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  1. to be honest i have seen better midfielders in the south of scotland league .
  2. i am more upset with the fact not one queens player came accross to applaud the small number off queens fans
  3. will the planned march trhough inverness on saturday affect the traffic to the caledonian stadium .
  4. come on the south . lets get me a birthday win . queens until i die
  5. great news . better bring my wind jacket as it is cold there . thanks
  6. if the club can afford it then it is beneficial for the players to travel on friday night . up to hewitson i guess
  7. hi guys . what stand will the queens fans be placed in on saturday . cheers guys
  8. my early start again . leave dumfries 7am arrived nverness around lunch time . watch qosfc lose then head home back in dumfries around midnight . not for love for passion
  9. during the 1980s we had a lot off players from local sides . heston rovers / greystoke / kello / threave / local sides . does anyone at the club go round these clubs anymore . i know billy cross was the scout in them days .
  10. mate . you have got me wrong there . the guy was asking about investment . i am having a go at the chairman
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