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  1. Good to see Blair Lyons back in the squad. Hope he gets a chance to show what he can do for us. Is Charlie Reilly injured? He's been missing since the restart.
  2. 3BC will be included in Colin Weir's estate which is now subject to probate. Do you know the terms of his will and to whom he left 3BC? Do you know whether the new owner(s) will wish to transfer its assets to the Jags Foundation? Or are you still a bitter attention-seeker who knows f**k all?
  3. Why do the telly bosses think that irritating c***s like Philip Schofield and Giles Brsndreth have anything interesting to say about a deid Phil?
  4. They'll be sold privately at silly prices and end up as collectors' items on the Antiques Roadshow.
  5. Perfect for some Greek plate smashing! 😄
  6. Paddy McMahon, 87 year old ex-showjumper, falls off his horse and is eliminated - https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/paddy-mcmahon-showjumper-742220.
  7. The Hearts fans will be too upset to watch. 😉
  8. My guess is that there will be no state funeral. The senior Royals are very careful and make sure that they follow the Covid rules to the letter. A more likely option is a family funeral at Windsor, perhaps with a few Royals from other countries. It could be followed by a large memorial service, possibly on his 100th birthday, when the restrictions are lifted .
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