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  1. I think a new Hibs cup celebration thread should be created to let the mods get rid of the other one.
  2. I suppose I'm the only one that likes Jack?
  3. is craigkillie a mod? He'd be easily my LEAST favourite
  4. Tynie by a mile. Naw perfect but seems a genuine good c**t.
  5. can I bring this up? First hand knowledge or not, it's kinda important.
  6. It is. At least... my best guess to where this is going suggests it. I'm terrible at this though.
  7. PLEASE tell me tell me other folk seen that fucking astonishing Anathema gig?
  8. Let's be clear. There's a difference between "can a white person disagree with a black person on racism?" and "can a white person know how racist terms affect black people?" which is ultimately what this recent BBC cock up comes down to.
  9. Looks like you just have to hope Slimer isn't playing. He seems to get about.
  10. Blampied manipulated multiple women into sending him nudes and admitted as such, and this is a symptom of the illness that has been part of wrestling on both sides of the barrier. He can get fucked, and so can WrestleTalk for using him after the fact. Although Alex Shane is there too, so no surprises I guess.
  11. They did that in 2002 as well which was, incidentally, my first gig. Thought they were boring but Doves were excellent in support. Travis made up for it 11 years later at T in the Park.
  12. Would seem there's some posts gone and some kept.
  13. This one. If they're not here then I assume the posts are gone.
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