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  1. I'm told watching Rebels helps with Thrawn. Not quite done with Clone Wars yet.
  2. The thing I think of with Cantona is that chip from near the corner of the box and he simply turns with his hands in the air in celebration.
  3. Don't think that second spoiler is how it's going to turn out.
  4. Kenny Miller hasn't been anywhere for any length of time whatsoever recently. Anthony Stokes is a waste of a wage at that level. So using their short stays as examples really doesn't help any case.
  5. He'll be more famous for different things in different places. Considering their audience, I'm not sure they were wrong.
  6. Quote that post then. Because ultimately it has f**k all to do with the one you replied to.
  7. It's not. It's one poster making a personal choice. Which happens to be the same choice I'm making. For the same reasons that I don't care about the restrictions lifted at Christmas. Todd chose to single out one sentence and criticise it, when said poster was simply saying what they'd do, AFTER pointing out it's what they'd tend to do. Take issue with the rest of the post if you wish. Don't take issue with someone simply pointing out their choices.
  8. But what does that have to do with someone who supports Falkirk being able to judge? Anyone who watches enough football should be in a position to judge, regardless of if they support Liverpool or Greenock Juniors. Which was the entire point of the post you're quoting.
  9. Hope Maradona was loaded when he died, because it looks like he's still going to be paying a fair bit of rent with this c**t.
  10. I barely see the point in discussing any sort of deal being made anymore. The only reason the Tories are turning up for negotiations is so as they can say "hey, we tried!" and their idiot voters, of which there are far too many, will obviously lap it up. It ends in no deal and a few Tories get rich off the back of it, which was the point to start with.
  11. So that's ICW putting brand new Fight Club on. I had heard that they'd been taping shows recently so I guess that confirms it. Looks like it'll be on the Network for definite. They haven't mentioned if it's on their own one.
  12. I googled "Maradona girlfriend abuse" and apparently there's video but I didn't watch it so can't really comment.
  13. I'd love to see it. "We got 63 cock and balls in Inverclyde." Sound.
  14. ALL of that is fair and I can't argue against it. And I think in Scotland, we have enough options to go with it. But it doesn't work that way in a lot of places and it's just too simplistic.
  15. Not even that long ago, I seen things this way. So I at least understand it. But I don't think I buy into it anymore.
  16. I understand the BASE point of wanting an opinion heard. But ultimately it leads to folk not caring what you did.
  17. This is a fair point. We hear "it's recorded" but who actually gives a shit? It's a pointless exercise.
  18. The other thing to remember is how big a weapon fear is. It's why I never used the term shitebag. It's just not that simple, and there needs to be a way to combat it. EDIT: Fear of the unknown is another thing that needs to be countered. I wish we lived in a world where a Yes campaign wouldn't need to stoop to certain levels. We don't live in that world though.
  19. Nonsense. If the SNP aren't willing to play those games then they might as well not turn up. If they do the same as last time, No wins.
  20. It's not good enough but surely it's insignificant on a national scale. It'll give the guy a bit of a thing to take home at the end at most surely
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