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  1. I've enjoyed the refereeing in this season's Premier League where the soft/niggly fouls are mostly ignored. Quite frustrating seeing wee nudges pulled up again.
  2. Can tell how high the stakes are here, both teams charging about as if their lives depend on it. Could be in for a cracker.
  3. Could've went either way that, the 'made no attempt to win the ball' tackles are often red cards now, regardless of covering defenders.
  4. Aye Townsend's been great here. A good co-com - McCoist, Neville (imo) stands out a mile due to the abundance of shite ones. I'm not surprised though, his Dad is writer, as well as being a regular on Football Weekly and always comes across well.
  5. Load of performative pints being quietly poured away at Boxpark in London rn.
  6. I know international football is about continuity and graft and so on, but leaving out a player like a Foden is mental isn’t it? Especially when viewed in isolation.
  7. If you want to feel ancient - these clips/photos of Jude Bellingham as a ten/eleven year old are from 2014.
  8. That last 20 minutes was what a World Cup is all about. Wales were fucking garbage there. Zero football about them.
  9. Amazingly Dani Alves is still kicking about. A player who feels like he belongs to a completely different era of football.
  10. Neymar holds this side back by the looks of things. Noticeably more fluid when he’s not trying to win the game on his own every time he gets then ball. Obvious caveat being that it’s basically been an exhibition since the second but aye.
  11. That Kevin Thomson episode is one of the all time greats. Incredible stuff.
  12. Going to stick my neck on the line here (and i watch 3 minutes of La Liga highlights on Twitter every fortnight or so - so i'd know) but i think that Pedri boy might be quite good at football. One to watch. You heard it here first.
  13. Superb. Spain playing very much like Spain again.
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