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  1. My 9 year old Nephew finally showing interest in football, so I thought a home game against Dundee would be a good game for his first, since Dundee bring a deece away support. It’s the first game al have been to since E tickets. Is E tickets ‘sit where you want’ or do you have to sit in seats that you booked?
  2. Thought we played ok in general in the first half. Just didn’t go our way. first game o the season. Remember we where solid top 3 before goodwillie gate. Am a c**t but a optimistic one. f**k being pessimistic aw the time, uz all must be great husbands and boyfriends .
  3. You kin tell Connell has, just came in on Friday and not had a lot of time with his team mates.
  4. Wi being an Irish lad he’s seen and heard o the rovers from the cup games last season
  5. Surly we canny be this unorganised and wanting to sell season tickets
  6. Defo canny be unorganised as f**k. Defo got 8 center backs signed on Thursday
  7. Hopefully the new signings, are go have the new mental raj, new away kit on
  8. You said farting 9CD9984B-16C4-4D8F-9AC4-D5E985D6DF57.webp
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