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  1. You saw it today. Within 5/10 mins he was involved in 2/3 chances. He's never had pace so do not get the earlier shout from someone about that. No brainer keeping him around, versatile and great person around the dressing room.
  2. Laughing at that recent Liam Craig interview following the under 18s match. Saying he picked up a silly booking during the match. Never change Liam and I really hope he gets the assistant job to Macca. Why CD restricted the likes of him, macca over the final few months I will never know..
  3. https://ppv.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/ Go to this link. Select the 3 lines top right hand off page Select login Click on register box ( right side next to login) Fill in details Then login and purchase
  4. No surprise considering he's played a handful of games since December. He's one of the most versatile players in the squad and can slot into a number of positions. Don't forget he can still deliver a great cross/pass (see the cross for the leveller the other night). I'd imagine a full pre season under his belt and he will be back to the spoony we all know .
  5. Saw him and Mitchell regularly walking round the north inch watching kids playing/training and they always went over for a kick about with them.. decent guys
  6. I'd rather have Macca than some of the usual media darlings... Yogi, Goodwin, Dodds etc etc. Yes it's an unimaginative appointment but been impressed with his media work, impressed he's instantly got results and some kind of performance out of a team who looked destined for relegation only a few weeks ago. He will make mistakes ( see Motherwell game for example) but at least we will go down having a try to win as opposed to being negative from minute one like it was under CD The quick appointment allows him time to get rid of players he does not want and look to mould his squad.
  7. Another refreshing interview by Macca. Open and honest.
  8. Geoff has already started the ball rolling in that regard
  9. Ermmmm not sure if truth be told. Part of me thinks why not, can't be any worse. The other part thinks WTF, that's bold from Macca.
  10. Oh there is changes in the middle tomorrow!!! Just you wait and see...
  11. Killie win. 2/3 nil. Cannot see us laying a glove on them.
  12. Can't believe I'm saying this but we missed him badly today. Going down to the last game which we will need to win to probably secure the playoff spot.
  13. What happens if that manager does not engage with his players/staff....
  14. I know a couple of the players and I would never break that trust with them by posting stuff on here but some of the things I've heard you just shake your head in disbelief. Anyway really enjoying the change of interviews/style of play under macca. Refreshing to just see little things like 6 players in the opposing box when a cross comes in etc.
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