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  1. Of course he believes it. He has a long storied history of racism and sexism. Being able to shout about black women is his dream come true.
  2. Our Biggie has been backing up Tommy Robinson in the politics section of the forum as well much more recently. Up until then, Danger's nonsense was just pathetic. Now... not so much.
  3. The Fantastic Four got confirmed as well.
  4. So they still don't know that they could win the CL, and they'd still be the biggest laughing stock in Scottish football. Kilmarnock could have lost 24-0 last night and it'd have changed f**k all in that regard.
  5. Tibbermoresaint is probably more far gone as far as being scummy goes than any junkie I have ever met.
  6. I've seen Iron Maiden a few times and last year was as good as I've ever seen them. Sounded amazing and Dickinson's voice was top drawer. They've got a few years left too.
  7. I think if tibbermoresaint made any sort of effort to actually understand the things he they talk about, they wouldn't post so much. I'd love to live in a world where you could simply stop people being addicts. Then again... I'd also love to f**k Beyonce. I'm a realist though.
  8. Aye. Him getting murdered would probably make things even worse, and even more violent.
  9. Heading for Kendal Calling a week today. Looks like a scenic one, and there's a great variety of all sorts of shit. Really looking forward to it.
  10. What's the actual level of concern, given that this was basically a glorified friendly?
  11. Boris will definitely do this. I can't believe folk actually think this isn't a possibility. Especially under Boris, who gives no fucks about anything other than lining his pockets.
  12. Loyalty Supporters still buying into the idea of folk in football not being too faced is a good laugh.
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