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  1. The f**k is going on here?
  2. Mind the gap @Europe
  3. That Spanish boy tonto is the equivalent of diving into the crowd after scoring in the 5th minute of a cup final.
  4. Spain have scored too early here.
  5. That was class. Mika's album from 2007 really was outstanding, even more so with a bit of time. Weird how he was absolutely massive and then seemed to disappear/lose the backing of the music industry overnight.
  6. Collum is absolutely box office when your team isn't involved. Be verging on a bottle job if Arbroath don't take advantage here. Inverness will do brilliantly to get it to pens.
  7. There’s a weird disconnect between what’s happening on the park and the tone of the commentators. Massive chance there and they barely reacted to it. Guessing they’re doing it remotely?
  8. A tweet sandwiched in amongst a dozen articles on how Malky Mackay is a Right Good Guy.
  9. I attended an event Tam Cowan spoke at a few years back. He was the first name i thought of here, as he is very much like that, which won't surprise anyone. Noticed Ferguson was there. He's 80, but surely still savvy enough to avoid getting himself into bother in a setting like that.
  10. One of the replies seems to indicate a few folk walked out after some of the jokes made by a guest speaker. Any idea who that was?
  11. Seems they are aye. I didn't realise until yesterday as i don't usually sit there. Always thought they were quite good up in their corner, but know a lot of folk don't have many positive things to say about them. After yesterday i'm probably starting to agree. They seem intent on bringing back a few songs that were out of date 20 years ago and had (thankfully) disappeared and trouble seems to follow them. They were scrapping with members of the GB at the Ross County game and then again yesterday. Once heard them described as a more bammy version of the GB which i think is about right.
  12. I was in 117 just next to the Rangers fans, the scenes after the final whistle weren't great at all. Complete arseholes on both sides deliberately trying to cause bother and needlessly escalating what was essentially just yer usual pantomime slagging into something that turned a bit sketchy out of nowhere. Consequently, normal punters - including older folk and kids - ended up in the firing line. Not getting drawn into the 'aye but did you see what they did?' shite, as from where i was sitting it seemed folk on our side had as much to do with it as folk in the Rangers end. Stuff like this has always happened to an extent, but there does seem to have been a noticeable rise in coked up thickos at these games in recent times, and the rivalry does seem to be getting even more vitriolic for whatever reason.
  13. It appears everyone's favourite super agent Mino Raiola has died. Be very interesting to see what type of impact this has on a number of high profile deals this summer.
  14. Gordon Smart was meant to have one of the main shows on Murdoch's new GB news alternative, not sure if he's still doing it but i think that would rule him out of a BBC gig. He'd be a good choice if available though, as would Gordon Duncan. They definitely need to freshen it up, it's beginning to die on it's arse (or has been dead for years) and just giving it to the next sub standard in-house dullard waiting in line wouldn't revitalise it.
  15. He's been put in a difficult position here. He really should be the type of reliable player who comes in as injury cover or slots in to do a job for 20 odd games a season - in the same way Ferguson had a cast of fairly unremarkable players who would do a cracking job over the course of a season yet likely wouldn't start for any of their direct rivals. Every successful team has them, and he'd do a good job in that role - but he's now been expected to be Man United's main holding midfielder in the league/CL which, combined with playing in a shambolic system - has only set him up for failure. As a result he's turned into the poster boy for Man United's mediocrity - amongst their online (plastic) fanbase anyway. Folk like Goldbridge aren't to be listened to - he's playing a character (very well i should add) that requires him to go way over the top with his opinions. Hating McTominay is basically his showpiece at this point. Unfortunately there are thousands of international fans who cling to folk like Goldbridge in an attempt to feel some sort of connection to *actual* United fans and subsequently parrot his opinions which are usually just Talksport/Piers Morgan engagement bait attempts in the first place. As others have said, the fact that so many managers seem to like him speaks volumes.
  16. What’s this commentator all about? He’s giving his opinion far more than you’d usually expect for a main commentator, he’s been outraged at some of the decisions against Killie here.
  17. Madden is all over the place here, he's tangled himself up trying to maintain consistency from his earlier mistakes.
  18. I've met Kevin Thomson on a few occasions and always found him to be sound enough. He's thick as mince though, and evidently doesn't know the rules.
  19. Always buckled by that wee thing footballers do when they (pretend to) square up. They just stare at each other without saying anything like they're having a staring contest and then at a certain point, amicably walk away.
  20. Really enjoy watching Ewan Henderson, reckon he would’ve had a good chance at a career with us had Rodgers not left when he did. Very confident on the ball.
  21. A more experienced manager takes him off before that happens. That was about he 4th challenge he’d needlessly thundered into since getting booked.
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