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  1. Such a great website and source of info especially now that we are about to have a truly nationwide non league pyramid, where having one website linking all the leagues and clubs together makes it arguably even more relevant today. But can imagine the amount of effort to keep it maintained.
  2. Don't underestimate the influence covid may have for all teams. Could easily see some teams having to self isolate half their squads and with games coming so quickly will see teams having to use all 26 players. So even if he is several players down the pecking order, John Fleck may well have a big part to play yet.
  3. Not just myself, most journalists seem to have missed that summary graphic aswell.
  4. From the press reports I am still unclear as the term used seems to keep changing. Is it Old Firm Colt Teams as in under 21 teams and if so what is the criteria ie an allowance for up to 3 players over 21, or is it adult B teams as in reserve teams? Who will be playing in the LL.
  5. Forfar sustains 3 semi professional mens clubs, a semi professional women's team, plus amateur teams, and all 3 of those will likely be senior sides next season once the Midland feeder to the HL is approved by the SFA. Its population and size is about the same as Bo'ness.
  6. Not that it really makes a difference, but if the new development league (4th division) is to be a standalone league, is it technically therefore not considered part of the pyramid and therefore the clubs not classed as senior teams?
  7. With Campbeltown Pupils AFC joining thought I would share this video from the BBC "a view from the terrace" last year about them if not seen it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0852fxw
  8. One way the LL could save some face with fans is at at the end of the season they open up to have a revolving door of 2 spfl colt teams take part in the league each year. So at the end of this season Rangers and Celtic regardless of position in the LL league (you could factor league position in via home/away advantage) have to play the top 2 from the spfl development league in a mini playoff for the resulting top 2 teams to play in the LL the following season, the other two dropping back/staying in the spfl development league. Atleast that way the colt teams are there on merit of some type and adds an element of competition to the spfl development league by playing for promotion into the LL. Then that process repeats each year. It will often be Rangers & Celtic taking those places but could just as well be a Hibs & Hamilton for example. Then it really is all about supporting youth development and you would imagine all spfl clubs can afford a £25k joining fee .
  9. So is the LL now obliged to accept applications from other SPFL clubs for their colt/B teams? If they are willing to pay the same fee to join.
  10. Destroyed the good will built up around the club 42, reduced chances of the spfl L1 and L2 teams ever voting to expand pro/rel, damaged their relationship with all 3 tier 6 feeder leagues by ignoring their views, and challenged the sporting integrity of the pyramid. Hope its worth it LL.
  11. Isn't it the case that many LL clubs remain members of the EoS and SoS football associations? With such a strong statement coming out from the League side although effectively the same organisations, you would imagine those clubs have to pay attention or risk being kicked out the associations if ignore this and vote for the colts
  12. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=305665524468748&id=104616121240357 Joint statement from the 3 tier 6 leagues just come out
  13. Totally agree. & it will tend to be the SPFL clubs most in favour of the pyramid will be those most opposed to Old Firm Colts. So runs the risk of alienating the very spfl clubs the LL will depend on for opening up the pyramid.
  14. I don't like the idea but they should start in the WOS and go no higher than the LL. No teams should be able to jump the pyramid as challenges the whole integrity. On health and safety there is maybe a case to say they don't start at the bottom of the WOS recognising that most of the smaller clubs will be miles away from having SFA licence standard grounds and infrastructure so maybe not able to safely manage a visit from an old firm teams even if they are just colt teams.
  15. Could all be part of a move by the LL to expand in numbers and so split into 2 divisions.
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