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  1. Yeah I agree with pretty much all you say. If we do get more funding then i'd rather its put into trying to find a ground or setting up a community system or something, as you say that's the only way the club can grow. If the club gets money again and are adamant that they want promotion then i don't think Ures the man but it would be a tragedy for it to end in that way. He's being sold by the players, some of them are absolute frauds and the worst thing about this investment is its alienated players like Andy Grant and Connor Greene. I've not really enjoyed any game i've seen this year - i actually hope that we go back to what we were next year. The basis is there, Barclay, Greene, Grant, Horne, McCafferty, Brown would have the makings of a decent team and with Ure as manager they'd be motivated and i'd much prefer watch that than what we've been subjected to this year. Maybe with less pressure Del would find it a lot easier aswell, you can tell it gets to him at times and I think Rodgers discipline this year is down to the pressure aswell.
  2. Shire 9-1 Gretna Shire 4-0 Edinburgh Uni Shire 4-0 Dalbeattie Shire 6-1 Vale of Leithen Shire 1-1 BSC Shire 0-1 EK x2 Shire 0-1 Kelty Shire 1-3 Bonnyrigg Doesn't matter how many you score, it's who you score against.
  3. We've now been in the LL for three and a half years and we've had a fair few sobering and dispiriting moments - the 7-4 loss to Selkirk (lol), the numerous pumpings of village teams, the abject displays in every single big meaningful game we've played - but yesterday, imo, really was the worst game in our LL 'journey' so far. To lose a game after being 2-0 up is inexcusable, the fact it was against 10 men deplorable but to lose against 9 men, I don't think there's a word that even comes close to describing it. Fair play to Spartans however, i'd do anything to have a shire team that showed as much desire and bottle as they did. The season is now over and we need to plan right now for next season. The two factors in play are investment and Derek Ure. This season has been an utter disaster from the start. If we wanted any chance of going up we had to appoint an experienced manager, we didn't do that and that imo is why we're where we are. Ures two biggest flaws have been his squad building and his tactics. The squad assembled makes no tactical sense and therefore his tactics make no sense. The decision to not sign a proper backup keeper is laughable, we havent kept a clean sheet since September and you could be critical of a lot of Barclays contributions to those goals but he has no one to challenge or replace him. We have 4 strikers who literally all do the same thing, we don't have a goal threat - we just have hold up players. Its like going back in time to watch Paul Quinn and Kevin Turner again. Our build up play is slow and it allows teams to get settled banks of 4/5 created and we lack the penetration to cut it open, as highlighted clearly yesterday. There was a case for Ure to go after EK, then again after Broxburn, and again after Kelty and again yesterday. His saving grace is his stature. Ure and Rodgers are two of the loyalist Shire players in the modern era and it would be a pity if this was how it was to end but lets be honest if this was any other manager there would be serious calls for them to be sacked. So, do we have a future under Ure? The answer is yes but only in a certain situation. The Board need to make a decision now about next year, if there is going to be another investment for next year then Ure needs to go and be replaced by an experienced manager who can then have 6 months to evaluate the situation and plan for next year. However if there is no investment next year then Ure should stay. Radical as it seems, in January i'd sell every single player we can and try to generate as much funds as possible for next year. We still have a solid core of LL class players that if structured could have a shot next year depending on circumstances. Ure has an unmatched passion for the club and if he develops tactically then would make a very good manager. At this point in time, I don't think he gets respect of the players - i don't think they care enough. Rumours have been coming out that some find the level 'too easy', ironic considering how shite some have been this season! For the record, I haven't enjoyed this season one bit. We've been poor in every game i've seen - even the ones we've won. The footballs slow and boring and i feel no connection to the players. Bobby Barr is categorically one of the worst shire signings i can recall, I'm shocked we payed money for Mark Millar and Tapping looks a shadow of the player he was a few seasons ago. A truly depressing situation, can't wait till the Lowland League Cup!
  4. That was so tragic it was actually funny. This defeats been coming and now the league is officially over. Questions need to be asked and changes need to be made if we’re going to progress or even consolidate as a LL club after the moneys gone.
  5. Milking their money from the run, fair play to them. What’s the normal prices?
  6. Angry Rodgers got booked within minutes for arguing with an offside call, in fairness he was probably right. Then went ballistic when he was ‘fouled’ in the box, he was probably wrong. Then when the shire scored to go 3-2 he was sent off for screaming at the ref. He said he was screaming at his own player. It was all a bit embarrassing, I’ve never seen a player so raging at a reserve game
  7. Good idea Ducket Lodger, you could call yourself The Berwick Rangers
  8. Hope there’s a clause in his contract that stipulates he must wear his Scottish Cup Final regalia to every game. That would lighten up the league.
  9. Haha I’m only joking Jerry. Well done, some result of Saturday. I know you get a bit of a slagging about BSCs fan base etc but results like that can only be a good thing for the club and the league as a whole. I hope so, since 2011 we’ve only won 5 games I think and never got past the second round.
  10. Is that so you could both go and watch your big team?
  11. Thought we were okay today, nothing spectacular but got the job done. Didn’t really feel comfortable till the third goal went in at the end. Berwick were actually a decent outfit and looked the better team at times I thought, they just lacked the cutting edge to open us up. Fair play to the Berwick fans aswell, came in decent numbers on a horrible day and made a wee bit of noise. They have the makings of a decent team and I’m sure they’ll build as time goes on, id rather be battling with them at the top of the league over the fake clubs. We keep hanging on in there, if results go our way over the christmas period then we’ll be right back in it. We arent playing brilliant but getting the results, I said to a few people that I can’t tell if we’re playing at our maximum and we’ll get found out again against the big teams or we’re playing poorly and still getting results. All will become apparent over the next month
  12. 11 mins in and Berwick fans have been scraping with each other. Glorious entertainment 1-0 shire aswell, what a day so far.
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