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  1. Port v St rochs def a 6.30 ok we been told. Seems council told the young teams to train elsewhere. Correct decision given it is our park anyway. Roll on 6.30
  2. Fantastic result for Greenock today not many seen that coming
  3. The local boys clubs call it a community hub pitch. We have preference on a Monday/wed 7-9 and sat 12 onwards I BELIEVE. But the usual moan if we try to get on at 6.45 on a wed as it is. If it's a 6.30 ko means they wouldn't get on it at all.
  4. Don't think this will ko at 6.30 as a local boys club have teams training till 7 on it. And i don't see them moving for us
  5. Here's a question. Was Newmains alternative pitch a SJFA approved venue?
  6. That today was yet another embarrassment. The number of goals being lost is ridiculous
  7. Port 7 Newmains 0....nugent x 4, sharpe, black, walton ...wide men outstanding for port today. .
  8. did the club end up having to pay the money allegedly owed or what? At least it's resolved and the club is back home
  9. Disappointing game quality wise...have to disagree re sending offs both red in my book....good to see kearns score against his old team maybe give him a wee confidence boost...has jamieson not left Greenock? Heard a few boys round my saying he left?
  10. be great to see the port back at parklea...can't help feeling this is a no win situation for the council though...
  11. I thought the port had done well upto last season witb the council?
  12. no5 looked like ex morton captain mclaughlin..was that who it was?
  13. checked their website just there and states 1-2 to port Glasgow?
  14. I thought I heard Tucker was training with Greenock? Or at least last season he was? And the young boy Graham also? The boy kearns could be a great addition if he has a tackler beside him.. When and where are the first games of preseason?
  15. I thought he left with mooney at end of season?
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