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  1. Magnanimous of you, fair play for going on this thread and being honest about the deficiencies of your team. and giving Accies credit
  2. Well in Hamilton that’s a fucking fantastic result. Enjoy your night. Fans of fellow diddy clubs everywhere salute you
  3. He was the deputy headmaster at my high school, a really good guy. And he played at the San Siro. Quite the step down from the San Siro to Lornshill Academy.
  4. Tam Cowan came across as incredibly childish in the interview, Stuart Cosgrove was asking interesting questions whereas he took it upon himself to just throw in petulant jibes. Craig Whyte is ripe for ridicule but Tam Cowan clearly isn't funny enough to do it well. He seemed aggrieved at any slight of 'Sir David Murray'
  5. The most crestfallen I have been at a Falkirk game was when we were 2-1 up against the Jambos due to a Pressley og, when they were unbeaten during the early Romanov/Burley days singing cheerio to their fans as they were streaming out just for Matt Glennon to f**k up and give them an equaliser with the last kick of the ball. To be fair to Glennon he did then put in the best display I have ever seen by a Falkirk goalie at East End Park not long after.
  6. To be fair to Kamberi he has realised quite early that the Rangers fans need their egos massaged and is already playing to it. He is still only one poor performance and a missed chance against Livingston away from being called a tarrier and having roasters on Rangers forums put him on their enemies list.
  7. Within 5 minutes of turning this game on I saw a player put another player in a headlock and elbow him in the pus twice and get awarded a free kick for it. Scottish football is fantastic.
  8. The Ivo Den Bieman interview on the podcast is a good on he comes across very well. They also mention his only goal for Falkirk which was fucking fantastic if you were in the away stand at East End that day. Scott Mckenzies was quite special too.
  9. It's very easy for stewards to pick on small supports, there is no real danger for them. When the glasgow mobs come to Falkirk they can do what they want. The stewards are far too shit scared to get involved.
  10. Can only assume they were over officious arseholes. They have form for that and are twats to the home support too.
  11. Goal of the decade? I was in the South Stand directly in line with Leahy's half volley v Hibs in the playoff. I could see the moment it left his boot it was in, a perfect strike. No keeper could have saved it. There was a token dive by Fatty Foulkes in the Hibs goal but he was beaten the second Leahy connected with the ball.
  12. There were fantastic times at Brockville and it was where I first saw Falkirk at Andy Nicols testimonial and miss it mostly because I went as a kid and grew up there but the two most grim games I saw were there. Arbroath pumping us 3-0 and Clyde pumping us 6-1 When Falkirk do have a decent team and win important games the new ground can generate a great atmosphere. The playoff semi v hibs, beating old rangers in the league cup and beating Hearts in the league cup, Gows goal v the fifers in the last minute were all brilliant and generated a great atmosphere. We just need an exciting team.
  13. Some of them can be describing the goal for a good 10-15 seconds before you're sure which team scored it. At least with Sandra you can always tell instantly if its a goal for QOS or against them by her pitch. Derek Ferguson would be terrible at the board game Articulate.
  14. The English version seems open to interperatation of the chosen var refs I only watch match of the day so haven't seen too much of it but there have seemed to have been a lot of contentious decisions.
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