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  1. And folk thought CM Punk would talk like a fanboy He's probably the only worthwhile thing about that pisspot now.
  2. Selling it as a "high wire balancing act" is, just like the other arguments, totally Tory. Which is odd given that Labour's position is exactly the same one Boris and Jacob Rees Mogg were pushing before the referendum. Been a bit of a different song from the Tories since Leave actually won. I wonder why that is.
  3. It's Cody that's made me realise just how shit WWE is. How can someone be that big a star and WWE just completely not see it? That promo before Full Gear was absolutely golden. And he'd been on insane form before that. He's a superstar. One of the biggest blown opportunities in WWE history.
  4. The Labour policy is sound and straight forward. Obviously Tories will try and argue otherwise, but there's nothing complicated at all about it. I think ALL of the policies are straight forward when it comes to Brexit. Just depends on what one you agree with most. I'd probably lean towards Labour's stance but still won't vote for em. SNP all the way. As I say, more at stake in this country than that.
  5. I'm on episode one. This family are a shower of weapons. I love it.
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