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  1. Well, it certainly isn't fucking about which is good.
  2. Tories do whatever they like with absolutely no accountability, and they know fine well they can get away with it. Don't see any reason why things would suddenly change.
  3. Synchronic VERY good. The one complaint I'd give is how self indulgent it gets. But it never goes OTT so it's a minor gripe. You also have Mackie turning in the performance of a lifetime beside a very good Dornan. 9/10
  4. Try a dozen on a single page on a topic a day with this c**t.
  5. Andre Drazen

    Breaking Bad

    There's something about Howard that I'm a fan of, and I can't really put my finger on it.
  6. Minimum 10 years for damaging federal buildings, courtesy of Trumps executive order after the BLM protests. This didn't actually happen btw.
  7. I'd say he was very much not. Hence the lashing out at anything that moved. Probably went into full meltdown.
  8. Romeo doing his usual "I'm not bothered" routine through the tears after his team looking like dicks again.
  9. I wasn't even going to watch any games today. Lucky that I got to see that comedy.
  10. I hope not. Hope he gives a penalty for a foul on the halfway line.
  11. Goalie sold the jerseys on that one. Sympathy gone I'm afraid.
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