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  1. Now I am no civil engineer but I reckon the amount of building surrounding the stadium has probably adjusted the water table and resulted in the issues being worse now than when the ground first opened
  2. Cheers - something we are used too unfortunately (it's a society wide issue). Thankfully she is oblivious to it (just wish I was as not sure how much longer I will be able to keep a lid on my reactions)
  3. Really enjoyed everything about that saints performance today. Exactly what we need to see week in week out from here until the end of the season. Pretty surprised at how poor Hearts were. Thought they were pretty good when they last played in Perth especially the 2md half, but they were miles off that level today. Shout out to the group of Hearts fans who mocked my disabled daughter on the way out the ground ( because she had the audacity to wave her Brogan the Beagle soft toy towards them) A disappointing way to end an enjoyable match.
  4. Lost our two best players and brought in 4/5 kid loan players
  5. Every game we are getting swamped in the middle of the park. Full backs no where near as advanced as last season and not having Kerr stepping out of the back 3 to add another body in the middle. 2 central midfielders sitting so deep and almost on top of a back 5. It is just a complete mess this season and looks like a rigid back 5 with 2 holding midfielders and 3 others to just run about and press from the front. Manager is going to need to be brave and change it or there will be a good chance we will be bottom by this time next week.
  6. We are in deep trouble. Eye bleeding performance again. This system has got to go at home.
  7. On Cleary - I know a couple of friends who support Dundalk. This is what they told me on him "A good athlete, good on the ball, think he will be a good fit for Scottish football and will probably go higher than Saints" "right sided central defender, strong and good on the ball, can be a tad rash/eager (booked a bit) but with better coaching that will help him, a good punt for a scottish team"
  8. Cheap, reliable and pretty consistent and rarely injured. Need these type of guys around your squad but agree ideally we bring another LB/LWB to compete for the first team jersey.
  9. Booth has been pretty poor recently - Devine has looked pretty handy when come on against Hearts and united (even though was on the RWB position) - good energy and pace to get up and support more
  10. The statistics are brutal at home. Only been 1 game in 26 where we have scored more than 1 goal in the league (Dundee game). Taken 27 points from a total of 78 points (26 home league games under Davidson)
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