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  1. Podcasts

    Don't know if it's been mentioned but Slow Burn a podcast about Watergate is excellent.
  2. Work colleagues

    I worked beside this guy. He was a mental fantasist. My favourite lie he told was that he could pick every lock at work with a butter knife. https://www.thefreelibrary.com/PRIVATES+ON+PARADE%3B+EXCLUSIVE+ebaY+HERO+IS+A+FAKE+Conman+soldier+a...-a0166802129
  3. Do you love Jesus?

  4. Do you love your parents?

    Me and my dad only really communicated by talking about football. When he was on his death bed my mum said he wanted to speak to me so I went into the hospital room thinking I was going to have a profound father and son chat with him, turned out he just wanted to tell me to get a new kitchen for my flat.
  5. Do you love your parents?

    Both parents died before they were 65 my dad is to blame for me supporting Falkirk, I miss them both, they were good people and gave me and my sister everything we needed. I still treasure the image of my normally reserved dad going apeshit at full time after beating Celtic in 97.
  6. The Official President Trump thread

    Godfrey Elwick's twitter bio is a thing to behold. He could have saved a lot of time by just writing Twat.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    Bizarre to censor masturbators. What the f**k is a female enabler
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    Even white Jesus is rolling his eyes
  9. Croatia v England - semi final

    I also think Sterling has played well. I am bitter though
  10. Croatia v England - semi final

    I've also chosen to hate Pickford annoyingly he does seem like a decent, grounded guy in all the interviews I've seen him do. It was much easier to find hate figures when Terry and Gerrard played for them.
  11. Croatia v England - semi final

    They were murder tonight and if I was putting money in it I would back England but the prospect of them in a World Cup Final is too much to contemplate. I got seriously fucked off when they won the Rugby World Cup and I couldn't give a f**k about Rugby.
  12. Croatia v England - semi final

    Modric and Rakitic are streets ahead of anything England have but to quote Star Wars I have a bad feeling about this.
  13. Russia v Croatia

    I still think England are suspect in defence, they cruised it today but Sweden played like a latter day Peter Houston Falkirk team, always turning back and never put England under pressure.
  14. Russia v Croatia

    I'm sure it's been said already but McCoist is a decent summariser. He has a bit of genuine insight and knows when to keep his mouth shut. Anyway thank f**k Croatia won.
  15. England v Sweden

    Harry Maguire is a c**t too.