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  1. Why are corners such a hard thing for us to change up? Start of the season it was the stupid short one every time, now we just have O'Donnell shelling them long and high beyond everyone. On the game itself, a simply woeful effort after the sending off. A lot of sub par performances, but Alexander needs to shoulder a fair portion of the blame for not making changes when it was clear nothing was coming off. Big improvements required to avoid an embarrassment on Saturday.
  2. Surely the only answer going by the exclusions and two keepers listed on the bench? Morrison as the 5th sub to come on as a centre half in the 75th minute and help us see out a 1-0 win.
  3. Anyone who says Watt's departure isn't a sair yin is having themselves on. He's been excellent for us, and has enjoyed the most consistent form of his career whilst here. His goals and workrate are a large part of why we currently occupy our lofty league position. However, our bearded Dutch God, flanked by 2 of Shields/Woolery/Roberts will still cause most defences in the league problems. And I wouldn't be fooled by Alexander in his presser. This has been the obvious outcome for a long time now, so I'd wager good money that a replacement will arrive before the end of the month. It's a good opportunity for Shields to try and push on and stake his claim for a regular start. I've said it on here before, he has all the raw attributes and I think GA could mould him into a very serviceable player at this level.
  4. Are you Jeremy Beadle? "On the one hand my penis is massive, but on the other......."
  5. Just switched the telly on to see Trevor Carson brilliantly tipping a Delle Ali effort over the bar in front of a full house in the FA Cup vs Spurs. Some first game after being parked on the bench at Tannadice. Potential upset on the cards too with Morecambe 1 up.
  6. Aye, the fact he's on a 4yr deal makes me doubt it, but as @YassinMoutaouakil says he was a Lennon signing and is obviously falling further down the pecking order under Postecoglu with his latest additions. Considering he's had first team experience down South and was seen as a bit of a coup when they signed him, even if they do want rid, I'd imagine his wage demands etc could be well out of our reach and there would be plenty suitors for him back South.
  7. Just finished work and only read transfer gossip briefly, but I see Celtic are trying to offload several bodies to trim the squad with big Ange having gone all in on the Japanese Market. Henderson to Hibs is an initial 6 month loan, becoming a permanent 3yr deal in the summer. Is there any chance Shaw might be the same with us, or is he going to be here purely for game time?
  8. Just looked at the Wiki page. When it was launched it started out at 5.2% then they reduced it to 4.2, and the most recent version lowered again to 3.8. It'll be non alcoholic next ffs!!
  9. Not something I've seen for a long time. Used to love it back in the day. Did they not drop the alcohol percentage in it at one point?. When it first came on the scene I'm sure it was 5 or 6% and was so smooth you used to sink a good few before realising too late that you were absolutely blootered on it..... or maybe that was just me and the debatable company I kept at the time's excuse for being piss artists!!
  10. Completely agree on Shields. He has all the attributes of power, pace and tenacity that are required at this level, and given a decent run of games I think he will prove to be a very good signing. However, given Van Veen's propensity for rash challenges and daft decisions, he'll be sure to rack up more time on the sidelines through suspension so another experienced head to replace Watt will probably now be high on Alexander's wish list, whether he might say so or not.
  11. Nice. Monkey Shoulder is the dugs danglies.
  12. Didn't finish work til 11pm, so just home and sorted in time for the bells. Lowenbrau and now Spaten on the perfect draft machine along with a few JD's. Happy New Year to one and all, even you ML3 fückers.
  13. Aye, as far as anonymity goes, for anyone living outwith the most central ML postcodes, I'm fairly sure they can narrow you down to a pretty small pool (of probably one) with the amount of info gleaned.
  14. Midnight Mass orgy right after. Even the god botherers need something to bash the (arch)bishop to.
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