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  1. Old chap having a great time at the UV paint party at Hive on Monday
  2. I get the impression Gallagher thinks it's still all about class and social groups etc - i saw a few weeks ago he criticised Kasabian and the Arctic Monkeys for not doing more to inspire 'working class bands' I have Alan Mcgee on Facebook too, and he's always rambling about proper working class bands, load of shite if you ask me. I see Catfish and the Bottlemen are trying the Oasis 90s approach by constantly saying they're from a council estate, brought up with no money etc, then slagging off everything that's popular. They seem to have some sort of inferiority complex as if everyone looks down on them because of where they're from, when really its because their music is shite. I used to be obsessed with Oasis when i was a bit younger, i'd probably have loved this kind of thing back then. I still listen to the first 3 albums now and then but the rest is mostly pretty boring. Although some of Gallagher's quotes can be entertaining, he knows how hypocritical he's being, I'm certain he just does it for his own amusement most of the time
  3. I'll be going on 19 so i would hope to be out in the city a fair bit, I'm looking forward to the halls experience though. where did you live in second year? I'm hearing Gorgie is a popular area for HW students, with decent bus links etc Also, what did you make of the Uni in general? I'm almost certain i'll be living in halls, i'd feel as if i was missing a part of the experience if i never.
  4. I could, but the University-owned flats in town are much more expensive I'm sure, probably too expensive for me.
  5. The drink of choice at school discos, the blue bubblegum flavour was my personal favourite.
  6. I'm heading to Heriot Watt in September, for any current/past students on here, how much of a pain in the arse is living out at Riccarton in 1st year? a wee part of me is wishing i'd picked Napier just so i'd be properly in town. Although it certainly won't be boring i'd probably prefer to have more of a city life.
  7. Last year i didn't get any replies until the end of February IIRC, then received all of my other offers in the space of a fortnight
  8. I know the ''could've been me'' patter is used jokingly on here but when you walk down that road a few times a week, it really makes it sink in that this has happened to, and been witnessed by regular folk. Seeing something like that would be absolutely horrific, and i'm guessing a fair few watched it happen. Can't even imagine how i'd feel in that situation
  9. I'm sure those were for comic relief about 10 years back, loved them at the time. I seem to remember getting a whoopee cushion with multipacks (?)
  10. Biffy Clyro on Sunday night in the barras, pretty incredible if i'm honest.
  11. Saw them at TITP also, pretty decent live. I reckon they could go on to be fairly big
  12. Seeing Biffy Clyro at the barras on Sunday, has the potential to be pretty special.
  13. 10807165_10202926498875281_518422525_n.jpg God knows what that means
  14. Steak, Chips and Salad. Washed down with a bottle of San Miguel (which is pretty shite)
  15. I've just turned it on and he's played a few nice passes and looks very comfortable on the ball. Sid Lowe(spanish football journalist) also said recently that he's a very good player and has a chance of making it which is encouraging to hear.
  16. f**k i miss WaW, used to love that game. I loved them all from Cod4 up until maybe black ops 2, where i just got a bit bored. I've never really played since but i quite fancy getting this and getting back into it again. Although my fond memories of the older games are probably down to the laughs i used to have with my mates playing them, and most of them got bored of it and stopped playing like me. I'm a bit wary of getting back into it though, i used to get addicted really easily and spend hours a day online. Anyone got this on 360?
  17. He's got a thing going with Kanye West and Pitbull too, where he tweets them like they're his pals, can be quite amusing
  18. If he was on the wind up he was great at it. However i think he was just a bit of a bampot , he was too consistent to be having a laugh. Perhaps my favourite Dryhorce moment was him explaining in the 'Should Dryhorse be picked for Scotland?' thread , why he would be a bad choice - 'was never good enough' etc Either that or 'Adam King then Mr Predantic'
  19. ''Beady Eye are no longer. Thanks for all your support. LGx''
  20. I'll miss his daily threads about some league 2 player who would be good for Scotland
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