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  1. I think bringing together all the leagues in Scotland would definitely bring greater interest to the game. You would need to start with a Premier League, First Division and Second Division then having regionalised leagues feeding in to the structure. No reason why the existing committees from all the leagues can't come together to form something bigger and better whilst all having a say in what the best is for the amateur game. For the top three divisions you would have a working committee from all over Scotland, then your regionalised leagues would be committees from those regions for example a west of scotland league with reps from Central, SAFL, Caley, GGPL etc. Saturday morning would need to be kept separate from the overall set up but could still apply to be in the big cup competitions. The hardest part would be deciding who started where in the divisions. You can't just lump together the caley and the central as Leafa, Stirling, Aberdeen, SAFL teams etc would all have an axe to grind. It would need to be a criteria in place covering league positions over past 5 years, major cup runs over last 5 years, A points system to decide who would merit a place but it would take a lot of work.
  2. The manager of Laurieston has confirmed that no mention of the corner flags was made before the game. The first he got asked about them was by the referee at half time. but at no point were they told the opposition had an issue with the pitch having none. If this had been highlighted before the game then maybe Laurieston may have been able to arrange something. It sounds like total sour grapes from a club who have went all out to win the Scottish this year, adding a lot of ex colville etc to their squad. They are one of the big clubs in the amateur game and it seems mental to think that they would damage their own reputation by appealing this. Harestanes are embarrassing themselves with this appeal.
  3. It just sounds like from people involved at Laurieston that no mention of no corner flags before, during or after the game. I believe that a referee will continue the game but will mark on the teamlines that a protest is in place from the opposition and leave it to the committee to decide. I believe this wasn't a park that Laurieston have ever used before and they moved the game their to ensure it got played. Various other issues with the pitch, size etc has been mentioned. End of the day its amateur football and if you get beat you should just take it on the chin. Things that do not enhance one teams chance of winning the game should not be appealed and a club who does should be ashamed. My information is that an appeal has been lodged.
  4. Surley if their is an issue with corner flags, the referee has to speak to both teams before the game and ensure they are happy with proceeding. If it's a case of Harestanes have just kept it up their sleeve until they've been beat then its an embarrassment. I know its been done in the past and it is technically the rules but it doesn't sit right with me and from what I've seen the majority of the amateur game. If Harestanes are considering an appeal I hope they reconsider and take the defeat on the chin. If my manager/committee were to do this then I would seriously reconsider the club I am part of tbh.
  5. Sandys got pumped 5-1 by Harestanes the other day.
  6. Glasgow South the dark horses for me. Seen them recently and have some outstanding players. If they can get there best team out they’ll match anyone.
  7. No he won't. Not that hes not a good players but his position has far better quality then him.
  8. This is bang on. For me he's a level above McGinn, McGregor and McLean.
  9. Most of the team picks itself tonight except central midfield and striker. John McGinn will not play as one of the deeper lying midfielders. Not good enough in that position and much better in the advanced position for Villa. I can only see either him or Christie and not both. Marshall O'Donnell Mulgrew Cooper Robertson McGregor McLean or McTominay McGinn or Christie Forrest Phillips or McBurnie Fraser Couple of positions I am unsure who he will go with.
  10. They keep membership of the league rather than re applying. They'll be relegated this season.
  11. Relief of fixtures hasn't worked out for any teams recently. Once you go a full season with no team its very difficult to bring it back IMO. Best option would be to look at local under 19s and 21s and try form some sort of pathway.
  12. End of the day they never had a sustainable set up under Mick. He managed to attract players through whatever avenues he used but nearly all the players were not from the area in the end. Once the manager goes and takes a host of players to play at a level they should all of been at anyway, it was never going to continue. The committee then decided to appoint a manager again not from the area who for whatever reason didn't have the pull that Mick did when bringing in players. A couple of poorly attended training sessions and the remaining players that Mick left, get up and go back local or to other clubs who have managed to snap them up. Sad days when any club folds but just goes to show that they were a club held together by a manager. They weren't a club who represent to me what amateur football is all about. Bringing communities and pals together and creating a legacy. In 50 years time Colville will just be that team who had a short period of success and are no more. In Micks time he fell out with the guy at Colville Park and moved sponsorship and pitch and effectively just played under the name with no real local identity. The committee were happy for this to happen for years and reap the benefits of the success but any smart committee person at amateur level would of realised it wasn't sustainable.
  13. Who with? Cambusnethan Talbot? Motherwell Thistle? Craigneuk? Dalziel? can't really think of many more local clubs.
  14. Clearly just don't want to play. Probably missing a few bodies and trying to take advantage. Catches up on the teams that do this regularly though.
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