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  1. Well, it's a perfect fit seeing as it's probably him.
  2. To take this further, UEFA are saying they're dead against it.
  3. That scene ALWAYS comes up. Rightly too. I enjoyed that show for the most part but hooooly shit.
  4. If he offers a face to face, remember to wear a full face mask and visor combo to protect from the tears and snotters.
  5. DEFINITELY proves DA wrong on the "mewling c**t" accusation there.
  6. I noticed that when I was stunned at someone in Anna and the Apocalypse just blatantly shouting "IT'S A ZOMBIE!" rather than talking about viruses or some shit.
  7. Even on here, right from the start, Celtic supporters were worried Rangers could stop them at some point as soon as Lennon took the job permanently. The only thing I could see getting him sacked soon is not winning the Scottish Cup. Even then I'm not sure it'd happen.
  8. Wolves really opened up in the second half and it made such a big difference. Thought they were worth the win in the end.
  9. The Wailing. Wild horror movie which starts with a goofy cop investigating murders only for things to take quite the turn. The Invitation. Guy goes to see his ex wife during a dinner with friends. Turns out the ex wife had reasons for inviting them all. Another horror this. Going back to Megan Is Missing, there's one scene in it which ensures that I don't think I could watch it again.
  10. Under Steve Clarke we continually beat the teams we should beat. That was where we failed before. But some are calling for his head. No wonder I hold the national team with such low regard. Because even those who pretend to care can't even show it.
  11. Daft booking but a good one to take in the short term.
  12. Probably more to do with Celtic being a far far better team in that time tbh
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