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  1. PES 2019

  2. PES 2019

    Is it only 8 quid for ps plus folk?
  3. PES 2019

    For 8 quid ill def be getting this.
  4. fitba games from the past...

    Olympic Soccer on the Saturn was a great laugh.
  5. Red Dead Redemption

    Struggling to get into it, played a couple of missions in chapter 2 and its just not grabbing me.
  6. Diver swims with worlds biggest shark

    Would pretty much every fully grown whale shark not be bigger than this?
  7. Red Dead Redemption

    Finally got a shot of this after 10 hours of downloading. Finished chapter 1, seems pretty good so far.
  8. Red Dead Redemption

    Still downloading, not even at 50% yet.
  9. Red Dead Redemption

    Just about to start this if it ever downloads.
  10. Netflix

    They never really explained the situation, was he refusing to play or just not getting picked? Its a funny one cause there is no way you would walk from that contract but you would at least try your best to earn it.
  11. Are you a weirdo?

    Another lover of maps here. Once spent an afternoon on google maps traversing the canal network of great britian. Pretty sure got from london to glasgow, spotted a few nice boozers on the way. There is a pub on the cowal peninsula that has the toilet covered in maps, great idea.
  12. Tattoos

    That's The Grinch.
  13. favourite film

    Also trainspotting.
  14. Driving lessons

    Went back after a 15 year break, took me 14 lessons, passed first time with 0 minors.
  15. What films have you seen more than a dozen times?

    White Men Cant Jump, Trainspotting & White chicks.