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  1. Awwwk East Stirlingshire Soccer Club, yous are such a tease. Actually making me believe that we aren’t a bunch of bottleless shitebags anymore. Back to square one.
  2. i've just about recovered from Saturday and almost in a coherent state to post about the game so here goes. I dont think there was much between the teams in all honestly. Was a pretty cagey game but shire took the lead through a penalty. A fair decision i think. Could count on one hand the amount fo chances in the first half. Connolly made one or two decent saves and the Shire nodded a close range header over the bar and spurned a two on one chance when a ball just had to be placed through and watson would've been one on one. Nothing was really happening in the second half until Dalbeattie were awarded a penalty, i thought it was a definite penalty but the ref waved it away only for the linesman to flag. At that moment i couldnt really see anything other than a draw. Star could've and in all honestly probably should've had another penalty but nothing was given then with ten to go Shire got into the lead. Watson chipped the goalkeeper before being wiped out, the ball bounced off the post and all Healy had to do was tap the ball home. Instead he took a dodgy touch that almost went out of play before sliding the ball home. Pandemonium behind the goals as the celebrations ensued. Connolly then made an outstanding one on one save to keep us in the lead before David Churchill rounded the keeper and scored. I honestly thought it was no where near over but those on the sidelines, including some locals said it was over so i'll take it. The scenes at the end of the game were brillaint. The players were serenaded off the park at the end, not a single shire fan left early and the players deserved every last chant and applause. After two years of watching some overpaid and frankly overrated dross it was good to watch a game with a shire team that really gave a f**k. They're not the best players obviously but there are some talented boys in there and they gave everything they had. Thats all you can ever ask. The only downside of the day was having to listen to those young inbred reprobates behind the goal. Star are a great club, the locals are nice and always very hospitable but listening to the homophobic tirades coming from that group behind the goal was very dissapointing. They're getting to the age now that someone will batter them sooner rather than later and I will not have any pity for them. That was my first Shire game in 22 months. I'm sure its been a tough time for us all but getting back to a game was great. I can't make as many anymore due to work and the cost of my drunken antics but travelling back to Dundee on Saturday night it was impossible not to have anything but sheer pride for my club. Hopefully we can carry the believe from Saturday onto the next few games. Ease Up Shire.
  3. Na fair fucks to them. I'm really chuffed the start they've made. The LL has become boring the past few years with all the money clubs occupying the top spots. This year all the so called favs have been dropping points and it's setting the season up to be a really interesting one.
  4. I've done a BU_Brian and I'm stoked to join the hype train till it runs out of steam in a weeks time
  5. Big Ali Faye scoring a goal in a Civil win against Rangers B is arguably the greatest LL moment of all time
  6. Its a very average Shire team, nothing like the quality of players we've had the past few years so I wouldn't get too carried away. Your other results haven't exactly been eyecatching either. Its probably the worst quality the league has been in a few years and I dont think it'll take much winning. Once EK get their act together they'll stroll it then behind them theres probably about 7-9 teams that could finish anywhere between second and tenth if you discount the B teams
  7. Is there a stream tonight?
  8. It's so wholesome being in this position. I will happily pass the keys to your good self in a few weeks once you catch your games up
  9. LIke a tree that's standing by the waterside, we shall not be moved.* *For 72 hours before our impending 7-0 defeat to the artists formally known as Rangers B. Breathe it in fellow Lowland League diddys
  10. 6 points behind the might of East Stirlingshire. Please keep up.
  11. Obviously the adverse pitch camber of the BBC
  12. LL admin going to post the table or is he playing cricket again ?
  13. I'm in actual tears reading that post. Theres only one MAC THE KNIFE
  14. The official twitter didn't do a full time round up till very late in the night. He took a huff because he was playing cricket apparently! A past time I occasionally partake in so no jokes there. But cmon to f**k surely as a 'professional' league there's something that can compile the scores to be posted prompt after full times. I don't give a f**k about fancy graphics as long as there's something. The colts were going to increase the publicity obviously
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