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  1. No, but I'm about 90% sure we'll end up voting for it. I hope I'm wrong though.
  2. Continuing the season was out of the question. Pretty much every team decided to start because we thought we'd have fans in by the start of the season and Xmas at the latest. Null and void was the right decision considering teams had played 15 games at most. I'm talking about the progressive teams that have moved to the pyramid and enhanced non league football. The teams that have improved their ground, their club, their community partnerships. The club's that are the beating heart of Scottish football. If the league wants to expand, which is bullshit going by the desire to get back to 16 teams, then these teams should be offered the chance to join the league every day of the week over a couple of youth teams from the skidmarks of Scottish football.
  3. Oh no! We'll just need to find someone else to score worldies against Stirling Uni, miss crucial penalties and shoot pointlessly straight from kick off!
  4. A Shire director just said that he thinks it'll get voted through because some teams will go for the money and I honestly can't disagree. I'd hope that the bigger teams with fan pressure will vote against it but I suspect the diddy teams like edufrance, broomhill boys club and the unis would go for it. It pretty much puts the decision of the vote into the hands of teams like Civil, Gala, Cumbernauld etc. Whatever happens it's been an absolute PR disaster. The league has difficulty gaining credibility at times and this is certainly not going to help. I have literally no idea what George Fraser was even thinking and why he thought that people wouldn't react the way they did. Maybe he was forced into it or had extra relegation places dangled in front of him idk but imo his position as chairman of the league is pretty much unattainable. Furthermore I'm really really disappointed in how the LL catch-up reacted. Their coverage of the league is the best out there and they always try fight the corner of the league but all of their posts just scream sooking up their pal Fraser's arse. They're a voice for the fans so why don't they stand up for the fans and make it known that nobody in this league that's not a bigot brother without the bus fare wants this shite anywhere near our league.
  5. Wow what words can you even say about this shite I appreciate everything he has done as chairman for the league but George Fraser is an absolute sell out if this gets through. He has a cheek to say that league 2 is a closed shop when he would happily allow Colts teams to get into the LL over progressive clubs in the East and West
  6. Even 2 in a 16 team league isn't enough. Get 3 or 4 down.
  7. Obviously your extra finger has negated your ability to read
  8. Canny mind the fattys @, he replies to most of the catch up tweets. Last summer it was a joy to read all his tweets aimed at Brechin and the SPFL like they gived a shite. His patters eye bleeding stuff though. You literally lose brain cells reading it
  9. and btw please don't reply with the pish that every game in the lowland league is a 'hard, competitive game' it's not. The teams in the bottom half are diddy teams. If BSC, EK or Bonnyrigg had Keltys fixtures they'd be top.
  10. I would literally see no problem if everyone had played the same fixtures. Kelty had the easist fixture list of everyone that played - there is literally no way to disagree with that. Would they had won the league over a full season? Probably yes but you can not declare a team champions when they have only played one out of the supposed top 6 teams while the rest have played 3 at least, its a joke. But if it means that they go up and we get rid of all the shite that goes with them then I am all for it. Similarly if the playoffs get cancelled and we get a full summer of that ruiridh goon on twitter in meltdown then I am all for that too.
  11. Kelty Rangers LL Champions 2019/20*, 2020/21*
  12. Hahahah I know, I'm only having a laugh. Hope he does well, he's one of my fav shire players I've seen. Shame that we won't get a fee or anything for him though. Would not be surprised if he ended up in the Championship or lower prem later on in his career tbh
  13. Sean brown admitting he wants to join east Fife in the summer in his first interview for them. Hope he doesn't score any goals for them and has no option but to stay with us 👍
  14. Currently watching the blues v Highlanders game, really good quality. Watched a few super rugby AU games and most I've watched have been turgid. No wonder the NZ teams wanted out, gulf in quality seems huge
  15. Highland clubs aren't good enough. Only Fraserburgh would have a chance of lasting in the SPFL. Brora and Formartine would the now but are village teams with wealthy backers so would be humped once they walked away. And what are people's obsession with Pollock being in the SPFL? Just cause they can get 1000 at a Junior Scottish Cup game. It's baffling considering they haven't won the West Juniors in 15 years. Same applies to Linlithgow Rose.
  16. My last remaining brain cells have been obliterated reading Brazilianalexs posts. God I can't wait till cowdenbeath and their cattle racing track are diddying about in east of Scotland diddy leagues
  17. I know someone who plays for an EOfS conference team and that is apparently what's happening as they are meeting to discuss whether or not to continue with the conference system. If true I do think it is a little early to be deciding to call the league but you never know
  18. Apparently clubs meeting this week to decide whether to scrap the season or not. East of Scotland following the decision that the LL makes. If true I wonder how the shire will vote. Can we afford to continue playing? Is it worthwhile when the league's gone and we're out the Scottish? Will we vote to play just to try and get kelty out the league and increase our chance of getting out the league next year? Similarly how will the rest vote. I can't see enough teams voting to continue playing. It doesn't make sense for a lot of clubs.
  19. I also remember the pies at dalbeattie being fantastic. I think I had 3 during half time when I went
  20. Once you've had one of there lemon slices you won't ever want a pie at a game again 😉
  21. I feel that the current runners up of the last final should be giving a go in the play off as compensation for the defeat 😉
  22. Bring back the LL Cup, winner goes into the play off. The fairest way imo
  23. I agree that I think this season is done. Don't think you can do PPG when the league hasn't done a full round. Similarly would be incredibly harsh to relegate anyone after so little games despite it being pretty clear who'll be down at the bottom come the end of the year. I still think we need to do everything to keep the pyramid moving though so I'd promote a team from each of the feeder leagues then relegate 4-6 teams 2021/2022. However I think the most likely option is everything just staying as it is and we go again next year. Another year of kelty romping the league, great 😴
  24. Oh I completely understand. The only thing i had planned for this week was the shire v bo ness game so I now have nothing to do or look forward to for a wee while. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon but I honestly dont see fans getting back till at least next season. In all honesty I think it'll be 2022 before that happens and thats a grim thought. Take care.
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