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  1. I also remember the pies at dalbeattie being fantastic. I think I had 3 during half time when I went
  2. Once you've had one of there lemon slices you won't ever want a pie at a game again 😉
  3. I feel that the current runners up of the last final should be giving a go in the play off as compensation for the defeat 😉
  4. Bring back the LL Cup, winner goes into the play off. The fairest way imo
  5. I agree that I think this season is done. Don't think you can do PPG when the league hasn't done a full round. Similarly would be incredibly harsh to relegate anyone after so little games despite it being pretty clear who'll be down at the bottom come the end of the year. I still think we need to do everything to keep the pyramid moving though so I'd promote a team from each of the feeder leagues then relegate 4-6 teams 2021/2022. However I think the most likely option is everything just staying as it is and we go again next year. Another year of kelty romping the league, great 😴
  6. Oh I completely understand. The only thing i had planned for this week was the shire v bo ness game so I now have nothing to do or look forward to for a wee while. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better soon but I honestly dont see fans getting back till at least next season. In all honesty I think it'll be 2022 before that happens and thats a grim thought. Take care.
  7. But that doesn't really matter does it? The league is obviously a multi council league. It wouldn't be safe or right for teams or players from East Lothian to travel to Dumfries and Galloway. Falkirk has a low figure too but pretty much all the team come from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Quite a few from Inverclyde where the cases are rocketing. So unless you have a league where all the teams and players comes from the same council or a low rate council it won't be safe to start again for some time. In all honesty we're lucky we got this far. We've continued as we're classified as professional but let's be honest. There is nothing professional about football at this level.
  8. Trying to read through the lines I think it's covid related. One of Andy's associates mentions 'a dozen staff members in the unplanned event' which would suggest a party or something. That's my best guess, please keep the rumours going, it's the only excitement we have left in our season
  9. A lot of whataboutery in that club statement. Has the international businessman walked away?
  10. Truly wonderful stuff. It was so obvious that was coming. Barry Ferguson has a strong connection with signing shire duds but I think this may be his first decent signing from us. There's not a league like the LL is there
  11. Odds on him signing for kelty tomorrow?
  12. hahaha you're spending the greatest night in your diddy clubs history raging at a fellow fan of a diddy team. Have a drink and enjoy your night. Good luck in the next round and for the rest of the season. I'm sure Shire v Tranent games will become a regular occurance in the coming years.
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