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  1. I believe when Syngenta started down this EOS route the plan was to use the stadium but the EOS knocked it back for a variety of reasons, thats why they went junior. One reason was that they can't use it every week due to athletics. Another was the council also put the pitch off when not playable as its a council pitch, in the EOS its only a match offical that can do that. Lots of other criteria were also not met. You would need a name change as will i believe, Syngenta is a name of an Agrocultural company, this is not allowed in the SFA system.
  2. The days of the old junior committees are finished, the East Juniors is finished unfortunately, Fauldhouse Bathgate Whitburn all need to move now, There is no teams left, 3 Amateur teams would make up a very small division, the quality would be very poor and all the player want to try the EOS as that's were it's happening.
  3. I might have missed this, what happens if all the junior teams jump to the EOS, where does that leave Bo'ness Juniors, Linlithgow and Sauchie juniors.
  4. You will probably find Fallin have won the East the most maybe apart from Cambusbarron from the teams that entered.
  5. He was in for the Bo’ness job which he never got last week now manager of West Calder, kept his options open, hopefully gets Calder off the bottom.
  6. What s happening with H.O.B managers job, that's been 2-3 weeks with mention of it being filled, Linlithgow have theirs done and dusted and move on.
  7. Would you take Johnny Harvey as he tweeted last week he is looking to get back into management.
  8. Has the fixture list for the 20s been published yet.
  9. Video analysis is a must these days for players.
  10. Are Bo'ness putting in a Junior team, it seems to be doing the rounds but any official word on this matter.
  11. I was speaking with a Linlithgow Rose player about the EK game, and i did mention that Bonnyrigg did seem to be playing a lot recently compared to everyone else and maybe that was a factor in 1 or 2 of the defeats Bonyrigg has suffered recently and 13 games in 5 weeks was hell of a lot.
  12. It would be interesting to see how many game Bonnyrigg has played compared to everyone else.
  13. Bathgate to a degree were successful, in the scottish and domestic cups and your right they did fail to deliver the league titles. Getting back on topic are the Rose getting into the LL.
  14. The money Kelty are spending they should have won the LL, not the team they were under Courts, Ferguson has taken them backwards IMO.
  15. They have everything in place but are content to play local teams, stoneyburn, livi, West Calder etc, the committee are basically a couple of families who do a great job, but they really need to move with the times, a few seasons ago they had a great social media outlet only really rivalled with Talbot it was that good, all that's gone also, i saw a tweet from them over the weekend saying the club is moving in the right direction, they finished 4th in the South division for goodness sake, the committee really need to move the club on to someone who can drive the club forward, not take it backwards.
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