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  1. With all that is going on with Ukraine and UK relations at the moment, I bet we are going to see Borris Johnston at this game in order to be seen showing solidarity to Ukraine. Can you imagine what the crowd will be like if he rocks up with Jacob Rees Mog. Might even have the Ukraine president come to the game. If he gets poisoned in Glasgow more likely to be a dodgy kebab shop than Russian spy's.
  2. I thought teams cant now move games purely for commercial reasons. Its only if its on the basis of police advice.
  3. With it looking possible VOL may over take Gretna, would Gretna drop into the EoS or SoS? I know Gretna are associated with both organisations but recent legacy is in the EoS, all be it pre pyramid expansion days.....if they do end up relegated surely better chance of coming back from the SoS than EoS.
  4. I think EK and Clydebank both have a great chance. I have seen EK, Clydebank and Annan play this season and neither Peterhead or Annan playing great. Then in order of likelyhood from the other 3, BoD at home could surprise Raith, likewise Darvel/Brechin against Arbroath could surprise especially if Brechin got through the replay and with the added spice of an Angus derby. Talbot least likely but then again they are playing at home with a full house behind them.
  5. Quite possible there could be 3 out of 5 non league sides get through to the last 16. Add more pressure on the spfl to open up to the pyramid.
  6. The HL and the two Angus clubs closest to the bottom of the spfl may also be quietly lobbying Petrie in the background. While Brechin are now in the HL, the HL faces the prospect say over the next 5 years of maybe Forfar and Montrose dropping down, plus a number of ambitious Dundee/Tayside based clubs coming up from the Midland League who even compared to Brechin means another hours commute south for the current HL clubs. Plus most people expect the standard of the LL to only improve with big clubs coming up from the WoS and EoS so less chance of a HL club going up into the SPFL. After Fort William drop out the HL, that means a high probability of a number of long established HL clubs will need relegated into the North Juniors or Caledonia league to make way for these Tayside and Angus clubs coming into the HL. So you can maybe see why the HL may still be keen for the rule to change allowing clubs to choose if LL/HL on the assumption that most if not all the spfl and Midland league clubs in the area would choose the LL.
  7. BBC Scotlands football coverage is getting worse. Their website for Scottish results is shocking, sportscene which was never great just seems so amateur now. I started watching expecting Scottish cup highlights but turned off after a few mins when clear weren't showing any. Do they not own the rights to show cup highlights or is it more a technical thing about the video quality not being up to tv standard?
  8. You just know the R2 draw will see Brechin v Kelty.
  9. Do we know what the nature of the agreement is between the LL and Old Firm colts in a situation where they are kicked out mid season. Might the LL actually be liable to have to pay off the Old Firm clubs to leave?
  10. Didnt the BBC results say the same for the last game also
  11. Ian Maxwell been on a wee caravan holiday up to Fort William maybe?
  12. Anyone getting a sinking feeling there is news yet to be released about big names missing. Maybe we will not know until the team lists are announced? There doesnt appear to have been any interviews or quotes from any Scotland players this morning, and twitter accounts all seem very quiet. Has there been any press coverage of the bus leaving the hotel yet to see who is on the bus?
  13. Such a great website and source of info especially now that we are about to have a truly nationwide non league pyramid, where having one website linking all the leagues and clubs together makes it arguably even more relevant today. But can imagine the amount of effort to keep it maintained.
  14. Don't underestimate the influence covid may have for all teams. Could easily see some teams having to self isolate half their squads and with games coming so quickly will see teams having to use all 26 players. So even if he is several players down the pecking order, John Fleck may well have a big part to play yet.
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