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  1. Fairly encouraged after reading the Daws piece there in how they're planning to shake up and modernise the sourcing of new talent. Definitely shifting away from the one man in his Mondeo approach which should have happened long ago, and will hopefully see the end of the daft Robinson style punts on the likes of Seedorf, Manzinga and Petravicius. Alexander obviously rates him to bring him in having worked with him before, and some of the clubs he's been at were of similar standing to us, in that they were probably operating on some of the lower budgets in their respective leagues. Seems like a good fit for us in how we plan to develop that side of the business going forward. Now we just need to wait on all our targets returning to their clubs after shining in the Euros to make our moves.....
  2. A wee random selection from Aldi is tonight's tipple to accompany a couple of halfs of Auchentoshan American Oak.
  3. 100% an cnut of a boy but he would undoubtedly do us turn. I think Alexander is the type of manager who could keep him in check though , so I'd be all aboard the Big Weird Kyle train. Choo choo muthafucka's.
  4. The Twitter takes, and some of the replies on the 'fishal FB post are something to behold. Having monitored him through his rehab and progression back to fitness, I'm fairly sure that the club offered him the best deal they could/thought he merited. Being the type of club we are, we saw right by him and got him back fit, and as a player/person Charlie bought into the whole ethos of the club from day one. It's just a pity that injuries blighted so much of his time with us. An all round top guy for whom I wish nothing but the best for the future. Best of luck to him at Saints.
  5. This is a constant in our house too. "You're in a weird mood" , or "What's up with your face"? are regular questions which can turn your mood instantly from calm and peaceful, to utter seethe. Angela STILL hasn't replied to the message I sent her 6 minutes ago, but she's active on Facebook so she must have got it, the cow . Laura is going for lunch with her in-laws today but she can see it far enough . The joiner still hasn't come back to finish the woman at number 34s decking. Does any man feign interest in this sort of inane shite? Do they never reach a point with these types of one-sided conversations that they realise they are pointless, mind numbing shite that are better left unsaid? *Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
  6. 'Said to be'... Said by who, Alexander himself?, Magloires' agent?, some chunt at the wind up? Lamie and Mugabi already have the 'distinctly average' berths covered, think we should be aiming for better.
  7. Peh's, no' Pies. Bit late to the party, but well done and welcome back to the Dundee lads. Very well deserved, far superior over the two legs. Killie, well, just deary, deary me. If ever a team got their just desserts, then they are it. Disgraceful performances considering what was at stake. Some fall from grace from the Clarke glory days, just a couple of short years ago.
  8. You may well be party to information or knowledge that I and others aren't, but I just don't see the club deviating too far from 'the model' that our whole player development and recruitment policy is based on. Surely Alexander would have come in with that as part of his remit, rather than an option he could choose to put low in his priorities. If that had been any of the candidates take on things, I'd like to have thought their interview wouldn't have lasted long. What is this definite shift, and how badly is it going to affect young guys chances of breaking through to the first team squad? Outwith the usual revenue streams of season tickets, tv money etc, our main hope of substantial extra income is by unearthing a gem or developing one of our own to sell on or gain compensation for. It'd be a pretty big shift to alter that too much and risk lessening the chance of attracting the best youngsters to come to us in the first place. I don't think you can put too much weight behind the lack of playing opportunities for them in that cluster f**k of a season, when our safety was still in doubt up until the last couple of games. Not being argumentative, but just interested to see where people are seeing this definite shift coming from.
  9. Burrows' Tweet that I posted here last night has him saying that there will be an announcement on additions to the squad soon, as well as 'the biggest Academy intake in years' . I'm guessing that might mean that the youth system is alive and well, and that the current crop maybe just didn't fulfil expectations? It's been a nightmare year for the young guys with the stop/start nature of it all and lack of competitive action so you have to feel for them. But I can't help think the rumours and guess work around the setup and pathway is just the panty wetting element of our support getting ahead of themselves again
  10. Not an area many fare well in, particularly on the way back from your holidays after a last night blowout on cheap vodka and shots. Some of them are a living hell. Harsh to judge him on it imo, we've all been there. Definitely seems to have potential, and would be happy enough to see him at Fir Park.
  11. Aye, English teams view us as the same footballing backwater that the fans and media down south do (yesterday's tabloid shite mocking our lack of household names down there being a prime example), and the fees we can command are reflected in that. Without being a regular starter at Celtic or Rangers, any player is seen as a punt and will attract bids that the clubs sometimes can't afford to knock back in Scottish footballing monetary terms, but which we all know are far short of their true worth. Whereas, not too long ago a few hundred grand was considered a gamble on a player from a provincial Scottish club, with the money awash in the English game nowadays, a few million is probably the modern equivalent. That's why, when it becomes a two way battle between one of the Glasgow sides and a team from the Championship or EPL, I often wonder why they don't just chuck a bit extra at it, considering the obscene price tags and wages some of their own complete jobbers move around for. All by the by at the moment though. Turnbull is now one of Celtic's biggest assets and they won't part with him for the money being quoted.
  12. I'm all for this approach. Set it up outside the main stand and charge a tenner a pop for one last dodgy live stream with Jock and Kirky on comms.
  13. Just seen Scott Fox starting for Morton on an emergency loan to Morton in their play off game vs Airdrie. Of all the keepers to go for, is one who has been injured and not played a single competitive minute for an entire season really who you would pick for such a vital game? Maybe a permanent move in the offing if it goes according to plan?
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