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  1. Max Rushden who does the Guardian Football Weekly podcast told this exact story a while back about being at the game when he was wee as an England fan, secretly wishing he was in the Scotland end. It's often brought up in reference to how ourselves and Ireland always seem to have a bit more of a laugh, compared to the patio furniture - flinging England away support.
  2. Honestly how good is that? i can't stop watching these. I've had a permanent grin on my face all day. Also 'Get the GBX on' from Tierney, some boi
  3. I think it's more that it's quite a well known reaction gif of him that they decided to use to fit the situation for a bit of a cheap laugh just, if the nutter element of either support pounce on it you can't really help that as those types of folk are permanently looking to cement their 'everyones against us!!' view. Anyway, the videos of the players dancing about steaming last night are tremendous, they're the most likeable bunch of boys we've had in ages. 17 of us booked up for London this morning, and i'd guess about 10 of those have been pretty indifferent towards the national team for years, Last night was a game changer in terms of how folk feel about the national side.
  4. See that's the thing, about 10 seconds after he said 'bye bye Rangers' he also said 'Bye Bye Celtic' - the narrative that he was having a dig at Rangers fans came purely from Rangers fans taking a 10 second clip out of context.
  5. Exactly the same. Still a bit speechless, just can't believe it.
  6. Our fresh legs also look the most fucked out anyone here. We don't have a press
  7. McBurnie's there to win headers or buy fouls. He's doing neither. Painful to watch
  8. He has to take either Paterson or McBurnie off, the only thing either of them give is an option to hold it up and they're doing neither.
  9. Our three players who were making things happen are off. Honestly struggle to see a way forward here.
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