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  1. You think they would be packaged a bit better than that given how much they cost.
  2. No chance that monstrosity is going in my living room. Howling!
  3. Ive started using my 7 iron (strong loft) for most shots in and around the green, just treat it like a putter, still not great with it but miles better results than constantly thinning it through the green. Now i just need to learn to putt.
  4. I just started out and built my set for £500 from a number of sources. Irons ex demo from american golf (callaway xr), bag new from american golf (wilson staff stand bag), lob wedge (fazer xr) new from american golf, driver off the for sale section on golf monthly forum (ping g10), fairway woods off facebook marketplace (ping g5) and hybrid (callaway xr) discounted from decathlon. Just need a putter now as still using old donnay effort i borrowed from brother. Think i have a pretty good set that will do me a few years until im good enough to merit upgrading. Spent about £250 on lessons so far.
  5. It would be a brave man who would invest in the current markets rather than over pay their mortgage at present, yeah you might get an extra % here or there but is it worth the risk? Only the individual can answer that.
  6. Also went back to it, arrived in st denis and its all kicking off.
  7. On season 3 of money heist and its an absolute teabag with all the plot holes. Quite enjoyed season 1 & 2 as well but not sure ill see it through, just reeks of a cash in.
  8. Im currently splitting my time between the golf club 2, 2 point hospital and project cars. Planning on getting back to RDR2 at some point.
  9. Agreed, quality game. On hole 8 of my first course design.
  10. Anybody playing golf club 2 on ps4? Got my handicap down to 1 and started my first course. Good game.
  11. Get her to f**k. In this circumstance your mates are pretty much always right.
  12. Hutchesons is brilliant and as poncy as you will find in Glasgow. Get the Bobby Burns cocktail, immense.
  13. Imagine we did qualify for the Euros via the playoff, we would get absolutely horsed every game. Probably for the best we get beat.
  14. Scotland v Cyprus at Hampden in 1989, mustve been a qualifier for italia 90. Mo Johnston scored an overhead kick and my torturous existence following Scotland began.
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