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  1. Criminally underrated band. 1. Holy 2. The Oil Slick 3. The Modern Leper 4. Keep Yourself Warm 5. The Woodpile
  2. This game has trouble written all over it.
  3. Like many others i've felt deflated since the results came in, i've just felt a bit lost. Decided to try and channel my feelings in a way that doesn't involve ranting on Twitter, so i've joined the SNP.
  4. My Dad's cousin played for Liverpool and Arsenal in the 60's
  5. It's getting better with every listen, Fall into the party is an absolute gem. This album could make them huge, it's as if half of the songs were made for stadiums.Undoubtedly much more of a mainstream sound than their older stuff, but there are still shades of Free in the album. They've pulled it off IMO.
  6. Overall a pretty good album, although i agree with what have others said regarding the lyrics, cringeworthy at times
  7. I'm the same, them calling this the 'end of the second chapter' makes me think they're going somewhere completely different with the next album
  8. Aye i realised that later on, they're doing some B-sides too, hopefully they give Similarities a good run out. Frightened Rabbit retweeted someone on Twitter saying how amazing it would be if they supported Biffy at the Barras, so take what you can from that. I think i can only manage the last night, which I'm mostly fine with, though if i could i'd go to all 3.
  9. Confirmed this morning that they will play 3 nights at the Barrowlands in December, 1st night they play all the songs from Blackened Sky and Puzzle. Vertigo of Bliss and Only Revolutions on the 2nd night. They will finish on the third night with Opposites and Infinity Land.
  10. Currently sorting out my Accommodation for Heriot Watt, anyone who's been before able to tell me if should i avoid any particular building or are they all fairly similar?
  11. Higher English - B Higher Philosophy - B Higher Modern Studies - C Higher Computing - C Not the best but i met my conditions for Heriot Watt so i suppose that's all that matters.
  12. Aye, started noticing hundreds of hairs on my pillow, and if i ran my hand through my hair i would have a handful every time, with Male Pattern Baldness it comes out slowly over months/years so its not noticeable. I noticed i was losing an abnormal amount of hair on my crown 3 weeks ago with patches developing, went to the doctor who said that i had alopecia again, however it wasn't near as bad as the first time, and it should grow back in a few months. It can be quite a depressing thing to deal with, i'd suggest seeing your GP then a dermatologist, its important to keep in mind that it will most likely grow back in. I'd suggest giving this a read : http://www.patient.co.uk/doctor/Alopecia.htm
  13. It does sound as if you have alopecia, i had it when i was younger and it can be quite tough seeing clumps of hair falling out.In 8/10 cases the hair naturally regrows within a year, mines grew back in around 7 months IIRC. Ive actually recently noticed im losing some hair again, although nowhere near the amount of last time. Feel free to PM me with any questions
  14. I preferred Alex Turner when he didn't know he was cool. You could say as a live act, Liam Gallagher hampered Oasis in the later years, but i suppose folk went to see him so it wouldn't have been better without, his voice was dreadful though.
  15. Agreed, they've had an incredibly prolific couple of years. Not too sure where they can go from here in terms of the next album, although i said that after Only Revolutions. Though they haven't started recording yet and they usually take their time so it could be a while before we hear new material.
  16. I'm the same here, still gutted that it's over. Was also thinking a few weeks ago i might not bother next year but last weekend changed my mind. Watching Biffy's set again, it really was incredible, you can see what it means to them. Being metres away from one of my favourite bands playing the biggest gig of their lives was pretty special. Special mention to Newton Faulkner, went to see him just for something to do, he was brilliant, was great to watch a guy just messing around with his guitar and having fun on stage, incredibly talented guy.
  17. Aye Imagine Dragons were pretty decent live. The best performances for me over the weekend were Biffy, Paolo Nutini, Twin Atlantic, Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris was pretty decent but it's not really my scene and it got a little repetitive. Jake Bugg was good too, seemed completely unfazed. Great weekend, weather was overall brilliant, though as others have said getting back to the campsite on Saturday night in the rain was horrible.
  18. Biffy were absolutely incredible, the best band I've seen live. I'd agree that they aren't really a TV band, the energy and half-screaming doesn't come across well unless you're there. Also, from where i was (a metre or so from the front) it looked as if Simon Neil thought it was a regular saltire, he planned to hold it up the the crowd, then when he noticed the slogan, put it on his shoulders to refrain from making any kind of political statement, he's just not that type of artist, and they aren't that type of band to make statements like that (so it seems anyway).
  19. Miles Kane was terrific at T last year, he was properly up for it and full of energy which spread to the crowd. Looking forward to seeing Biffy at T this week, if it's anything like their set at Reading last year it'll be nuts.
  20. Play Guitar and a bit of piano, bought myself a Ukulele last week if you can count that too. Just play at home for a bit of fun really, i've written the odd tune, nothing too serious though. The music scene is fairly non existent here in the Borders, barring cover bands. Im hopefully moving to Edinburgh or Glasgow for Uni soon so i might try and get involved up there.
  21. Wasn't aware of that, just thought it was a bit crazy in comparison to other release clauses.
  22. The site confirming the deal (and the one i got that picture from) are saying he's signed a 6 year deal with a 60 million euro buy-out clause, surely that can't be right?
  23. Sporting Lisbon confirm the signing of Ryan Gauld
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