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  1. Rovers could do with a Michael Higdon type build and player upfront. But can only see that type of player in non leagues in England.
  2. Players ad take from pars and Falkirk Falkirk: Morrison Pars: Thomas, Wilson and mibby O’Hara
  3. Dylan to score a 94th minute winner on the last game o the season that takes us out the play offs . Hibs, prob sent him to a Title Rival to toughen him up emotionally, especially if it’s massive last game o the season and he can’t show any sensitivity towards The team that kicked started his career..
  4. Get a digibit VPN £2.50 a month and can get it as an app on firestick for smooth streaming football with no buffering issues when streaming from any PPV club channel
  5. Where you stay?. gonnie send some young team round to tan yer windys. Tighter then a fat mans pocket did the camera follow any crisp packets
  6. Dick is stecky, while MacDonald is flexible with his body shape for passes into the box.
  7. Berra and Lang please….this isn’t personal on Bene it’s strictly business .
  8. Ben Williamson looks a tall dude.. Connelly or Ross on corners with Williamson, Zanatta and Berra in the box for corners. This season and last season corners have been total hunners, wi about 3.8% converted
  9. A passing thought o mine, was Ross and poppy, like the Vaughan and poppy show before Vaughan’s injury formation
  10. Did he no score his goals as an upfront striker…. Sorry for not being a know it all…just ma observation from what I seen of him.
  11. Just don’t play him out wide like he did sometimes last season.
  12. Rovers are back in for Gullan….source is from a popular Hibs fan Twitter page.
  13. Do you think there will be other signing news today, another one so they can play against the pars?
  14. Seems to be a few scran vans set up down, Kirkcaldy High street. There’s a German Sauasge and donner one, a toastie one and a Spanish one. Prob a few more. Worth heading down after a long train/bus journey
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