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  1. Whitburn bluebell are looking for players to strengthen squad. Just re established this season so all positions welcome. We are playing in the Stirling and district Premier division this season. PM for details.
  2. Reason I stayed to become manager is because we didn't quite know the scale of what was going on till recently,and it was a great step for me and my team,we merely put it down too slight mis management of funds,same as at home,,incoming and outgoings are tight but we still have the nights outs,takeaways etc,cut them out and things are easier.but like all these things once you start peeling back the layers it very quickly becomes apparent as tho the scale of it!!!! And when we did we asked the question of the man about what we knew,and his answers were to walk out and say he was resigning!!! Now if they was me I'd be straight home for books etc to prove my innocence,instead he went under the radar for a week then had a committee ONLY meeting as at which we were sacked,no evidence was showing at any point of his innocence.the man didn't even have the guys to have us at the meeting,instead I got A TEXT next day telling me a letter would follow. As for the name change. If you were a decent player in your day then you should know if you take the blinkers off,lift your head and then you see the bigger picture.like many businesses that are not doing well,they re brand!...the name would stick with it's history as the club came from polkemmet amateurs,this could POSSIBLY,no one said it would definitely work,bring in new sponsors or committee,as guys who used to play for the club or their children etc may have their own business now and think,I'd like to help them out or go on the committee or simply come along,and with a couple doing that it can snow ball very quickly. If it didn't work then we were only in the same place,nothing to loose at that point,harthill still has the potential to get back on it's feet if the right people are there. And just for the record,see if the person had came back evidence proving his innocence then sacked us,then we would be having this debate as I'd agree that I could no longer carry on as the relationship was over anyone who asked I'd tell them that all the rumours of goings on were not true and move on!!!! I look forward to your witty tho slightly arrogant response new mania,I've nothing to hide and everyone now knows who I am on here. And in fine with that.
  3. Last season the lads paid for £3 a head training plus brought in £5 on a Saturday.took their own cars to away games without expenses,except a couple of games,Dunbar being one. That is just a couple if things!!! Not to mention fundraisers!!! This year I've had lads travelling from hamilton,bellshill,Falkirk and even edinburgh!!! All of who signed without any mention of wanting money as they knew/sorry thought there was no money!!!!! As we all did!!!!! Do don't sit there and bring down lads who don't want to play for a man who lied to them!!!!
  4. Thanks for that...really don't see that happening but we will evaluate the situation if and when it comes. Didn't play our best against Dunbar and we're still light on numbers from our squad,and got some great comments from Dunbar players and management,which was great. Dunbar deserved the win and I hope the keep progressing as have a great set up and team. Looked like the league is going to be very exciting this year,gutted we will not be apart of it,especially the way it has been done.
  5. That I can't answer,as of Wednesday I have no dealing with the club....but if it is then it is only for one persons gain!!!!! We tried to do the honest thing and all changes etc were to better the club...we managed to bring in a great bunch of lads and got off to a good start,also with a couple of new committee members it's was moving in the right direction... Unfortunately that has all been ruined and it's the players I feel most sorry for!!! And I wish them all the best where ever they go.
  6. I wasn't going to speak about it on here but I will not have people saying I must hang my head in shame!!! The name change was a suggestion to open up other avenues for sponsors/player ls and committee as having "ROYAL" in the name seemed to be taken as bigoted as with the town it's in was not surprising. And as the people of harthill,really didn't do anything for the club any longer,we thought we would go back to roots and call us polkemmet juniors,as the club originated from polkemmet amatuers!! The club was already on it's knees and close to closing it's doors as so well advertised in papers,so anything was worth a try!!! It was a suggestion to save the club...NOT TO TAKE OVER!!! And this was down by a vote!!!
  7. Exactly spud!!! Myself and 3committee members were sacked by FORMER committee members who have never been near the club when it needed support at fundraisers etc!!! One man has run that club into the ground,when asked about missing funds,un declared donations and an AGM where he "made up a committee"(his words that I have proof of)held behind the committee and managements back. Instead of proving his innocence he brought in these so called former members to sack us!!!! At a meeting with the players is explained the on goings over the last 12months and told them that they were contracted to the club,not me!!!! At no point were they told not to turn up!!!! Myself,my coaches,players and the committee that was sacked can hold their heads high as we went about out job with honesty and integrity and tried to do the right thing. There is no club,just one man....and there are reasons over the past 10yrs as to why that is the case!!!!!
  8. Don't comment on situations that you know nothing about. Not a case of unable to field a team. So many factors has resulted in this. And I hope all know the truth very soon.
  9. Harthill juniors 1-2 bellshill juniors Another decent performance from Harthill,few new trialists again.squad shaping up well. Hopefully same again tonight v Linlithgow thistle.
  10. Harthill 1-1 wishaw. Very good game,Harthill enjoyed a lot of possession and played with confidence,very promising young squad. Both teams didn't have many chances but a great excercise for both teams.
  11. Currently looking to add players to our existing squad.we have a good mixture of youth and experience but looking to strengthen in all positions. Harthill juniors is a family run club and a great place for young players to make their mark at junior level and progress further. If interested pm for details. Barry Morton. Harthill juniors manager.
  12. Currently looking for new players to add to our existing squad.we have a good mixture of youth and experience already bit looking to strengthen squad on all positions. Harthill juniors is a very good family run club,and excellent place for young players to make their mark at junior level and progress further. If interested pm for details. Barry Morton, Harthill juniors manager.
  13. Harthill juniors still looking to add to our squad.if you are 18-21 and looking to step up then this is a great opportunity,all welcome to come in for pre season training and friendlies. Pm for details.
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