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  1. If you can headline Reading twice, you can headline DL so QOTSA should be in that bracket.
  2. Korn would have been perfect to move up I reckon. EDIT: Deftones still play arenas and could easily have taken the spot.
  3. I thought I could see how the ref gave it but I'd agree it's not a foul. Not like it's a horrendous error though.
  4. I've considered Biffy to be the best big festival headliner in recent years but not entirely sure on a second DL one. The first one seemed well earned because of years of slowly going up the lineup.
  5. After starting with two out lies, I'm kinda shocked this one thinks their opinion holds any value whatsoever.
  6. Harry Maguire getting arrested in Greece was him being a victim though. Wonder what the difference between the two is.
  7. The Vangelis soundtrack is great tbh. As for which is better... I'd go for the first, as it's one of my all time favourites. But 2049 is a more than worthy sequel. Denis Villneuve has said even though it was a bit disappointing box office wise, he still wants to do a sequel which implies he has a very set idea for it, so I'd be on board.
  8. Good example. A lot of people think San Andreas was total nonsense. I consider it probably the best disaster movie ever. It ticks the destruction boxes, the tongue is firmly in the cheek and there's a genuinely fun human element.
  9. I find that as idiotic as Scorsese's comments. Shit is in the eye of the beholder. One person's shit is another person's classic.
  10. VT is wrong on most things, but he's 100% correct in saying the Old Firm should not have gone ahead.
  11. And could have had more. There were signs last season too. Pressure has been the defence for them. Doesn't exactly work in a game like this.
  12. All you need to do is press Liverpool and they crumble.
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