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  1. Surely its inevitable there will be a need for more tiers in the West as there is more clubs/larger population base, I don't really see why that would be an issue. The alternative being you have larger league divisions/conversely smaller league divisions to try and have an equal number of steps in the ladder between the East and West. But experience shows having large league divisions, and ones that are to small dont really work. Yes the West arguably may have more strength in depth than the EoS and definitely than the SoS, and some clubs may have to go through 4 tiers to reach the LL, but that is just the nature of pyramid football league model is it not, which will balance out via the playoffs between the respective leagues and where on paper the likely area the teams going up and coming down will come from.
  2. get a cherry picker for about £100 a day, less likely to blow away.
  3. Amazing number of teams in that draw. Imagine if a drunk Rod Stewart was there helping, he would have been asleep by the time got to Dunipace v Mid Annandale.
  4. From their website appears its jointly funded by HW, Scottish Government, and Sport Scotland. Funded i appreciate isnt the same as owned.
  5. This Hull thing is odd. While ofcourse the SFA have no jurisdiction over the club, the Scottish government controls are on team sport and not a specific organisation like the SFA. The SFA are just enforcing those government rules on its members. So yes the SFA are not responsible for Hull but the same government rules surely still apply as Hull are in Scotland and therefore must follow those same scottish government rules on team sport when in country. Arguably the English FA are responsible for one of its members not following government rules regardless of that being in another country. Imagine a Scottish club was training abroad and breaking that countries rules then the SFA would be all over that club for it regardless of it being in a different country. Plus the Oriam is directly funded by the Scottish Government/Sport Scotland. Can imagine the Oriam are having their knuckles wrapped by the Scottish Government for allowing them to be here.
  6. May I say it but what a cracking SPFL3 this league would make.
  7. Ok put my hands up and say my point is wrong in terms of current crowd numbers. I find it interesting that of the 20 biggest non league teams shown in the table, 19 in the pyramid, but only 9 of the 20 are currently playing at T5 level.
  8. What may come much earlier and also have an influence, is as more of the big x junior clubs move into T5 (so really talking about the LL rather than HL here), meaning average crowds surpas those in spfl2 and so helping to close the financial revenue gap atleast in terms of gate revenue between being in T5 and Spfl2.
  9. Maybe its just as i have not had enough coffee yet this morning, but that article seems to be all over the place and get confused between the LL development league, the main LL League, where the WoSFL league fits into that in the pyramid, implies that the LL development league in itself will be a tier in the pyramid, and refers to the LL development league as "new" which as we know its not.
  10. The movement of clubs between the WoSFL hasn't been decided yet. Sorry wasn't clear, when I said movements of clubs in the other leagues, I was meaning its been updated to show those who have moved from the East Juniors to EoS, and Bonnyton from the SoS to WoS.
  11. Thats the non league scotland website been updated to show the new wos league sitting at tier 6 of the pyramid, updated with the new clubs, and the movements of clubs between the other leagues.
  12. Its not clear if Brora are under an obligation to join. As an Sfa licence holder (which you have to be in order to be in the LL or HL), that includes a commitment to participate in the league pyramid and so if did refuse they could in theory loose their Sfa licence. Although could argue I guess that as this would be an invitation to join the spfl rather than enter via the pyramid playoff they could say no on this occasion.
  13. Bonnyrigg haven't really kicked up a fuss either and been quite supportive of Kelty going up. Possibly because of the way the spfl handled the whole Brechin situation, it seems to have fairly galvanised support.
  14. While Kelty have never made a secret of their ambitions remember questions have previously been raised about how much Brora want to be there.
  15. Can't see the old firm accepting the colts idea being knocked back that easily. They have tried a number of times now over the past few years and will keep trying until they get their way.
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