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  1. as i have been saying for years . time for mr hewitson to open his wallet . use some money from the flats built on qos land . or the £300 k spent on the changing rooms . 13 players is not enough for any club . i dont want to see palmerston used for housing which i believe is the end game
  2. with a squad off 13 players i would be delighted with 8th
  3. i am not negative . i am truthfull hewitson has plenty money but decides to use it elsewhere . i dont expect miracles but 15 players in a squad is not enough .
  4. last time i was at gayfield was the promotion year 1985 . drew 1-1 . went up to old league 1 . on the way out off gayfield we got ambushed by aberdeen casuals . the 80s were the good old days .
  5. question guys . i dont finish work until 2pm carnoustie golf hotel . where is best place to park as i think the beach will be pqcked . cheers
  6. ghee whizz . qosfc have 11 players . wtf
  7. yes hamish brannan is at links park montrose every game . hamish is the mo
  8. i wish cammy all the best . hope cammy can get back his old self . decent keeper at this level
  9. oh no / lost marshall and stirling same day . hewitson out
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