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  1. This fixture always reminds me of the uncertainties surrounding our original promotion to the SPL, which undermined the celebrations somewhat. Over the years I've been able to forgive and forget. With that said, after careful reflection, I hope we absolutely batter them this week.
  2. Hear a lot of blokes banging on (both online and in the pub) about the quality of the football product but I really don't see the argument. For international games at least it's as much about pride, blood and snotters and the womens' team is more than capable of that. As for quality I can understand the argument but I've been to more than a few Tartan Army games where the millionaires on the pitch failed to show any signs of that apparent quality and talent. I've also done my time watching Caley in absolute shitfests of games in the lower divisions of Scottish football. Some of them have been absolutely brutal. I certainly expect to see talent and quality when I watch Messi et al. in the Champions League, but my expectations when I go to a men's domestic game in Scotland are usually rock bottom. Why do the women have to be held to a higher standard? With all that said, Hope Solo is full of shite - the financials need to add up.
  3. Before my time but is that what you are looking for? Never heard it before!
  4. Best I have been able to do so far is the Teuchter audio commentary on the ICT twitter page.
  5. Solid point. I'd really like to see us follow Iceland's model, ideally with facilities distributed around the country and not just in the central belt.
  6. I really like watching birds' sports. Obviously the strength and talent isn't the same but it doesn't need to be. They get right stuck in and it can still be a very entertaining spectacle to watch. I don't have a daughter (yet) but if i do I'll be chuffed to bits watching her play, and I'm glad there are women out there trying to be better role models than Cheryl Cole and the like. Can't really understand the antagonism they get from some quarters. What harm does it do?
  7. Couldn't agree more. I'll be disgusted if they don't come flying out the traps tomorrow.
  8. I love Hampden to bits. It's the spiritual home of Scottish football for me.
  9. Geographical location limits me to about one away game a year, so I rarely have enough points to qualify for away game tickets through the Supporters' Club. As a result I almost always have to figure out home end solutions. Never had any bother so far. In fact the only bother I have been caught up in was in Italy and that was between factions of their own fans - they left me well alone.
  10. This is timely for me. Mid 30s and trying to get my head around the ups and downs of married life and buying a house. Renting seems to be the better fit for me at the moment. You could lament the opportunities lost being conservative in your youth but if you have your health it's never too late. The world is still your oyster.
  11. Undergrad (Edinburgh) and PhD (St Andrews) in physics. Best thing I ever did. Opened up all kinds of doors and now I have a job I love in California. Higher education is not for everyone, and I strongly support emphasis on vocational and STEM subjects. The Scottish education system worked extremely well for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  12. Nope. The two DLCs are absolutely huge (and solid). You have plenty left to go yet!
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