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  1. There is reference to Durham Council investigating lack of planning permission on the Telegraph live newsfeed this afternoon. DC will be on toast by the weekend!
  2. Membership card received in post this morning.
  3. When Brenda bites the dust, this would be an ideal opportunity to appoint a president of our new independent republic. But who would we pick for the first president. Not some washed up ex politician. Follow Ireland and have a literary personality? Someone from the media or entertainment? Dont say Sean Canary, as it needs to be someone who actually lives here. So who is there? Lorraine Kelly?
  4. ….and the Arsenal and Chelsea fans complaining (as was the MSM) that it was too far away and took too long and cost too much. Try going to Kazakhstan in March, and see your team getting pumped 3-0, and then only having two days to get from there to San Marino. What a bunch of wimps!
  5. Is Liddington not the Deputy PM? Would he not be in charge until Boris is crowned?
  6. and she does a good job with the girls this summer, then give the job to Shelley Kerr. Why not? if its basically about building a happy camp, she can do this.
  7. Sarah Smith from the BBC was in Largs today, interviewing locals about the Community Garden at the Railway Station. She then proceeded to ask my missus (and others) about Independence and Brexit. This interview is scheduled to go out on Wednesday, as (apparently): Nicola is going to make an announcement about Indyref 2 on Tuesday! You heard it here first.
  8. Largs is quite a nice place to stay. Downside, it's quite near Greenock (and also Saltcoats)!
  9. Gordon Brown dropped the 20% rate back down to 17.5% a few years ago to 'stimulate the economy'. The prices in the shops generally didn't go down. When the rate went up to 20% again, the prices went up. All that happened was that the Treasury got less VAT revenues for the period when the rate was dropped!
  10. The Rangers could sell Morelos for £11 million, pay back some (all?) of Dodgy Dave's existing loans, and Dodgy Dave could then use the dosh to buy the shares!
  11. Any truth in the rumour that Tezza phoned Stevie G last Friday for any tips on how to get out of Europe?
  12. BUT, they may all think it is in their interests to vote for this half-in/half-out deal, as they could get somewhere from this. Brexiteers: go for this now, and by Dec 2020 dump NI in the Republic and walk off. Remainers: go for this now, and by Dec 2020 negotiate to rejoin the EU. It is not 'game up' for either of the extreme views yet!
  13. Glasgow > Gatwick > Tirana tomorrow (Thursday) and back on Monday. Wife is the Bus Steward for Davy P's Bus 15 to the game on Saturday. So, if you are on her bus, best behaviour. She used to run a pack of Brownies, so 50-ish drunks on a bus will be no bother to her.
  14. Baked beans are part of a 'full English' breakfast. A 'full Scottish' breakfast does not have baked beans, but MUST have either haggis, black pudding or a tattie scone. Consequently, if having a 'full Scottish' there are no beans to come into contact with the egg(s).
  15. Jacqui should have all of the letters in by now. When is the next Board meeting?
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