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  1. Low Ki and The Amazing Red confirmed as the first tag team for the Fight Club PRO Dream Tag Team Invitational. Delightful. Definitely going to this now. I can see The North and The Rock N Roll Express getting added to this. Possibly Eddie Kingston and Homicide as well.
  2. A damn solid if unspectacular wrestler. Had a great run with Travis Banks in PROGRESS in the South Pacific Power Trip. More recently been a good solo guy in smaller ones.
  3. Charlie Hunnam is pretty shite in a lot of things, including Sons of Anarchy, but while in most things he'd probably be the worst part of it, Sons of Anarchy was just a total shit tip of acting.
  4. Nah. That was Theo Rossi by acres.
  5. If it were just him, I'd pay no attention because he's not worth paying attention to, but it's more than that.
  6. Surely it'd at least be a minor shock if we won. We're on a bit of form but we're still a potential relegation fighting second tier team where the manager still doesn't know his best XI.
  7. Imagine actually wanting the Tories to deny a mandate earned multiple times. How much must someone hate Scotland to actually want the country pissed on to that level.
  8. Sami Callihan shouldn't be compared to Tessa Blanchard.
  9. Buddy Murphy getting the "we'll just throw him in with the other big heel" treatment is pretty worrying.
  10. The main cast of Sons of Anarchy was hilariously shit. Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman aside.
  11. His wife has called bullshit on this rumour.
  12. I'm not dismissing the idea of Coffey winning the belt. NXT UK are pretty high on Gallus.
  14. That. Was. Fucking. Amazing.
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