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  1. Maybe already appointed and just not announced due to situation...
  2. Few players been released/told not being kept on, I heard last night. No shocks. Sure will hit the press over the next few days.... wonder who making the decisions ?
  3. 442 tonight. Solid team Ralston and booth back Craig for butcher Kane for hendry
  4. I will raise you and say we will never see him play for saints again....
  5. There's been a deal on the table for quite a while now
  6. Murray will find it tough to get back in. Just like Holt is now finding out.
  7. Growing with each passing week. Can play a few different systems now also. Plenty positives moving forward. Kerr looking back to the player he was.
  8. Be shocked if we are not 3 at the back with booth and weight as wing backs
  9. Duffy was a liability due to zero games at anything other than reserve and youth football. Rooney will have approx 200 senior games under his belt by the time the season ends and will be still in his early 20s (23yo). Looking at his career he has steadily moved from Queens park ( part time football) to current level where he is getting good reviews week in week out. To state he will be poor defensively is a tad silly. He has been a near ever present in a team that has only lost 27 goals in 23 games. I'm pretty confident he will be just fine and be better than both Ralston and Duffy and probably more like a younger version of Richard Foster
  10. McCart was probably also looked upon a second tier player but has stepped up just fine
  11. Absolutele rubbish. Very little coming down his side. Like the last 2 ICT games I've seen
  12. Possible but the same happened with the Motherwell game.
  13. Sorry don't know exact break down but something really funny going on since turn of the year. The computer in the office records every scan that's come into the ground. On Sunday there it was 7412 and that was 25 mins into the game. Yet it was announced as 8200 in most places. It was the same the previous Celtic midweek game. Scanned in was only 7600 but announced as something like 8800 Will check Sunday to see exactly what the saints numbers are.
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