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  1. Cracking game that, although it's just confirmed many of the doubts we had as to how efficient/capable our refs would be with VAR.
  2. Some of the teething problems stuff doesn’t quite wash. We’ve had 4 years to see how other leagues do it and to see what not to do.
  3. Do Crocker and Walker have a feed of the VAR audio like they do in England? Certainly doesn’t sound like it - the commentary didn’t help much.
  4. If you don’t think that was a penalty then the only conclusion can be that you don’t know the handball rule.
  5. Abysmal refereeing not to give the Hearts one in live play. The delay was ridiculous. That’s also a pretty obvious pen at the end there too. Going to be some laugh this, isn’t it?
  6. Johnson is going to be seen as some familiar, stable father figure for Tory voters now, a call back to a time where it wasn't like this. Despite the fact that it was fucking chaos with him in charge too.
  7. Only the one goal but this is fucking great. The Barclays at its bonkers best.
  8. This is fucking great. The Barclays at its scintillating best.
  9. At least Neville had the courage to imply it will be at least in part due to performance Neville has been dragged into a bit of a scrap with the BT presenters who were (bizarrely) suggesting Trent proved Neville wrong by scoring a free kick the other night - seems he’s doubling down as a result.
  10. Martinelli is going to absolutely rinse Gomez for the next 40 minutes. He too may be #offtheplane
  11. Ooft that is abysmal from Trent. About as much chance of being #ontheplane as I do.
  12. Has Salah had a good game this season? Absolutely rinsed them for that new contract.
  13. He's managed 21 goals in 23 games for Norway without them, and also has Odegaard who isn't a bad replacement.
  14. I dunno - i think having the best player in the world with a few half decent players behind him take Norway out of the 'ach we shouldn't be fearing them' category - that big goth could take them to the Euros on his own. I think the view of Norway as an international side will change a fair bit in the near future. As we've known for years - having a fairly solid group of players with one top level attacking player takes you a long way in International football.
  15. Football fandom, a famously rational pursuit.
  16. Is the sound mix a bit off? Commentary sounds far too loud at times and the noise from the game is a bit muffled.
  17. Think Tavernier might just struggle to make the World Cup squad with Trent getting a goal tonight.
  18. I’d much rather have our batshit kamikaze style of Euro drubbings than this. Not given any account of themselves at all.
  19. Anfield is praised for being quite loud on Champions League quarters/semi nights. Like every single ground in Europe would be.
  20. Hunners of players you could use that against mind. Haaland’s price was just a technicality. Nunez is mince though right enough, any attempts from Liverpool fans to compare the two look ridiculous now.
  21. Can understand their frustrations with the transfer activity now. Really is criminal that they’re away at Anfield in the CL with a line up that would’ve been a rotated cup side a year ago
  22. Kevin Thomson doing an impression of a proper fitba man co commentator is hilarious. Sounds like he’s doing a deadlift in the middle of every sentence
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