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  1. It was incredibly one sided and sensationalised, and made it seem like there was no possible explanation for his conviction whatsoever. Which has of course riled the numpty Twitter detective types who think James English is Scotland's answer to David Frost. Will be interested to see if the second part goes into any actual detail in regards to the other side of the story but i'm not expecting it. Channel 5 exists for no reason other than to rile folk up by making things seem black and white, so any rational, analytical discussion would be a surprise. Not claiming to know the ins and outs of every bit of evidence in the case, but know it was a lot more complex than is being made out here.
  2. I go to games quite regularly in England at different levels and the ability to have a couple of bottles at half time is quite nice, and it just seems daft that a few miles up the road we're not trusted to do so based on a law which was brought in to combat a football culture which is drastically different to the current day.
  3. You hear this nonsense argument regularly but i've yet to find anyone who has has said they need a drink at the football, it's just whether the option should be there or not.
  4. Always wanted him to do well but McBurnie has been woeful in a Scotland shirt. As others have said Dykes offered us more in his first 10 minutes than McBurnie has during any of his appearances. Been unlucky the odd time hitting the bar etc but in terms of his general play there have been numerous occasions where we may as well have been playing without a striker - extra time in Belgrade was probably the best example of that.
  5. I see that's now 16 games without a goal for Dykes. A quick look on Twitter and the general consensus among QPR fans seems to be that he isn't even close to being good enough for that level. I've been hoping he'll come good down there, and in In my mind i'd still have him starting for us after how well it seemed to work in October/November, but i do think in ordinary circumstances fans wouldn't be too chuffed with a player struggling to kick his own arse for a bottom half Championship side getting called up. I suppose it comes down to the whole argument of whether you pick players in form or go for a settled squad which remains constant regardless of club form.
  6. Reaction to this amongst folk i follow on social media has been nuclear, major feeling of Sturgeon pissing on folks chips today. I think folk were maybe bit (understandably) carried away with the optimism of yesterday and it's sunk them to hear that we've still got a bit to go. I do understand folks frustrations with the general vague approach from Sturgeon and her refusal to give an exact roadmap like Johnson, but can see why she hasn't done that.
  7. Why on earth is he kicking that?
  8. Ah f**k sake that’s some try
  9. We should’ve been out of sight here
  10. Hawick giving Wales a tanking here
  11. He'd maybe have been in the odd squad, as Southgate seems to like giving different players a chance in Nations League games and friendlies - calling up boys like Phillips from Leeds after playing in the championship and Conor Coady spring to mind. I saw an article about him a while ago before he'd played for Man United and was still in youth teams, where he'd said he probably felt more Scottish than English, so it does seem like he chose us because he wanted to play for us rather than not fancying his chances of playing for England.
  12. One of the best midfielders in the Premier League on current form, has come on leaps and bounds even since November. Would be a bit of a waste to play him out of position. When was the last time we had an English born player playing for us, who would actually get a game for England had they chosen to play for them?
  13. Video on Twitter sadly, the c**t's zoomed in on it for 30 seconds. f**k knows what type of person thinks that's acceptable.
  14. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/02/02/us/snow-shoveling-dispute-murder/index.html The full video of that is kicking about on Twitter. Consider myself pretty desensitised to videos like that but i sat gobsmacked watching it. f**k living in that bonkers country where any nutter with a short fuse can walk into his house and come back with an assault riffle.
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