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  1. Horrific stuff but in reality a depressingly normal thing to see on the news at this point. That country is too far gone, that warped sense of masculinity and paranoia is woven into their society and can’t just be turned off. it’s a small point - but after seeing the CCTV - how was he able to just wander into the school? You can’t just walk into a primary school here - at the one I went to 20 years ago the main doors wouldn’t open from the outside and you had to be buzzed in - I believe this was a UK wide thing introduced after Dunblane. Amazed if it isn’t the same in the US.
  2. The greatest league on the planet. Mental stuff. Richard keys will be smiling down from Doha.
  3. If it stays like this Klopp leaving Salah on the bench will go down in history.
  4. Box office Barclays this. Not much better in football than News Filtering Through
  5. I think Rangers will win this. Frankfurt, like their useless Bundesliga counterparts earlier - look tidy on the ball but then just lose the head in the final third. They’re also brainlessly giving Rangers free kicks in good areas.
  6. The well hydrated Frankfurt fans looking lively.
  7. Not saying this in a petty Celtic da way, but what’s going on with the Rangers fans? You’d genuinely think they were 3 down. It just feels weird. Gubbed from a day in the heat?
  8. Arsenal have been a team of wee guys for about 15 years now. No matter how much they spend or who they buy, they just can't seem to shake it off. Very amusing
  9. Pickford has a ridiculously short fuse and is always on the very edge of losing the plot. Team mates having to tell him to calm down there.
  10. It’s mad how effective Antonio can be despite being absolutely terrible at football. He’s genuinely hopeless.
  11. There is no greater sight than a Guardiola side/any super club absolutely rattled by route one ‘in aboot them’ football. It’s glorious.
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