are going to cost us goals. With an already substantial squad size though, the only other option just now would be to have faith in one of the younger fringe players, and I'm not sure in our current position that Robinson would take that chance. In contrast, after a couple of games to settle, big Bevis is proving he can be a decent, no frills defender at this level. Far from a great spectacle yesterday, but it was crucial to get the win. We're still badly misfiring from middle to front, but I have faith that it will come, and for all they controlled a lot of possession, outwith Lamie's baws ups Saints never troubled Carsons goal much at all. All in all, a good 3pts, we will click (eventually), and Allan Campbell is THE fkn man.
  2. As others have said, until Glentoran went a man down and tired last night we were unconvincing to say the least. If Carson didn't pull off that save in the first half it could have been a very different outcome. Robinson in his post match, and some of the players on the socials saying it was a good performance are being a bit generous to themselves, barring the last 20 minutes obviously. We still seem well away from performing to the level the squad has the potential to. Glen's were an average Championship level team at best and gave us problems, with our back line shaky on more than one occasion and Grimshaw having a bit of a 'mare again, so it's going to be a very tough afternoon as usual on Sunday. Can't see us taking anything from the game, and just hope it's not a trouncing. Will still stick my usual tenner on us in hope rather than expectation though, and pray that DT has some compassion and doesn't do us too much damage if he plays. Comfortable home win imo.
  3. Text book from Accies, a well earned win. Defended resolutely for almost the entire match and took one of their chances when they inevitably came. In truth we couldn't have complained if they'd put away any of the sitters which preceded the goal either, our defending at their opportunities was abysmal. Got exactly what we deserved with another toothless display up front. DT must go home every Saturday frustrated as f**k that the no users in front of him can't make anything of his play and the chances he creates for them. If he goes before the window closes things will be a whole lot grimmer than they already are. Robinson needs to shoulder a large chunk of the blame again. More questionable substitutions and tactical decisions. Very early, but with a tough few fixtures ahead he needs to find some solutions quickly or the pressure is on (again).
  4. With regard to the Hartley chat , I see on his Wiki he is listed as currently with Chennayin in the Indian Superleague . Never seen anything anywhere else about it , so no idea if true or someone at it .
  5. Totally agree. Folk panicking and predicting a battle at the bottom after two games is just mental, regardless of how utterly pish and insipid we have been in those matches. Most people, including some opposition fans seemed fairly impressed by the squad we amassed over the shutdown, with the majority having us marked down as top six in their seasons predictions. I still think that could, and should, be the case. In my opinion Robinson seems to be going through one of his over-thinking phases and trying to fit square pegs in round holes to accommodate certain players, and trying to negate the opposition rather than let them worry about us, especially at home. Having a bit more strength in depth from middle to front seems to be giving him a selection and shape headache, he's got to decide on his strongest 11 and stick with it for a bit to gain some momentum and continuity, although a couple of injuries and Lang's stupid red card haven't helped in that respect. At the back hopefully McGinley gets back quickly, as big Bombscare Bevis gives me the absolute fear. Would be nice to get some points on the board in midweek against Livi to get us up and running, or else some heads might start to explode with both Hibs and Celtic away coming up, and a local derby sandwiched in between.
  6. No real knowledge of him myself, but going by the comments from Shrewsbury and Morecambe fans Lang has the potential to be an excellent signing. Some pretty solid signings by Robinson and confident of a comfortable top six finish, with a real chance to push for top 4 again. Strength in depth enough to be optimistic of an interesting and exciting season ahead.
  7. Totally agree with this, based on my experiences so far. The euphoria of those first few pints of draught Tennent's, and the novelty of actually being allowed back into boozers was tempered quite quickly by the reality of the conditions and atmosphere. Was great to be able to see friends and family to catch up over a few drinks , but in reality I've visited 5 different places which ranged from feeling overly sterile and impersonal, to the other extreme of basically bogging with every rule being flouted. Will probably be more inclined to go to a restaurant for a meal and few drinks in the foreseeable, where the environment doesn't feel quite so different or weird. Boozers I'm actually in no great hurry to return to until things change a bit.
  8. SO has a few decent and reasonable long term posters. It's nowhere near the site it once was, but still has a number of sensible folk lurking amongst its brain dead majority. Well fans III however is the twilight zone of Motherwell chat. Mouth breathers one and all. Posted on there a few times long ago, but each incarnation from I, II, III, and I'm sure IV etc to come descends further into the absurd. Looking at the page and the constantly negative shite posted on it , you wonder why half of them 'support' the team at all. Fuckwit central.
  9. Not yet, give it time. Opinions I saw on there were after the Rangers game, today's ramblings I have seen mainly via Twitter.
  10. A 2-2 friendly draw vs our local rivals, another Premiership side, and no doubt a worthwhile run out in terms of both gaining fitness/sharpness, and the manager implementing his ideas and methods for the season ahead, but we really do have some amount of welts in our support. It's the same every pre-season with results not being good enough and the new signings being cart horses, honestly. The Twitter and Steelmental Online response to the results so far is off the chart hysterical pish. In recent years we have suffered pre-season defeats to such giants of the game as Barrow, Gateshead, Crusaders, and a 4-0 spanking from Ayr Utd, just as a few examples off the top of my head. Add to this some early European humiliations against various nations' pub teams and, historically, we are generally always pish at this point. However the level-headed and sensible supporter wouldn't look too deeply into it and put it down to new players bedding in, and the management experimenting /tweaking shapes and playing styles etc. These slow starts have preceeded several trips to Hampden for semis and finals, and some exceptional final league placings. Not to mention the fact we are now 35+ seasons consecutively in the top flight. No mean feat for a wee provincial club of very limited resource. The footballing experts of North Lanarkshire have spoken though, and it looks as though we are certain relegation fodder. I better go and see what the odds on us for the drop are....
  11. Motherwell's shite efforts at streaming this game surpassed only by the teams even worse efforts at playing the fucker.
  12. Well rounded and full bodied. A cracking looking pint of Tennent's there too.
  13. Married male (47), seeks tall golden bodied beauty for discreet afternoon fun and frolics . Match found 😍
  14. Went a bit wanky tonight with 2 x wee Brewdog 4packs (Punk and Clockwork Orange) along with a couple of JD and Cokes. Alright for a wee change, but by f**k I'm thoroughly looking forward to a day out on the good old vitamin T tomorrow.
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