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  1. Anderson not at his best last season although would certainly have had him back at Stair Park, Vitoria will crumble if he gets abuse from the Raith boo boys
  2. He has also signed for Carlisle and Ayr, he's going to a very busy young lad next season.
  3. Thought he did ok but was moved around a lot without staking a claim for any particular position as SF struggled to find the best defence with the players available. He was caught out a few times, things that stick in the mind were the goal that came from the simple ball over the top vs Airdrie and heading the ball out of play when under no pressure and only Currie nearby. He got a decent run at centre back at the end of the season (with two other defenders out) and was close to MOM in at least one game. I thought he would have been kept as a squad player but with three defenders being released you have to assume SF has a plan to rebuild at the back.
  4. Errr, no way you will finish 10th if you win the last 2 games. You play Brechin on the last day.........
  5. Aye, and that's against a team that don't even have a full bench of subs.....
  6. TBF there's been far too much of the punt it up the park from Stranraer lately, by-passing the likes of Turner and McManus to fire the ball up to Innes Cameron is a piece of p*ss for opposition defenders to defend against. IC is a talented player but playing as a lone striker doesn't work when he's man marked and there's a second defender as back-up to pick up his knock downs.
  7. An earlier inspection wouldn't have made any difference in this case, see the post from Blue Moon in this thread quoted below, "Not trying to play anything down. We saw the forecast same as everyone else. Discussed with SPFL and Brechin and everyone knew about risk to the fixture. What we did was inspect at 10am, 12 noon and 3.30pm and on each occasion, as the forecasted weather had yet to arrive, the pitch and conditions were playable. Could have called in a referee on each occasion and it would have passed fit. A local referee was on standby after the third inspection should things have deteriorated but this was superseded when the match referee arrived early and inspected, postponing the fixture at around 5.30pm." Anyway this fixture has been rearranged for Tuesday 26 March, kickoff is 7.45pm.
  8. Trains not running between Stranraer and Ayr today, engineering works typically on the one day when the taking the train would be a useful option. Train from Ayr/Prestwick would avoid the worst of the poor driving conditions but would need an early call if the game isn't going ahead.
  9. Aye, shocking inability to control weather conditions
  10. Parking isn't usually a problem unless it's really busy, just drive in toward the stadium and the stewards will direct you to the left or straight on.
  11. Is Andy Stirling still at Queens or is he out on loan somewhere?
  12. That was the boy who had been at Killie previously, I think he played a few games in the Premiership as well but he was very poor at Stranraer. I think this was him giving away a penalty at right back vs Rangers in the first few minutes at Ibrox.
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