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  1. But he won't get a chance at Arsenal. They've bought a few CBs (White. being the latest) over the last few seasons. Clarke is their fourth CB to be loaned out. Two young CBs, Medley. and McGuiness, have been sold to Ostend and Cardiff City respectively.
  2. City would not offer Spurs Cancelo, Dias, De Bruyne, Rodri or Foden. Not sure about Stones or Laporte. IIRC Sterling and Bernardo Silva are reportedly available for transfer. Jesus is wanted by Italian clubs.
  3. McCall has said that he does not expect Bell, who is part-time, to play every game. Before Brownlie's injury and O'Ware being punted, he thought that Bell would spend much time on the bench. It's possible that we'll revert to a back four of Foster, McKenna, Mayo and Holt. Tiffoney is getting fitter and can come back in for Bell. Cammy Smith is another attacking midfield option. I'm expecting a high scoring game.
  4. Try Celtic if you're willing to travel.
  5. I must admit that I have not been following the progress of Mr Courts. If he's bad as you say, you have my sympathy. Surely Tam can't be as idiotic or deluded as the imbecile appointed by our Jlow, the execrable Gary Caldwell?
  6. It's the SPFL's contracts and their terms, not the business interests of the clubs' directors, that matter.
  7. Fair enough. It was a bizarre appointment. But you have to hope that it's not the disaster that you fear. We're stuck with Jobby, Scally and Archie - the Three Stooges of Maryhill. You can have them if you want them...
  8. He'd be crazy to put Barkas back in. The alternative is to give Hazard or Doohan a chance.
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