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  1. Nothing changed since FM18 days then. Hibs researcher ripping the arse out of it
  2. A competent manager and we would have a great shout for 3rd or 4th this season. But under this clown I still fear the worst. Utterly eye bleeding again.
  3. Manager is a disgrace. That starting formation was beyond ridiculous. The squad is there, sadly the manager is tactically inept.
  4. First goal I think we had 6 players in the box when Wright crossed it. Huge difference compared to the other 2 home matches
  5. Bollocks. He was heart broken when County scored. Like he always is
  6. Funny listening to Willie Miller in the closing seconds of that match. From the mighty Don's strolling it to tears about 5 mins injury time. Delicious
  7. Was horrible to sit and feel so helpless. They tried everything to help the gentleman. Hats off to everyone who thrown themselves to the cause including both medical teams from both clubs. Puts things into perspective. Thought go out to his family
  8. Enough is enough. That was utterly dreadful once again.
  9. My daughter asked him at the Hibs game as he signed her book and he said hopefully January
  10. I would take a 20 nil defeat tomorrow if it meant Davidson was punted. Genuinely think we lose our first 5 games this season with no goals scored. Utterly scunnered with CD and his negative tactics
  11. Scunnered. Absolutely dreadful again yesterday. How he can keep thinking this formation is the answer. What Is that now, 12 games from 77 where we have scored more than one goal. Everyone sees it bar the one who is paid to see it. Can see no points and no goals for a few weeks yet.
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