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  1. Couldn't find a thread on this, but the first two parts of Peter Jackson's mammoth Beatles documentary came out this week. It comprises mainly of unseen, essentially fly on the wall footage from the Let it Be sessions and the run up to the rooftop gig. Folk who aren't fans of the Beatles will probably find it quite dull at times, but for an obsessive fan like myself it's genuinely incredible stuff. You see them coming up with ideas in real time and watch them turn into some of the most iconic tunes ever, as well as seeing first hand footage of the arguments and squabbles that have been written and talked about for decades. It also humanises them in a way which hasn't been done before, with hours worth of normal conversations about what shite they had been watching on BBC2 the night before. It really makes you realise that these mythological sessions were in actual fact four lads arsing about and winging it half the time. I've only watched the first episode so far (around 2hrs30 each) and It's probably the greatest insight into the Beatles there's ever been, and something that anyone who considers themselves a fan will find fascinating. Trailer here :
  2. Probably the least convincing/enthusiastic i've seen Johnson, very sheepish. Knows his own type will hate him for this. Strong *under pressure manager who knows he's getting punted that night* vibe here.
  3. Wales have made the Cardiff City stadium their home now, don't see much chance of it being at the Millenium, although it would be a spectacle.
  4. Porteous cutting the promo of the year there, magnificent. Deserves to start for Scotland based on that alone.
  5. I'd take the MOTM award with a pinch of salt. It was decided via a Twitter poll which was hijacked by Chelsea fans* - from what i've read he did seem to have a decent second half though. *and folk like myself.
  6. https://streamja.com/MyVaq Just him being really good at football again.
  7. The thought of getting Wales in a one off to get to a World Cup gives me the fear. We're the better side, but it'd end up being a big nervy battle with so much riding on it, which would probably turn the game into a coin toss. I think a lot of that is just PTSD from that grim night at Hampden in 2013 mind.
  8. Wales really going for it now, Neco Williams has been superb. For what is essentially a standard 2000s flatpack stadium (with a wee extension) the Cardiff City Stadium seems to be a cracking ground for big international games.
  9. The Gilmour/Cantwell rumour was going about on Twitter the other day via a WhatsApp message, which then prompted the Instagram story from Cantwell (which i found a bit weird out of context).
  10. Aye i've seen a few folk saying similar online, conveniently ignoring the fact that we were without 4 nailed on starters too, including the player our system has effectively been built around in Dykes.
  11. Something i've really noticed recently too. I've been going to games for years, but was often met with the 'what you bothering with that lot for?' type of stuff from pals etc, particularly during the Levein/early Strachan era. I think the general mood towards the national team was at a real low during McLeish's second spell, to the point where you couldn't give tickets away. Folk simply weren't arsed and at some points your average punter probably couldn't tell you who we were playing that week. Since the Euros i've seen a drastic increase in kids kicking about in Scotland strips, folk going to games and folk who completely ignored the national team or were apathetic at best previously, now taking a real interest on social media etc. It's great to see, and it's actually a positive that it's a wee bit harder to get tickets now. From some of the crowd shots tonight, the place was rammed with folk taking their kids and teenagers, which is what it's all about really. A few years ago Scotland games were generally attended by the die hard, slightly masochistic bunch like myself who went almost out of habit. Amongst the achievements on the park, creating a bit of a buzz around the national team and getting folk engaged again has been one of Clarke and this squad's biggest achievements so far.
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