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  1. It exists to hog the UK talent. No other reason.
  2. Is there such a thing as a weird remake decision anymore?
  3. I seen someone say the IIconics are better off with Impact and it's hard to disagree from aspect of how they get used.
  4. I think he'd beat Hopkins most years, but it'll likely be a much deserved posthumous Oscar for Boseman.
  5. It's almost as if he's clueless.
  6. Tbf, the timing suggests he's just the lightning rod for cuts that were always happening.
  7. I could actually see Joe asking for it if he was desperate to get back in a ring.
  8. Billie Kay seems like such a drop of the ball. Can they honestly not see ANYTHING to do with someone like that?
  9. Craig Anthony was pretty impressive in more than just ICW before the shut down tbh, and had an absolute beezer with Daz Black at that time. Not seen nearly as much of Daz Black. I've not seen THIS match though. My only real curiosity at this point lies with what happens with the main title, because I'm certain Kez Evans cashed in this one because there wasn't another option.
  10. He was there as a lesson about being a rat, which basically confirms he's corrupt to me. I just think he's extremely low in the food chain, and figured that he's in too deep.
  11. Cagematch will be your friend here. Sheik/Slaughter in the boot camp match is the by default one for 1984. Some VERY interesting matches worth seeking out though
  12. Punk doesn't seem dead against a return to wrestling right now, so there's something of a possibility.
  13. Unless they're hungover, so as someone can open them and they react like they're vampires.
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