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  1. That footwork before the finish was fantastic. Took about 3 guys away from in front of him.
  2. I don't really mind it but it does make me worry about the album a bit.
  3. f**k sake Has to be said. Braga 100% deserve this. They've completely shat it.
  4. Braga have been shite at the back the whole game. Just so happens they're getting punished for it now.
  5. I thought he might get away with it because of the distance but the hand was so far away from the body that it wasn't likely not to be punished. Like you, I'm not seeing how it's a booking.
  6. Kinda disappointed with that tbh. I don't think they have that much left to offer that we haven't seen. Unless it's going to be a plunder match. Which I'm 100% on board with if so.
  7. Amazing commentary from Tony there too. He's been such an outstanding addition to AEW. Oh, and I can happily watch Omega and Page tear it up every week.
  8. I fucking flipped when I seen that announcement. It'll be worth it.
  9. Ludo has nailed it. And to be fair, he's soooooo much better than Reigns in the role.
  10. It'll be Money in the Bank. June is prime time for booking stadiums
  11. I think Kez's win might be a good thing? Just seems like folk are sick of him. When he won, it got zero reaction. But they've got a chance to turn it around, and he's excelled in that role but they've blown it by having him near Cena levels of unbeatable.
  12. Yeah... got to a point where I wasn't biting the near falls. I mean, they were great matches. But it was meaningless by about match four. Oddly, the opening match was the least guilty. It had nearfalls but protected the finishers.
  13. Jordan Devlin had a wee pisstake with it. I'm as confused as the rest of you by the new DIY rivalry. Why?
  14. Always fun seeing oaksoft kidding on they're not a selfish bitter c**t.
  15. I thought it was a fine length. Slick as f**k the whole way as well.
  16. Everything about the finish was horrific.
  17. That street fight was a delightfully heated match.
  18. There were bits where I was thinking "oh, they're going long then" because they were clearly stalling like f**k. Super stuff when it got going though.
  19. Good to hear Mansoor letting us know that Dominik Dijakovic is "seething" at being the underdog tonight! Also enjoying the crowd being able to hear the pre-show stuff, and booing Sam Roberts every time he opens his mouth, and cheering Mansoor every time he does.
  20. Given that last sentence, I hope that the first one was typed out with a big slice of irony.
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