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  1. Berwick v QP

    Can't see Berwick losing against this Glasgow mob.......2-1 to the Dreamteam
  2. Smallest Support In SPFL

    Thats a bigger crowd than was at Central piggy sty tonight ...lol
  3. Striker Mathew Knox (19) signed from Livingston until the end of the season.....
  4. Berwick Rangers v East Fife

    That fifer manager gadgie can talk some ffs...he never stopped for air lol...... and god knows what the f**k he was saying haha
  5. Elgin v Berwick (10th November 2018)

    Bloody hell ... a fuckin ghost!
  6. Berwick v Cowdenbeath

    Give my compliments to the gaffer....
  7. Stenny Vs Cowden

    nose to close to ya arse???? lol
  8. Stenny Vs Cowden

    haha........its never gonna happen boys ...keep dreamin!
  9. Berwick vs Stenny

    Match Postponed
  10. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    As a Berwick supporter i'd hate to see Cowden fold, so good luck to you's in getting back onto a solid footing. Can i just ask something from an outsider though? During the years Cowden were in the Championship and Div 1, where did all the extra revenue go for the club to require £135,000 to survive another season? I do get it that most, if not all clubs at our level are broke, and struggle to survive. Anyway, like i say, good luck to your club going forward.
  11. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Berwick sign local lad Jack Hamilton, Striker on loan from Livingston...........
  12. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Scullion left the club..............
  13. Edinburgh City

    John Coughlin's looking for a job???