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  1. Munoz is still on here right? That's one example off my head. tree house tam still posts here right? Two people I've reported and I still see their posts. I was told by Thundermonkey about "zero tolerance" yet Kincardine goes "jock" central constantly and you allow it. How far does Dawson Park Boy have to go to actually get banned? But keep your soft touch on trolls going by all means.
  2. CB4 is a fabulous movie. Rock is actually really good in Fargo too. I think he just completely misjudged Spiral.
  3. Of course, never stopped you lot allowing folk to be victimised did it? How about other forms of bigotry like xenophobia? Fancy dealing with that? Don't deal us this absolute shite.
  4. I need to champion the rights of lovers of secondary 24 villains.
  5. I'm not entirely buying it's a new Pep, but I didn't think he would do multiple accounts at the same time before and I was 100% wrong on that.
  6. I thought Rock was hilariously bad tbh. Pulled so many generic cop tropes out.
  7. Tried to keep my change simple this time by going with another season 1 24 villain.
  8. If you still support what Alba stand for, don't quote me. It's pointless. I won't read your reply or read anything you post. You're nothing but a bigot enabler and a c**t.
  9. Caught them there on a few tours. Best was the anniversary of that album. Best time I seen them was Stop the Clocks at Brixton though. The Barras show a few days later was magnificent but that Brixton show was incredible.
  10. I can unfortunately only go on folk who I know worked with him, but he was a lovely guy by all accounts but if you got on his wrong side, there'd be some colour on your body in short order.
  11. Why are people even giving these fucking idiots any sort of reply? They have no sense of reality and it's genuinely pointless. I don't know what's getting achieved. They're lost.
  12. People engaging in a discussion with this idiot troll are truly fucking idiots.
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