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  1. Scottish Cup 4th Round Draw

    Jinxed it.
  2. New Stranraer podcast

    Should've headed the first one....
  3. Parking isn't usually a problem unless it's really busy, just drive in toward the stadium and the stewards will direct you to the left or straight on.
  4. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Is Andy Stirling still at Queens or is he out on loan somewhere?
  5. That was the boy who had been at Killie previously, I think he played a few games in the Premiership as well but he was very poor at Stranraer. I think this was him giving away a penalty at right back vs Rangers in the first few minutes at Ibrox.
  6. FAO Stranraer fans

    He could do a job as a defensive midfielder, play him any further forward than that and he can win the ball but more often than not will give it away or lose possession. Whatever you do don't use him as a centre forward.
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group G

    Edinburgh City and Motherwell away, Queens and Clyde at home please. Don't mind Queens away for a night out in Dumfries but Broadwood is the worst ground in Scotland to watch a game of football.
  8. Confirmed Transfers - Summer '18

    What was his injury last season?
  9. Confirmed Transfers - Summer '18

    Would be happy to see Grant Gallacher back at Stair Park next season.
  10. Thompson has been a big disappointment for most of the season, even worse than Okoh when played up front (TBF he's not a striker) and poor in an attacking midfield position. Thought he had his best game when positioned in front of the defence but was injured after that and missed the last few games of the season.
  11. I'm sure that most Stranraer fans will want to see QP stay up cos things are looking a bit bleak in terms of away days for us. No Ayr or Albion Rovers next season, both of which can be reached relatively easily. One good thing though is that this division should be very competitive if Raith go up, with no established teams from the top 2 divisions to compete against. In the last 5 seasons or so we've had Dunfermline, Morton, Rangers, Raith and Livingston. Not sure if Dumbarton would qualify as an established Championship side, they have been up there for a few seasons but thinking further back I think they spent most of the time previous to that in the bottom 2 divisions.
  12. Alloa vs Ayr

    I see the highlights cut out the aftermath of the penalty miss.......
  13. Stranraer FC 2017-18

    Okoh has 3 goals in 1280 minutes of football which is equivalent to 14 full games. Think he's had one decent game i've seen this season, 2-0 vs Forfar, the rest of the time he looks like he would fall over if tackled by a gust of wind, just not good enough for this level i'm afraid
  14. Stranraer -v- Forfar Athletic

    It's not as obvious as the second goal but was there a deflection for the first goal as well? The ball seems to be heading to the keepers right until it passes the second defender, I didn't get a clear view from up in the stand but did wonder at the time why the keeper never saved it.
  15. Arbroath v Stranraer

    Stranraer's coupon busting form strikes again. In the last 10 games they have beat 3 of the 4 teams above them in the division (haven't played Ayr) and have lost to all 5 teams below them.