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  1. Cant even be bothered commenting anymore. Bring on the saturday christmas shopping.
  2. Not sure im happy about David BADwillie being held up as a shinning example in any capacity. And not all fans accepted you David.
  3. Bring back Barry, Stuart, John (not john brown, he is a special type o w****r) Colin or any other complete and utter failure. Apart from badwillie this team is a fkn total n utter disgrace n going nowhere. Sack chapman n give us fkn chance. 8 games in and so disgusted with what i am seeing. DONE DONE DONE!!!
  4. Because we have made many an arse of it in the past is no reason to continue making an arse of it in the present. Many bigger teams than clyde have removed managers already this season.
  5. Have the scum "so called" celtic fans been identified? I don't generalise all celtic fans as scum, but these clowns don't only need life bans but jailed. They are a disgrace not only to the celtic name but humanity in general. R.I.P Lee Rigby and on behalf of honest to god football fans i am so sorry for the tears these scum clowns would have caused your family and friends.
  6. First reaction was to have a giggle at that, but sad to say that on reflection it just aint no laughing matter. A laughing matter for others within my household is that i forgot to cancel my flipping alarm clock set to get me up for todays game. And like someone posted earlier i wont be back til he is gone. The thought of accidentally cheering as that cnut scores a goal makes me cringe in so many ways. Back into retirement for me.
  7. I wonder what all the "give the guy a break mob" would be saying if cowdenbeath had taken on david BADwillie? poor poor decision and like always i was going tomorrow, but not a chance in hell now maybe its an over reaction but i almost hope we get relegated on the back of this
  8. Smokes on table beside laptop i had been on 5 mins previous. Why so strange.
  9. Shat it! You are deluded ya tosser. No more online stuff from you because you are a coward. Just so happy i forgot my smokes and had to come back in. Here is a chance for you to redeem yourself coward, tuesday, wednesday or thursday night after 6 and i will be delighted to turn up. Here is a little advice, Its better to take a smack than hide in the shadows. Look forward to seeing you. Ohh and why would i need pals for a square go? Do you?
  10. im heading 2 edrom street right now, there is a pub there (cant remember the name), but there is a car park on the right hand side and its secluded.
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