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  1. Just seen that League 1 and 2 plan to begin their season on October 17th so surely the LL will be planning for then too. The Government still saying that there will be no fans before October but hopefully if the progress that is being made continues then fans will be back by that start date. All football in North and Eastern Europe have some fans back so I see no reason why that won't be the case here. Social distancing shouldn't be a problem at any ground, so long as people spaced out around the ground at places like Kelty/Bonnyrigg. The main problem I see is how many games our league will run with. SPFL are going with 27 while we are supposed to play 32 plus any cup games. Added in the fact that we need to finish the league two weeks before the SPFL to accommodate the play offs and its clear to see that a 32 game season is not viable unless teams are prepared to play a lot of midweek games. Maybe a split after one round wouldn't be the worst idea. Top 8 and bottom 9 would give 23 and 24 games for each half and a lot of competitive games to end the year. Who knows, just glad that proper football is getting closer to returning 👍
  2. Unbelievable, what a game this is
  3. Hopefully will become the case. A few good players leaving EK.
  4. Agree, Ure and Shirra will provide good depth and back up if we are going to run with a smaller squad. I just pray Ure is signed to be on the bench. Murray can cover all across the back and as AHB says he has developed into a decent player these past couple years. I'm surprised Malone signed on as I heard he wasn't happy at the club, with a full pre season behind him I'm sure he'll be a solid player this season. My only worry is our defence was so poor last season its perhaps not the wisest decision to resign the entire back line again so a further CB is a must imo. Gibbons will hopefully be a very important signing. I know he struggled at Stenny but that was Legaue 1/2 and he is proven and very capable at LL level. He a strong, combative player and that should allow Low to prosper if Gibbons can do the hard work for him. Should also help in trying to prevent us being overrun on the counter attack as that was one of our major downfalls last year. Of the rest of this years squad I'm really hoping we keep McLaughlin. I would take any of Griffiths, Millar, McCafferty and Horne back but I would not be overly bothered if any of them left.
  5. Apparently Mackin now has dementia. Made the news last year so harassing the lawyers of his wife during their divorce case.
  6. https://spfl.co.uk/news/east-stirlingshire-set-for-new-galaxy This is the closest we've came but i think the communications between the club and LK broke down. We also still have hundreds of kids playing under the name ES Galaxy but i don't think their is any contact between the club and ES Galaxy anymore, which is, if that's still the case, a joke. I don't think we can really progress or at least stabilise as a club without an active community programme, in this regard we are miles behind our teams at our level - something that makes the fact we don't have a strong relationship with ES galaxy even more annoying. We had a community day a few years ago against Spartans but we were hammered 4-1, that isn't going to attract anybody. Hopefully we can reestablish relations, invite them to a game against Vale of Leithen or someone and try to get some new fans. Anyway, 5 signings going to be announced tonight. Hopefully at least 1 new one. Fitbaw is getting closer to coming back!!
  7. Agreed, always good to see players getting another chance - he started well when he came on loan to us but was pretty average for the rest of his time, albeit in a team pretty low on confidence. The past few years at this level has really seen him grow and he is well worthy of a move to a higher level. Big boots to fill however, Orr and Collins will be big losses. Does the club have a big budget because of the cup run? I know that from the shires experience big teams at home in a cup doesn't necessarily mean a big pay day due to extra stewarding and police costs etc.
  8. Thomas Orr to Stranraer, oaft.
  9. But weren't the Junior Cup Final attendances just full of day trippers who weren't necessarily fans of either team? The Junior team attendances are a myth in all honesty, their strong sense of community helps in big games and in Scottish Cup runs but in run of the mill fixtures their attendances are pretty ordinary. it'll be interesting to see if Bo'ness see an increase or decrease in their attendances. How will fans take to playing Caley Braves and Vale of Leithen over old foes like Camelon, Haws, Penicuik etc. Anyway, well done the BUs, will be great to have a proper local derby back and they'll certainly add to the overall quality of the league.
  10. @Dead will be the man most likely in the know. I'm pretty sure the footage will be somewhere, just maybe not online at this moment.
  11. Because Kelty have a far better run club, more generous sponsors, hundreds of community players, bigger crowds, would be more appealing to players - the list is endless in all honesty. The only USP Cowden have is SPFL football. Don't make me laugh, 'without any complaint' - your club was sending out mayday calls claiming you would be bankrupt within a year if you were relegated. Perhaps the shire 'established the standard for deadwood' but judging by your points totals in recent years, particularly in your play off survival years, you weren't much better. Bare in mind it took penalties one year and an act of cheating to avoid it the other shows that. The Shire supported the implementation of the pyramid, despite knowing that they would likely be one of the first to fall and handled the relegation period with dignity. We didn't go crying to the government for money like yourselves. Enjoy the SPFL handouts while you can 🙂
  12. Well it's not wrong though, is it? Albion Rovers have just stated that they didn't want Brora in the league. McMenemy wants relegation to be scrapped for a few years. Tatters used any excuse he could possibly think of to try and halt reconstruction while Cowdenbeath are terrified at the prospect of Kelty and other forward thinking Fife clubs joining the leagues. They used every excuse and diversion possible to avoid reconstruction and in the end they got what they wanted. They can wrap it up in any way they want but they are all terrified at what is coming up from beneath them. While they stagnate, everyone below them is progressing and that is only going to make things worse as one by one they drop out of the leagues.
  13. Absolute shambles of a headline this morning in response to the vote yesterday, https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/albion-rovers-gaffers-birthday-relief-22198675 The reconstruction vote was a chance to accelerate the pyramid, reward success and allow forward thinking clubs the opportunity to excel in the SPFL. The League 2 clubs have shat themselves at the prospect of Kelty and Brora coming in since day 1, repeatedly making excuses and diverting attention to other 'problems'. But i'm sure clowns like McMenemy, Tatters and Findlay have enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame during this, I don't think they will get very warm welcomes when their teams are inevitably rotting away in the lower tiers of the pyramid. It's going to be a great day when it comes. Doesn't say much for Albion Rovers finances if they shite themselves at the prospect of going to Brora twice a year. Maybe Strachan was right...
  14. Bring on the statement. I can not wait to see the rage streaming through every single word.
  15. Is there anything worse in this years FM than the ridiculous goal that involves your keeper booting the ball of the striker standing in front of him and it rebounding into the net. Absolutely infuriating.
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