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  1. I'm absolutely bricking it for some reason, much more nervous than i've been for any other game in this campaign.
  2. Gutted to hear that. You'd see him near enough every other week standing outside the ground talking to fans. He'd stand there just about all day speaking to folk, just a normal, genuine guy despite being amongst the biggest legends in our history and instantly recognisable to every Celtic fan. What a man.
  3. The head of my degree course (and the school overall IIRC) who i had for a few lectures always seemed a bit of a wrong'un, but mostly in the sort of basement dweller VL type of way, everyone openly made jokes about him being a bit of a manchild and there perhaps being something a bit off about him, but nothing too sinister. Then out of the blue in the middle of a semester a few years ago, a number of serious allegations were made against him, for which he was eventually found guilty. It was a bit of a strange period as massive chunk of our course material was written and taught by him, was always a bit awkward when the tutors would pull up a set of slides/documents with his name plastered all over them.
  4. This is fucking wild, an amateur game would get called off if the pitch was like that.
  5. Can only assume the folk who are incensed at a Ralston call up haven't seen very much of him this season. Not saying he deserves to be first choice, but he's improved massively and is definitely worthy of a call up. Of course whether or not his upturn in form is solely down to Ange's system suiting him/mitigating his weaknesses remains to be seen. He's not quite at the level where you feel at complete ease when he has the ball - he's still capable of a mistake, but given our right back options he deserves to be in amongst it.
  6. The fact that Martindale spent time in prison is referenced in just about every media piece about him, but i've never heard him talk so openly and go into actual detail about that time, and i'm not sure a conventional interview would get that out of him. Great stuff all round there.
  7. Did they do the South Park thing and record two separate versions of that opening Scotland section there incase we made an arse of it?
  8. Joking/betting aside, we are in a bit of a tricky situation with bookings now. We want to try and get a result against Denmark, but at the same time we're one mistimed tackle or a shite ref away from losing some of our most important players for the biggest game of the campaign.
  9. Jacob Brown wears his socks to his knees and has white tape on his wrists. We've been sorely lacking one of those players, he's going to score hunners.
  10. That is fucking tremendous from Tierney.
  11. f**k that, 90% of the team miss the Denmark game if they're booked. That's the point. The bookings carry on to the playoffs, so if 90% of the team get booked vs Denmark they miss the playoff. More importantly i've got a bet on.
  12. Right mon lads play the game here. Start the professional fouls,
  13. Right, time for the deliberate bookings lads
  14. Give him the benefit of the doubt with his lack of match sharpness but Armstrong has been absolutely miles off it.
  15. Patterson might be in that camp a lot of young full backs find themselves in (Robertson a few years ago arguably) where they still have bit to improve on defensively, but you make allowances for it due to what they contribute going forward.
  16. Football Twitter patter should be an insta ban IMO.
  17. Not sure why we're sitting off and letting Moldova play at times when they've already shown on multiple occasions that when pressed and forced, they'll continue to make mistakes. For the first few minutes we went after them and didn't give them a second on the ball. Consequently they kept giving it back to us which allowed us to control the game and stamp out any fears that we'd be nervous.
  18. This lot are not very good at all. If this ends up even remotely nervy we probably don’t deserve to be near a World Cup.
  19. Well at least we know they’re doing the commentary from a booth. Crocker took about 10 seconds to notice the offside decision there.
  20. Think Robertson, McGinn, Hendry, Patterson, Adams and Gilmour are all one booking from suspension, so any of them could be worth a punt.
  21. Placed a few bets on bookings earlier in the week due to the suspension situation. The odds on Gilmour and Robertson getting booked as well as a Scotland win went from 18/1 on Wednesday to 28/1 last night which i found a bit strange. Wondered whether Gilmour might be a doubt having not played in a while although i'd be very surprised if he was left out. Probably nothing in it. Edit - seen the line up, i'll take it.
  22. Hope we go full Mourinho 2010 with this one (without the subsequent punishment) both for the sake of the playoffs and my Bet365 account.
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