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  1. How the f**k have we went from being basically fucked at RB (what feels like) months ago to suddenly having two Premier League starting right backs to pick from - neither of whom have even turned 21 yet. Maybe Mark Wotte's revolution worked after all. It does feel emblematic of the overall improvement in our squad though. We've slowly crept up a level, to the point where Premier League regulars such as Fraser - who would've been the forced talisman we desperately pinned our hopes on in the past - are just regular squad players who can come in and out. The average level of our squad feels like a full division higher than it was a decade or so ago and it's very encouraging.
  2. We're quietly moving up a level player-wise, with a manager who seems to have them incredibly well drilled - all we've wanted for years. Great stuff
  3. Been critical of Porteous at times but he's been superb tonight. Looks like one of the most experienced players on the park, the big shithouse.
  4. Che Adams' hold up play has been outstanding.
  5. Why on earth did Ryan Jack stop and turn instead of moving into the space?
  6. We look tired here. Struggle to see us putting a decent attacking move together.
  7. He genuinely just looks like that all the time. Looks fucked after 5 minutes every week. Resting gubbed face if you will.
  8. Aye like others, i'm not overly confident after seeing the line up. I knew we were absolutely fucked with injuries but it doesn't really kill the optimism/hit home until you see the XI we've been forced to put out.
  9. Scotland games at Hampden have had a bit of a different feel to them post-Euros. More of a young team crowd there, which is a good thing for the most part - the atmosphere has been brilliant at times recently and the Israel game was aggressive/ferocious as f**k (largely down to the game itself of course) in a way that i hadn't heard Hampden for a good while barring that England game. A few years ago there was the real chance of the traditional, older TA lot ageing out of going to games and not really being replaced by younger fans, but that seems to be sorting itself out - i know a lot of folk in their mid-late 20s who make much more of an effort to go now compared to a few years ago even. The SFA deserve credit here too for making the ticket prices very affordable on the whole. That said, you are starting to see more of the behaviour mentioned above - some of the stuff last night felt a bit weird. I know folk on here have expressed their own reasons for not being overly fond of James McClean which i get, but the booing did feel a bit gammony and like it was just joining in with the tradition of despising him started by (the worst type of) folk down south. Few stories of Irish fans' experiences on Twitter don't make for great reading either. But aye, it's a balancing act - as i like the fact that Hampden is a bit more hostile and raucous again. I've always found the Doh a Deer, helping old ladies cross the road, wha's like us side of the Tartan Army to be a wee bit grating (and i say that as someone who has attended most home games in the last 15 years or so as well as a few away trips) but maybe that's just 'cos i associate it with times when we were getting skelped about on the park.
  10. They're sleepwalking into a 2010 style meltdown. Hopefully of the French variety. Going to be incredible.
  11. It sort of is for nations who never really have to worry about qualifying/seeding positions. Football Weekly had a good discussion on this the other day, it's massive for smaller/mid ranking nations but you can understand why the bigger sides - or more so their fans - don't fret too much about it. Gr8 fun watching them stink the place out in competitive games (and in their only real chance to get ready for the World Cup) mind.
  12. Sounds like Patterson's injury isn't too serious (Sportsound) Didn't Clarke say they weren't sure yet, but that it didn't look great?
  13. Really enjoyed that. We looked very assured at times and pressed with an intensity i haven't seen from us for some time. Having Patterson go off only to be replaced by Hickey epitomises the fact that the quality of our squad and the level of players we have to pick from is creeping up a level, especially considering our RB situation as recently as 18 months or so ago. The June fixtures felt like a step back in time but hopefully it proves to just be a blip on account of most of our main players being gubbed at the end of a long season with little break after the covid season + Euros the year before. Having said that, Zinchenko being injured made Ukraine a different side tonight and at times they hardly looked arsed, but we dominated them and played with a real aggression winning the ball high up and then being direct in attack so i'd rather focus on that. The Tierney/Robertson debate is beyond tiresome, but Tierney was outstanding and it's difficult to justify shuffling him inside to accommodate Robertson at this point. Now to fucking batter this lot on Saturday.
  14. Great stuff. Looked like the players had never met in June but couldn't be any more different tonight.
  15. Charlie Adam's thing at half McGinn being unnatural with his back to goal
  16. Again. You just cant miss hunners of chances like that an expect to get anywhere.
  17. Our chance conversion is utterly abysmal. We've missed a bucketload of chances (verging on sitters) in every game we've played in the last couple of years - particularly at the Euros.
  18. A different side without Zinchenko controlling the game.
  19. Commentators are absolutely baffled by the late flag thing every single time it happens every week despite the fact it's been a thing for near enough 5 years now.
  20. Charlie Adam saying that McGinn - widely renowned for his incredible ability to back in and shield the ball - isn't natural at playing with his back to goal is a good one.
  21. Sam Matterface is fucking abysmal. Pure under-17s World Cup on Eurosport commentator.
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