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  1. I've said this numerous times. Paddington 2 is legit one of the best movies ever.
  2. I walked into Greenock town centre today and it was a surreal experience. Nobody around. No cars. Nothing. There was the odd car before I reached the police station but that was it. Tesco was SLIGHTLY busier than that, but barely anyone there too. My walk was to Gourock and it was DEAD there. Nobody at all. Again, just surreal.
  3. I don't want sleazy shitebags in the SNP. They'll be there and I'll accept it for the greater good. But they'll always be nothing but sleazy shitebags.
  4. How the f**k can streaming be down? Pearl Jam is pretty good. Couple of duds but I really like it. Nine Inch Nails is... I dunno. Dunno that I like the songs having titles given the last Ghosts album but that's a minor gripe. It's amazing.
  5. October at the Priory in Glasgow. Canny remember exact date.
  6. I was wondering how long someone in the press would take to fabricate this shite again.
  7. To go back a bit, Lady Gaga's Applause is quite good.
  8. I don't actually mind something like this to show appreciation. The problem is that you'll have the selfish b*****ds who put extra strain on the NHS patting themselves on the back and the Tory b*****ds who hamstrung them doing the same. It makes the entire thing worthless. f**k it.
  9. Seemed to piss off the dogs out this way.
  10. I didn't remember virgin cola until someone mentioned those 3L bottles. Also amused that 3L rhymes with VL given it's virgin cola we're talking about.
  11. If he doesn't get jailed, he'll get the HW shot. Wait and see.
  12. Malcolm Middleton - We're All Going to Die
  13. I can see Hulu launching here and basically having all of the other Fox stuff.
  14. Seems to be things that aren't too adult. Explains no Deadpools or Logan.
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