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  1. How much uz get? Only read in articles Hibs are due a windfall but non of the articles say roughly how much
  2. A like Franco bet he’s good at pool [emoji463]
  3. Micheal Barrymore was standing behind her [emoji22][emoji22]
  4. Just seen sinead o'connor in Sizzlers in the Galton. Maby involved wi the Rovers next season?
  5. What about Andy Ryan from the pars?. Not been great in the championship missed one of the biggest sitters of all time but has scored a few goals in League 1
  6. Dose rovers get nix for Nisbet if he leaves? thought he was under contract?
  7. Best chances came from the floor first half . Second half gave meh heartburn wi, high baws.
  8. I bet you belittle your wife’s words and slap her about wi a smokie to feel in control
  9. when your bricky pills are prob yanky to get a harder cock then yo neck dude 🤙
  10. OMG sooo funnyz bet you pick on your miss’s words, you moon fruit
  11. Out of available options and past managers a think McGlynn is the dude for us in the play offs
  12. A still blame the Raith Crest for being a jinx. Think we should go back to the one before
  13. The teenagers loved it, even our own. From what a scene wi them making it their ‘Cover photo’ on pus book. Catch 22
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