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  1. Not when they are killing their own people.
  2. Tbh, I don't watch online videos and missed Bunter's banter. You seem upset. Not enjoying the journey with Hoppy and now Duffy?
  3. Obviously still very bitter that Oor Jobby ditched your diddy club for the one that he really loves.
  4. IIRC Amy McDonald was engaged to Steve Lovell when he played for us. She's from the 'Briggs and obviously loves to shag a Jag!
  5. A lot more Afghans, especially young women, are more worried about what the new Taliban government will do to them. Women are no longer being allowed to study in Afghan secondary schools and universities. The Taliban is bringing back executions (including stoning women) and, amputations. You must consider the Taliban to be less evil than the "UK Governments and their evil henchmen". The tens of thousands of Afghan refugees who have come to Britain over the last 20 years would disagree. It's all a matter of representative democracy and basic human rights.
  6. My next door neighbour is a Christian woman from Tehran. The Iranian Government flogs alcohol drinkers, imprisons Christians, tortures dissidents and and hangs gay men. Do you have a problem with that? I do.
  7. Pure deflection. Ideology, especially religious ideology, has been used by extremists and terrorists to justify the murder of innocent civilians, e.g. the Islamic State throwing gay men off buildings in Syria. Let's see if Amess's killer had any ideological or religious motivation. For me there is no difference between an IRA bomber and a religious extremist with a machete who kills a civilians on a London bridge or an MP in his constituency,
  8. More whataboutery. He was a commander of the murderous Iranian Revolutionary Guards. My Iranian neighbour could tell you a lot about their religious oppression, torture and murder of innocent civilians, especially women. Btw, what does that have to do with the brutal murders of British MPs such as Jo Cox and David Amess in their constituencies.? Your comment suggests that you support their killers and sympathise with their motives.
  9. That's classic whataboutery. The issue here is the murder of MPs in the Commons, at home or in their constituencies. So do you support or condemn those murders. Your comments suggest the former rather than the latter.
  10. Your idiotic argument could be used by any mad terrorist to justify mass murder.
  11. And that justifies murdering elected MPs? Edit - my point is that no motive (especially political, ideological or religious) justifies the murder of anyone. Do you have a problem with that?
  12. Not at all. I never said anything like that. Unlike you, I'm saying that all MPs who were murdered by terrorists should be treated equally. It's you who is the hypocrite with double standards.
  13. An elected Parliamentarian is not any politician. Elected Parliaments are the pinnacles of representative democracy. How many MSPs, MEPs or Assembly Members have been murdered or sustained serious injuries as a result of non-ideological attacks? You have given only one example. The main perpetrators of violence against elected politicians, especially Parliamentarians, have been Irish Republicans. Their motives were very ideological.
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