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  1. Would not be a window without most saints fans panicking about something or other. Have a little faith
  2. Knew that would get you to bite. Not heard anything. Just messing with you
  3. Plenty names mentioned if you are ITK 🤭 .... Better prepare for more abuse with that post
  4. Forfar made enquiries for Ando until they learned of the wages he is on.
  5. Fair enough. Tried to explain my stance on it. Everyone entitled to their opinion. Will go back under my rock [emoji106]
  6. All I was meaning was that the knicker wetters were out in full force following our chairman's comments so I could only imagine what they will have said when details of a played being freed before the season was over would be like. It was in no way because of who the player was.
  7. Prefer to wait for the club to announce things themselves. No kick out of it for me. If it was I would post a heap more than I already do. Thanks for the compliment tho [emoji106]
  8. It was a player who said about the other playing leaving that day. Time will tell
  9. All about opinions. Do not get the rage from fans at all.
  10. Whether fans are in favour or not is irrelevant. They aren't coming as per the voting recently. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with Steve, but the guy can't do no right. Doesn't speak out, fans not happy for never commenting, speaks out, fans up in arms about his view. Anyway bigger news tonight will be the first team player who was released today... Be even more knicker wetting no doubt
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