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  1. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    I played with George Connolly in 1984, pure class, he always tried to help and advise, he could spray balls all over the place but if you weren't on the end off them he let you know, he was also a gentleman.
  2. Bathgate Thistle

    No point in having cracking players if the manager can't get the best out of them like the last 2 managers . It seems to me that the committee need to have a look at the whole situation at Bathgate as there selection in managers has been shocking over the years. No one ever lasts.
  3. Bathgate Thistle

    I think remaining at Livi would be better for him as the Bathgate committee are too trigger happy.
  4. Bathgate Thistle

    He was the new manager who came in near the end of the season after Henderson got sacked, how many managers have they gone through in the last 6 yrs
  5. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    What was the score with Blackburn 20s v Camelon a couple of days ago.
  6. Whitburn - Bathgate

    All very strange, well i hope they are better than falkirk, the Grangemouth stadium is a soulless place for football.
  7. Whitburn - Bathgate

    its good getting local derbies, but surely the players would have wanted to play at a higher level, what if Bathgate win the south next season will they say no again. It is a lot of money for buses , very sad for a club to do this, they need to get new people on board and progress the club.
  8. Whitburn - Bathgate

    Thanks, if Bathgate finished higher than Whitburn, why did Whitburn get promoted to the superleague and Bathgate to the South Division.
  9. Whitburn - Bathgate

    Can someone confirm who finished higher in the premier league last season between these 2 teams.
  10. Blackburn United News 2018/19

    Very good progression, they seem to be getting things right from the very start which will only benefit the club, who is taking the 20s
  11. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Linlithgow have some very good and well organised youth teams, these could be easily integrated to the Rose if the youth teams were interested in joining, its something that needs put into place to progress the club as a whole, someone made the comment about late getting application going in and that will have something to do with it.
  12. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    I thought Bo'ness were getting 3G put down ?most junior teams will be playing their 20s on a friday night at local 3G due to floodlights etc . A 20s & youth pathway is vital to progress in the seniors, i think its something the committee need to look into, I am surprised they didn't approach local boys club teams to come on board, most junior teams have worked hard over the last 2/3 months to get something into place by doing this. It looks like the late decision to join didnt help, maybe next season.
  13. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Why are Bo'ness not putting in a 20s team as most other teams are.
  14. East Region re-structuring

    Its going to cost Pumpy and Fauldhouse a lot of money on buses and still not sure if pumpy should go straight up to superleague, but i suppose a decision had to be made.

    A sad state of affairs, would the committee give someone time to rebuild as there has been a lot of managers recently.