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  1. Did find Macca's setlist a bit odd in places. Think he just played it like one of his normal shows (with guests of course) rather than the celebratory greatest hits extravaganza folk were expecting. Songs like Fuh You don't really have a place in a Glastonbury headline set, but he can do what he wants i suppose. Not sure we'll see him on the stage again, he's more than earned a rest and is probably ready for it after the two year delay, which didn't do him any favours.


    This and the following tweet just about sum it up. You can almost see the presenters malfunctioning when someone goes off script, doesn't play the usual game and just isn't arsed about getting dragged into the culture war stuff - Gullis just breaking down and resorting to 'eh, but what about veterans or something' was like someone doing a shite, too-obvious parody of a Tory MP.

    It really bursts the bubble on the whole thing and exposes how programmed, tedious and generally ridiculous media debates are. Just meaningless soundbite-chasing waffle. Meaningless, irrelevant tabloid nonsense like pointing out his salary as if that means anything or detracts from the overall point.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

    Vince is just going to brazen this out. 

    The bollocks on him.

    Guaranteeing eyeballs tonight. 

    He's undeniably been a creepy b*****d throughout his life but I fail to see the big deal out of this one. He's been pumping someone consenually and kept them quiet with millions of WWE money. He's undoubtedly done much, much worse in his time that should be focused on more.

    That's part of the issue though, it's a public company with shareholders, a board of directors etc and he's chucking company money at someone for stuff like this - although it's said the 3m payoff was his own money, the issue with her salary is still there. Bill Gates was punted from Microsoft for a consensual affair wasn't he? although i'm sure McMahon has tied the company up in all sorts of knots which would make it impossible to oust him. 

    The main worry for him is that this leads a greater investigation into his sleazy antics which could snowball pretty quickly.


  4. Was just thinking that if this was 15-20+ years ago they/he'd have turned it into a storyline. Would be quite incredible if he came out in full heel Mr McMahon mode - incredibly bad but incredible nonetheless. Either way it makes me want to watch Smackdown for the first time in over a decade just out of curiosity.

  5. 6 hours ago, Stellaboz said:

    I'm not being funny but how the f**k would you know if it's been going on for years? Outside of crazy on screen storylines.

    Been a fair few allegations over the years, including a pretty horrific one from a former female ref dating back to 1986. There's also a weird Playboy interview with him from around 2000 that certainly strengthens the view of him being a sex pest at the very least.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Sherrif John Bunnell said:

    I think Stephanie might have been the wrong person to try and bury on her way out the door.

    Few folk mentioning this, or that she might've bolted knowing this was coming. 

  7. Always wondered when McMahon would have his day with this type of thing and why it hadn't happened yet, given his antics have been widely known for years it seems. The bit about him passing the girl to Laurinaitis 'like a toy' is a bit grim to say the least. 


  8. 50 minutes ago, General dissaray said:

    Naw wouldn't be looking at Barry McKay as next avalible winger at all avaliable to us

    I would be sitting down with Sirki Dembele a guy brought up in Govan that will be playing in EPL for Bournemouth next year

    And I would be begging him to play for Scotland over the Ivory Coast like his treacherous wee brother has decided to play for

    Also would be looking at Scotty Wright to bring into the team if he is starting becoming a regular at Rangers 

    And don't forget James Forrest is probably gonna be back anyway fit and able

    Clarke and Fraser sat down together there isn't a problem he just never picked him

    Out them all he is probably our best winger but would be nice to see Dembele involved especially if he is playing in EPL

    I for one am outraged that a boy born in the quaint Scottish hamlet of Lambeth, with two parents from the Ivory Coast might fancy playing for a country other than Scotland. 

  9. He’s always had that sort of attitude towards the press, but feels a bit different when he’s aiming it at fans and it’ll only wind folk up. Not all that dissimilar to Lennon’s ramblings about ‘real fans’ last season which didn’t do him any favours.

  10. A good win there and a decent enough performance (in spells) but our defending was still worrying at times and we were helped massively by the Armenian lads being both thick as mince and not very good.

    A truly gutting international break all round, and one that has sucked the good feeling out of the side. The players have looked knackered and desperately in need of a break from the minute they stepped on to the park against Ukraine, hopefully we can sort ourselves out and come back fresh in September looking somewhat close to our best again, but after some of the performances there i'm not really sure what our level actually is just now. Ah well. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Barry Ferguson's Hat said:

    If we hadn't conceded first then it would be 2-0 and everyone would be elated. Armenia are no mugs and under normal circumstances we'd be happy with a draw.

    Aye, but what does Mark Goldbridge think?

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