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  1. Random Guy have you watched the BBC documentary on Roberto Martinez - Whistle to Whistle.... Right up your street on the data side of things. Great insight into Data and football
  2. He's not holding back is he. Interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  3. From what I have heard this years away is not yellow
  4. McCann having another tremendous game for Northern Ireland tonight. Growing with every game at this level
  5. treating them to lunch celebrating his move to his boyhood hero's Hibs....
  6. Nope - worked straight away (when I renewed my daughters and mums)
  7. should be news out shortly on the general sale from the club for season tickets Still will be on sale from tomorrow
  8. that was the day I got bitten from a Celtic fan... I only saw the 2nd half having had to go get medical attention to my hand and see the police.
  9. I am actually quite excited for this window coming up.
  10. Done well against the clubs in the bottom 6 - but did not really do anything against the top 6 teams, The money he/his agent were looking for was never going to be met by us.
  11. Middleton still contracted to Rangers for 2 more years. We would need to negotiate a fee with Rangers Brown has been freed by Millwall so hence able to try and sign
  12. Must be hard for players offered good terms and security which they have turned down on advice of their agent, to then come back to the club and say, actually, your deal was good is it still available. You have to imagine saints will have given them a deadline as we will need to recruit their replacement. I really struggle to understand players at our level having agents. Hardly multi million deals they are asking them to negotiate on.
  13. Killie one for me - at 2 down - we looked lost and the league table was not going to be making good reading.
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