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  1. Understood but I presume that's effectively a choice by the Fife Fa. They could in theory say they would accept any club in the senior league with out an sfa licence from the Fife area if wanted. Same as is proposed here with the sjfa.
  2. I have only looked back a few pages on the thread for today, so apologies if this point has been made already earlier. But am I right the proposal appears to be what is now the West junior league will more than just rebrand itself, but will fully move to become the wosl under the LL and be a brand new league organisation. It will sit as a senior league in the pyramid and therefore its clubs considered senior. However clubs in this new WoS league would if they want be able to continue to also be considered a senior club but also be members of the sjfa and therefore take part in the sjfa Cup. But there is no prerequest which says if in the WoS you have to be in the sjfa either as an x junior or new club which joins. Which is exactly the same as we already have with senior clubs from Fife for example who are in the senior league across the pyramid from spfl down to EOS, but are also members of the Fife Fa if they want but don't have to be, and so take part if the Fife Fa Cup if a member. Which I understand is the same as senior clubs from Glasgow who can if they want be members of the Glasgow FA and so take part in the Glasgow Cup, and likewise senior clubs from Aberdeenshire who can be part if they want of the Aberdeenshire fa and so take part in the Aberdeen Cup, and senior Lothian clubs as member of the EoS fa who can if they want take part in the EoS fa Cup although the big clubs don't usually. So the sjfa will in effect be considered the same as these regional football associations. Apologies if I got any of the organisation and cup names wrong but you hopefully get my drift. Is that the compromise being proposed?
  3. I thought they were letting football keep going in order to sacrifice football fans in order to build up the herd immunity to the virus in the population.
  4. Yes we declare our support but we may abandon you anyway and go with the other lot
  5. The LL/EOS may not actually be that bothered if only say 7 or 8 junior clubs actually follow through with their initial NOI and apply (not that they would publicly admit it). As to start with they may prefer clubs to be ones who have fully bought into the fresh start idea, want to move away from the junior grade culture, and fully commited to the senior/pyramid idea, rather than clubs who more reluctantly apply. Because unlike the EoS when it expanded you don't have that core base of original clubs to build around. Not that they will decline any junior club.
  6. Is that genuinely a quote of what he said?
  7. Also the party making the statement has to have full authority to make such a confirmation and it doesn't sound like that is the case. The pyramid contract and let's be clear it is a contract explicitly says any change has to have agreement of all parties to make any change to the agreement. No one party to the agreement be it the sfa or for that matter the LL/EOS can make a matetial change to the agreement like add a new 5th party to the agreement with out explicit agreement of all parties.
  8. It's impossible under the terms of the wording in the pyramid agreement for the juniors to add at tier 5, it expclicity says tier 5 is only the HL and LL, and only a playoff between those 2 can replace team 42 in the spfl. It also expclicity says any amendment to the pyramid route into spfl has to be agreed by all parties.
  9. Yes I wondered about that aswell. Problem if do that though as mentioned many times in this thread is the precedent it creates and where do you stop. Lets remember it wouldn't just be a Tay line precedent set in that scenario, it would then also set a precedent between the new west pyramid, EoS, and the SoS, boundary lines once they are drawn. If they need to be drawn something again discussed on here many times.
  10. Agree, having reviewed both the current pyramid agreements, there is no wording which would stop a club applying and the EOS from accepting a club North of the Tay, but they wouldn't be able to promote from the EOS into the LL under the current agreement. Although interestingly they could apply for an SFA licence if in the EOS despite being North of the Tay. However given the wider discussion about geographical integrity I dont think it likely the EOS would accept a team north of the Tay, and more likely the EOS would point them to the HL. Nothing to stop a club testing the model and apply though, as the HL, LL, and EOS, would then be obliged to go back with a joined up response to the club. Even if that is just to clarify/restate the model.
  11. Totally agree with Longtime Lurker. let's be clear the pyramid agreements arent just a set of club rules, they are legally binding commercial contracts. One between the SFA, SPFL, LL, and HL, covering entry into the Spfl, and the other between the SFA, LL, EoS, and SoS for entry into the LL. Both are worded so that all parties are equal with no clause built in which allows any new party to be brought in with out the full agreement of all parties, or even a clause which allows any party to leave the agreements. The LL, EOS, and SoS have a veto for entry into the LL. Any move by the SFA to put something in place outside of either agreement would open up to breach of contract. The SFA have so far shown no appetite to do anything other than act as a facilitator and so can't now see them having appetite to lead any renegotiation of the current agreements.
  12. I think I am going to go into hiding this week and not see the fall out of what happens at Tuesday and Thursdays meetings. The thread is the quietest it's been for ages today. Must be the lull before the storm next week when it will go into meltdown and touch 2000 pages by next weekend.
  13. In terms of influence of the two respective parties in this debate, how do the SFA make their money? , would be interesting to know what % the non league senior game brings in to the SFA/Scottish game v how much the sjfa bring, so maybe indicate the financial influence each party has with the SFA.
  14. That could be key now that they are publicly in the loop and supporting, as before it was noticeable by their absence and potentially could have been a route for a west juniors proposal to enter the pyramid process via some kind of merger with the SoS league. It also means out of the 4 named parties in the current pyramid agreement into the Lowland League, you have 3 of the 4 named parties supporting this proposal with the Sfa as the 4th named party the only one which has to still agree.
  15. I wonder if this story in the press today about the possibility of spfl division 2 sides being given a choice they have to declare at the start of the season if they would drop into the LL or HL if end up bottom, could be a prerequest of the SFA supporting the LL/EOS WoS proposal if they support this choice of league proposal.
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