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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Relegation to the third tier is a pisser but completely deserved. I started watching Falkirk in 1986 as a 5 year old and reckon I've got lucky in terms of success and watching good players at the club. It remains to be seen what happens next but I'm sure the club will be fine even if it takes a while. I can understand the schadenfreude from other teams fans and I would do the same . I thought the Ross County fans were admirably restrained yesterday they should have been giving it the relegation chants from the first minute.
  2. Relegation Confirmed - Utd v Falkirk

    Harry Burgoyne still surprised by how shite the team in front of him is. The commentators on Falkirk tv should he less surprised they have watched this shite all seasonn
  3. McKinnon Must Go

  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That's not his dads version of events. His dad's a c**t though
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    As much shit that can fairly be slung her way that's not really the case. She represented two employees in a tribunal. She didn't attack anyone.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Might as well be called narnia where we are concerned
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    The towns fucked have you been up the high street lately. Bongo Terry is the only guy left.
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    We could play the team from Space Jam and it wouldn't make a difference we are down. No way Alloa won't get at least a point
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Yeah. Given the big licks we gave when he left you are entitled to laugh. Another monumental f**k up from our board. I dread another season of his negative tactics. We should be the big team in the Seaside league but I can see us just scraping the playoffs having drawn 20 games.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    He did f**k off. It was very well documented at the time. He can f**k off again.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    No goals in the last two games, not even looking like scoring when the team should be scrapping for their place in the league says it all. A shower of shite that are where they deserve to be. Given the resources it is pathetic, at least in Tottens last season the club were skint and had to chuck in young players before they were ready its just been total mismanagement from the top.
  12. Congratulations County

    Well done County best team in the league by a mile. Enjoy!
  13. The Falkirk FC Thread

    The second post on here seems quite apt now.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    There was a half time walkout 30 years ago against the board when the club wasn't in anywhere near as bad a state as it is now.
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    When you look at our resources and spending it's taken mismanagement on a grand scale to get where we are. One season might be a blip but that's two now. Given our wage bill even a half arsed job should see us comfortably mid table. There is no leadership from the top and the board seem to find the most cack handed way to manage everything.