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  1. Taken from Stranraer facebook page..... GAME DAY ⚽️ Stranraer v Montrose (7.45pm) No pitch inspection needed ✅
  2. He looked like an Aly Dia style imposter when he arrived, see the Falkirk match thread for some (accurate) comments from Falkirk supporters. He was possibly just short of match fitness or not acclimatised to the level but as the season went on he improved. At the start he hardly won anything in the air and what he did win bounced off him as if he was playing in defence for the opposition. He was winning a lot more in the air in his last few games but really should be winning everything especially when not challenged or impeded......he seems to mis-time his jumps some of the time. With Stranraer bringing in 3 forward players in the last few weeks I think he would have dropped down the pecking order a bit with less game time, so probably time to move on.
  3. 4-0, midweek game and Forfar had a player sent off as well
  4. Will there be highlights of the games in this round on tv at some point?
  5. Red card overturned Our appeal to overturn David Dangana's red card for Stranraer on Saturday at Airdrie has been upheld in part and reduced to a yellow card. As a result David will have no suspension to serve and will be available immediately.
  6. Stranraer with only 3 defenders available so McManus wil probably go into central defence in front of Currie. Pigatiello will hopefully be back alongside Thomson, Hilton and Stirling in midfield with Elliot and either Dangana or Stewart up front. Considering all the players out injured and Cummins suspension thats the strongest starting line-up IMO.
  7. Well the starting line up was strange to say the least, why start with Thomson, Smith and Smith in midfield when you've got Stirling, Murphy and Hilton available and on the bench? Then to make matters worse takes D Smith off at half time (when he could have stuck him in the defence) and had Elliot playing right back. Stranraer used Stewart as a target man and persisted with high balls to a player that can't win the ball in the air, if you're gonna do that why not stick Elliot up front or the other big lad. As for the second penalty if you watch the highlights at the 3 minute mark and change the settings to the slowest speed Thomson doesn't throw an elbow and he doesn't catch the other player in the face either.
  8. As Currie and Hamill run over after the penalty i'd say the refs pointing to Currie to indicate that he's at fault.
  9. Currie has a foot on the line for the third (saved) penalty so it shouldn't have been retaken. Second one isn't a penalty and the first one is inconclusive from the highlights. Seriously doubt that Clyde needed that much help from the ref to win the game yesterday but thanks to his performance it was quite a spectacle.
  10. Agreed, keepers too far off his line and as with the first goal Raith don't have anyone defending the space in front of the box. At 2-1 down I couldn't see how Faz could change the players on the park and turn the game around, Pignatiello was excellent but taking him off and bringing on Smith changed the game for Stranraer. MoM again for Elliott setting up the first goal and scoring the third.
  11. Anderson not at his best last season although would certainly have had him back at Stair Park, Vitoria will crumble if he gets abuse from the Raith boo boys
  12. He has also signed for Carlisle and Ayr, he's going to a very busy young lad next season.
  13. Thought he did ok but was moved around a lot without staking a claim for any particular position as SF struggled to find the best defence with the players available. He was caught out a few times, things that stick in the mind were the goal that came from the simple ball over the top vs Airdrie and heading the ball out of play when under no pressure and only Currie nearby. He got a decent run at centre back at the end of the season (with two other defenders out) and was close to MOM in at least one game. I thought he would have been kept as a squad player but with three defenders being released you have to assume SF has a plan to rebuild at the back.
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