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  1. Absolute nonsense. Scott only started getting a game when Motherwell season was done and Main had confirmed he wouldn't be staying. Main made it clear early this season that he would be 100% moving on most likely to england. However Hearts and Aberdeen have made him decent enough offers and its a step up to either club. He has shown in spells he can be really effective in this league and maybe in better teams he will improve. Although it is a very uninspiring signing from an Aberdeen fans view point. It will need to be backed up by some better quality to get the fans on board.
  2. Refs

    I'm not talking about the tests they do every 3-6 months or whatever it is. I am talking about the education and training on a weekly basis that is very poor.
  3. Refs

    Absolute nonsense. They have occasional fitness tests and go once a week to run round a track. I have seen the top referees in this country train and it is laughable. In regards to finances, you could pay less than we do now but have full time referees(FACT).
  4. Refs

    First and foremost we should have full time referees in this country. The level of training that a top level referee gets is pathetic. Weekly runs round a running a track and the odd classroom lecture is pointless. We should be going in to pro youth football and finding players who are all but put on the scrap heap and offering apprenticeships as referees. 5 days a week which would include classroom work, studying games, incidents, the laws of the game etc. Fitness tests and reffing youth games during the week before going in to the big match on a saturday. They should be offered a generous salary and a decent career path with the potential after finishing, of moving in to training referees. These would be young guys who have played the game and looking for a potential different pathway at 21/22/23 to forge a career for themselves. The young apprentices would start in the amateur, junior and youth games building up to the professional game. They don't need to be paid a huge wage to start and the potential for earning is their if they progress to the top level and become potentially Fifa listed. This country could surely employ around 30-40 minimum full time referees on varying salaries increasing like any normal job through service or grading etc. The professional clubs in this country should burden part of the cost. This would hopefully then drip feed down to the amateur and junior game with young apprentices learning their trade and also take a cost away from our clubs paying a referee week in week out. Ok there wouldn't be enough but you can still have the element of part time referees and linesman to supplement but it would be a step in the right direction.
  5. Manager Moves

    Any clubs going to be looking for new managers for next season? Whats the rumours?
  6. Scottish cup predictions

    Seen the game on monday and for me that is as close to the best Colville team I have seen in the last 5/6 years. The boys Higgins and Ferguson are absolute stand outs and that was the first time I had seen them play. Know the rest of the players pretty well from previous years. However, I seen some posts on twitter of how close the squad is and Colville family etc etc. Will it be Darvel family for these guys next year? Assuming the draw of going junior next year with Mick will be too much for most of these guys. That squad on monday would comfortably compete at the top of junior football for me.
  7. New Colville Manager - Robert Paterson

    Whos the manager of southside now?
  8. New Colville Manager - Robert Paterson

    Did he not chuck it after a few months this season and they are now on the brink of folding? Will be a tough gig trying to continue on what Mick has done as I hear the majority of players will follow him to Darvel.
  9. SAFL

    They are also very far from being the best which is the point I am making.
  10. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Any team line ups from this match?
  11. SAFL

    Don't even get me started on Tam Gilchrist and Kevin Nolan. Another two shockers who always seem to be sniffing about the big games.
  12. CSAFL

    I read your post. The point I am making is that over the past few seasons you have lost plenty of teams within your set up and as much if not more than other leagues. This could be down to moving leagues, folding or as you mentioned being tossed out. Great to see this season that you've not had any teams fold throughout the season but all the teams mentioned were still members of the league last year, so I would say that's a higher drop out rate than most leagues. Another couple of teams due to leave at the end of the season as well. The SAFL set up is fine now, basic 3 divisions etc in comparison to the farce it used to be accepting teams like Celtic Community in to the premier bypassing divisions. However, I wouldn't say set up of the leagues whether 3 divisions or 1a 1b has a bearing on teams folding.
  13. CSAFL

    Would I not be right in saying Lesmahagow have a lot of Machan Utd and Motherwell Thistle players? This could of course be a good thing though if all these players move across to the saturday team. I'd be more worried if they had a lot of players not playing saturday as I would imagine there would be a reason for that and they might not suddenly start playing on a saturday. Castlemilk Dynamo again have a few who play saturday for Gartcosh, Third Lanark, Uddingston Anvil and Windlaw I believe. They run with a tight squad but may be able to attract a few extra bodies by moving saturday. I get Micks point but they are two very well run clubs and I am sure they must be confident they will have the nucleus of players that they currently have on a sunday. Looks like some other saturday clubs could lose a few cracking players.
  14. CSAFL

    What sort of set up do you think then would work because the SAFL set up that you're involved in certainly isn't any better at keeping teams. SAFL have lost EKRR, EKYM, EKFC, Drumchapel Colts, Rosehill Star, Millbeg, Duntocher, East End Utd and Stanley Athletic all in the last year. I'd say its possibly been the worst league for teams folding in recent seasons.
  15. SAFL

    He's shocking, always has been. Somehow has built a reasonable reputation amongst the guys who assign referee's the big games. Quite a few guys like that yet a good few younger cracking refs get left behind and end up going junior.