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  1. FTFY It Hearts had scored it, the flag would have been raised immediately.
  2. With 5 subs allowed and 9 on the bench, how many players do we need to maximise the strength of the squad? Should we bring in new players or cancel a couple of loans?
  3. It's 9 subs too. Clubs may need to bring back loan players to fill the bench and their development will be hindered. The timing is not good as the clubs have only a few days to bring in replacements or reinforcements. The main beneficiary in the Championship will be Kilmarnock who are splashing the cash in this window.
  4. Vitor Pereira is reported to be the favourite for the Everton job. With his recent record of sackings, he'd be a very popular appointment - with Liverpool fans!
  5. Ben Stanway, 17, has graduated from the Thistle Weir Youth Academy and is now a modern apprentice. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/ben-stanway-graduates-from-the-thistle-weir-youth-academy/ McCall - "we’re looking forward to seeing what Ben’s best is because he’s got the attributes to go very far.” Congratulations and best of luck to him!
  6. Yes they were two defeats that resulted in Benitez being sacked. As a result, Ferguson decided to make changes and dropped Coleman to the bench. Ferguson had a choice of two alternative RBs to replace Coleman. Having watched them in training in the last few weeks, he picked Kenny. Patterson and Mykolenko were left out of the squad. You may disagree with Ferguson's decisions but they were based on his "stellar" analysis. He won't lose any sleep over upsetting numpties like you.
  7. It looked like Dier rugby tackled Azpilicueta in the box. Surprised that VAR totally ignored it.
  8. Azpilicueta can be a bit of a ned too. Tbh, it's just handbags.
  9. Neville calls the Stamford Bridge "scabby"! I remember the old Baseball Ground which was a glorious mud heap!
  10. Nearly a second from Ziyech - great save from Lloris!
  11. See also Thiago Silva. Agreed. I'd like to see Chalobah, who has real class imho, on in the second half.
  12. Tanganga is a bit lucky not to get a second yellow. Conte should sub him at HT.
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