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  1. Just now, 19QOS19 said:

    What was the reason for fans showing their phone torches earlier?

    Everyone's been wondering this for about a year now but i've still never found the answer. Are folk just doing it for the sake of doing it?

  2. 1 minute ago, welldaft said:

    Bring on Ross Stewart and Billy Gilmour. But Clarke won’t do that. He does not make changes when we are losing !!

    Why would you bring on a half fit, knackered Gilmour in a game that has essentially descended into Soccer Aid?

  3. We need a third so that we can chuck the subs on and turn this into the testimonial it's crying out to be. It's already a precession but not quite at that level where we can completely half arse it and relax.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    I’ve not changed my opinion mate. It’ll take more than a good 45 mins against poor opposition to convince me he’s as good as you say he is. It’ll be interesting to see how he does in the Champions League.

    No one's saying he's a Champions League player*, just that he's a solid option at SPFL level and not utter shite.


    *Unless yer man Jinky has at some point 😂

  5. 8 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    This is a "I'm taking my chance" performance Ralston is putting in.

    I can remember him being on loan at DU in the heady days of Falkirk sharing a league with them and like most, thought he was shite. I think, there might just be an element of folk seeing him there and at St Johnstone and refusing to accept that he may have improved.

    Either way, it's not that long ago RB was a position of obvious weakness for Scotland. It seems maybe like we can begin to focus elsewhere

    Aye this is what it is, which is fair enough i suppose - i thought he was terrible less than a year ago. Like most of these things - the folk who actually watch him every week have been fairly consistent with their opinions of him recently, although it's easy to dismiss that as blind loyalty/bias too.

    He may be a fairly limited footballer but by f**k he's made the most of what he has, and absolutely battered the door down in front of him. He's went from laughing stock (amongst Celtic fans) to 'here, he's actually not been too bad' in a half ironic way - to making his inclusion in the side something that just can't be argued with - all down to his own graft and attitude too. Fair play to him. 



  6. 7 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

    Was just going to say this.

    He just looks like he needs a rest

    It's an issue with loads of them i think. With the Covid season immediately leading into the Euros, then only having a tiny break before the season (with some playing CL qualifiers) a lot of players have basically played for about 2 years without any sort of break. The last half an hour of the Wales vs Ukraine game was like watching folk trying to run about in a swimming pool.

  7. Just now, greenockraver said:

    Wtf is going on with mcginns final product ? 

    Much like Robertson i think he's gubbed from a full season of top flight football in England. He's been off form at club level for a wee while too, and has played in a different role under Gerrard which nullifies him imo.

  8. The Armstrong/Christie partnership gives us a different level of energy and forces us to at least try and play football. Was evident when they came on last week and even more so tonight against this type of opposition.

  9. Ralston will never be first choice but he absolutely deserves his place and to be in amongst it. Understand many on here will refuse to believe he isn't absolutely terrible - and he may just be very well suited to Celtic's specific system and the players around him - but taking Patterson* out of the equation he's been quite clearly the best of the rest this season.

    *The argument as to whether Patterson would/should play without game time at club level is another issue, but i'm happy to consider him our nailed on RB for the foreseeable. 

  10. 13 minutes ago, GiGi said:

    This is recency bias IMO. We were flying after beating Israel and Denmark, super John McGinn etc, celebrating wildly remembering SOD chasing that wee fud Grealish 50 yards up the park just to boot him up in the air.

    The Ukraine game for us was a huge departure from what we've grown used to and were expecting.

    More on about the general atmosphere around the national team really. I'd say the mood around the Euros and then those games you mentioned were more the departure from the norm in the last 20+ years. Us being shite, and then the obvious divisions within Scottish football have prevented us being fully together/behind the national side as a country in the way that they are in Wales - this briefly subsided at the Euros where folk who were previously apathetic (at best) towards the national side seemed to get into it but that's quick in calming down again.

    Had we qualified for the World Cup we may well have been on our way to building the type of environment around the side the Welsh currently have, but i think there are other factors involved too. 


  11. I follow a fair amount of Welsh football folk online, and they seem to have an overall togetherness as well as a culture/spirit around the national side (that has been building for the best part of a decade) that for various reasons, we just don't seem to have. This bleeds through to the players to the point where they all are all absolutely daft about playing for Wales and some of them openly use club football as a means to keep fit for internationals.

    I don't put too much emphasis on the cliched intangibles like desire, passion and so on - and do believe we're going in the right direction - but aye there was a noticeable difference in overall attitude from Wales compared to ourselves. The atmosphere dropped pretty quickly on Wednesday and turned to frustration at times even before the goal, which didn't really happen tonight. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

    I stand corrected. But a country with only 4 actual top class league clubs they still put us to utter shame.

    I mean, that isn’t exactly a slight on them and famously works in their favour. They essentially outsource youth development to English clubs and their two clubs who have English league money.

  13. Ukraine are a tidy side but we made them look much better than they are. Wales are also better than folk let on, which is why they’re qualifying for their 3rd tournament out of 4.

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